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More Notes On Teams That Won 3 Straight League Pennants

In a previous post regarding teams that won as many as three consecutive pennants, I cited the fact that the St. Louis Cardinals denied a great Philadelphia Athletics’ team a third straight title by beating them in the 1931 World Series. 217 more words

Thoughts On The Great (1929-1931) Philadelphia Athletics

While the vaunted New York Yankees of the Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig era, had a far longer run of greatness, thus for history sake are rightfully considered better, few teams including those Yankees could match the (1929-1931) Philadelphia Athletics’ teams. 150 more words

More Notes On 3 Or More Consecutive Pennant Winning Teams

In an earlier post, two teams that each won three consecutive pennants with an overlap, the (1906-1908) Chicago Cubs and the (1907-1909) Detroit Tigers.

Today a look at two glory teams with all-time great managers who at least began their pennant streaks in the 1920’s. 146 more words

“The Nomad of the Interstate League”

There have been several incarnations of the Interstate League, the first began in 1885 and the final one played its last game in 1952.  None was more precarious than the one that operated in the 1890s, which newspapers annually announced was on the verge of collapse.  1,269 more words

“The Fourth of July in Baseball has Always been a Day of Reckoning"

During the 19th Century, when completing any given season in the black, or finishing the season at all, was not a foregone conclusion for a large percentage of professional teams; in 1892… 863 more words

Sully Baseball Podcast Rewind - July 3, 2013

On July 3, 2013, I took a journey… from Cisco and San Jose (where the A’s SHOULD be playing) through Fremont (one of the potential homes of the A’s) right to the parking lot of the O.co Coliseum. 9 more words

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast

Lost Advertisements--Home Run Baker, Ide Silver Collars

An advertisement for Ide Silver Collars, featuring John Franklin “Home Run” Baker:”

“Your silver collars have certainly made a big ‘hit’ with me.  The buttonholes are the easiest and best ever.”

138 more words