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Summer Poetry Marathon Day #1

Today is the first day of the summer session of the Poetry Marathon. Because the weatherman predicted thundershowers and even a steady rain for some of the day, I decided to try an indoor location. 340 more words


Characteristics of Labrador Retrievers

Practicing in the Philadelphia, PA area, Dr. Andrew Collier is the only orthopaedic surgeon locally who performs arthroscopic laser procedures. Dr. Andrew Collier is also an animal lover, having adopted several rescued Labrador retrievers into his family. 154 more words

Dr Andrew Collier

Celebrating Independence

This is where the Declaration of Independence was approved and read aloud to the public on July 4, 1776.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Americans continue to celebrate that day in which the 13 original colonies were declared independent of Great Britain. 27 more words


Just Such a Beautiful Day

This morning I took a walk in Lorimer Park. I left the rail trail and went along the interior roads. I have not walked here for months – these routes are rough and hilly. 113 more words


Holt International's Korea Adoption Program

Dr. Andrew Collier, an orthopaedic surgeon in Philadelphia, PA, is the father of five children. Dr. Andrew Collier and his wife brought their oldest son home to Philadelphia, PA, from Korea with the help of Holt International, which they now actively support. 145 more words

Dr Andrew Collier

Adopting a Rescue Pet

 An accomplished orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Collier of Philadelphia, PA, enjoys spending his free time with his family and their beloved dogs. Dr. Andrew Collier currently owns several Labrador retrievers that he adopted from Philadelphia-area rescue organizations. 230 more words

Dr Andrew Collier