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Phillies Lose To Yankees, 10-0

CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) — Stephen Drew had a two-run single and Chris Young added a run-scoring double in a seven-run fifth inning, and the New York Yankees romped past the Philadelphia Phillies 10-0 in a game called in the top of the sixth because of rain. 84 more words


2014 seasons from Troy Tulowitzki, Jonathan Papelbon: fact or fluke?

BaseballHQ.com’s Facts/Flukes series examines whether a fantasy baseball player’s numbers are real or fake. Here’s a pair of performance evaluations from their latest installment. 716 more words


It's not just about Kris Bryant: let's fix the option rules, too.

That Kris Bryant will begin the season in the minors for financial purposes is a subject that should rile up fans. The way teams are encouraged to send down prospects so that they can control them for 6.9 years, rather than 6.0, is a problem, one that lacks any sort of obvious fix. 860 more words

An Important Phillies Minor League Camp Day

Yesterday was a camp day for the Phillies minor league squads.  That means afternoon intra-squad games.  These games give Player Development Director, Joe Jordan and his assistant Steve Noworyta a good look from the observation deck at the Carpenter Complex at all the guys in camp before final decisions are made when camp breaks a week from Saturday. 632 more words

Philadelphia Phillies

Shane Victorino lashes out at talk radio guys for blowing his Cole Hamels comments out of proportion

Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino used to play in Philly, so when the biggest offseason trade rumors involve a Phillies player being traded from Philly to Boston, he’s a logical guy to go to for a comment. 475 more words

Should Pete Rose be reinstated into Baseball?

 This Is the question that is now being put before new commissioner Rob Manfred. Bud Selig wanted no part of it and neither did the other commissioners before Selig since the moment  Bart Giamatti got Rose to sign an agreement that permanently banned him for life. 451 more words