Fun Cards: "Baseball Immortals" Curt Schilling ***SNUBBED***

Curt Schilling failed to receive the requisite 75% for the Hall of Fame. He has two years remaining on the ballot, so induction seems inevitable…just not this year.

Fun Cards

Jim Essian

Essian spent 12 years catching in the big leagues, playing for five teams from 1973-1984. In 710 games he hit .244 with 33 home runs. He was primarily a reserve for most of his career, but was the Chicago White Sox main catcher in 1977, which would go down as the best season of his career. 95 more words

Who Reminds Us Of The Next Curt Schilling? It's Spencer Howard

I like “big game” pitchers. Pitchers who you want to take the ball in the post season and elimination games. This was Curt Schilling. He went 11-2 in MLB post season games and wins in all five elimination games he pitched. 299 more words

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Hector Neris: The other important Phillies arbitration case

There is currently some measure of concern and consternation among Phillies fans due to the contract situation involving catcher J.T. Realmuto.

Almost one year ago, the Phillies dealt away catcher… 936 more words


Who Needs To Worry About J.T. Realmuto When the Phillies Are Developing Catchers Logan O'Hoppe and Mitch Edwards For The Future

The arbitration saga of whether J.T. Realmuto will be awarded the $ 12.4 million contract that he wants for the upcoming season or the $10 million that the Phillies are offering him to catch for them in 2020 goes on. 238 more words

Philadelphia Phillies

Catcher Logan O'Hoppe Keeps Rising On The Phillies Prospect List

A second big game with the bat in the Australian Baseball League for catcher Logan O’Hoppe took place Friday night.  O’Hoppe’s Adelaide Giants played against the Melbourne Aces. 204 more words

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Who We Will Be Watching Most Closely Among the Latest Invitees To Phillies Major League Spring Training Camp

We have been attending Phillies spring training on a regular basis for the last decade. To us it is a most interesting time because just about all of the organization’s players are on full review for us diehard fans to see. 579 more words

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