Stadium Oddities: The Baker Wall

The Baker Wall 1938

The Baker Bowl was home for the Philadelphia Phillies from 1887 to 1938. It featured a gargantuan wall in right filed made of masonry and tin that overtakes Fenways’ green monster. 133 more words


The Phillies All But Wrapped Up Signing Their 2020 Haul of North American Talent-It's Almost All About Pitching

The Phillies signed their first round draft pick this week. Eighteen year-old pitcher Mick Abel does look ready to anchor the Phillies rotation for a long time into the future, but not soon. 319 more words

Philadelphia Phillies

Where do things stand with Phillies & JT Realmuto

Philadelphia: We are less than a week away from MLB players reporting for Part 2 of Spring training to get ready for the 60 game regular season which is going to start on July 23-24… 121 more words

Philadelphia Phillies

Why Rick Sutcliffe didn’t win the 1987 Cy Young

Rick Sutcliffe in 1987

When I was a kid I always measured Cy Young candidates by the amount of wins as did many baseball people at the time. 255 more words


MLB 2020: Can't find my way home

This post contain less rational thought than (presumably) most of my posts exhibit. Essentially, I’m screaming into the void. I’m frustrated that the owners and players have gone ’round and ’round on a 2020 season everywhere except on the base paths. 180 more words


At Least The Phillies Are Winning the MLB Off-Season Led By Manager Joe Girardi and Chief Scout Brian Barber

The Phillies won the 2020 Grapefruit League and had the best record at 14-5 in the MLB in the 2020 spring training games. Not to be out done they are also winning the the non-drafted free agent signing period after the first week. 234 more words

Philadelphia Phillies