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On Philanthrocapitalism - Part Four

The fact that I have to go to a fourth 2,000-word blog post in order to analyse the failings of Philanthrocapitalism and my displeasure at its argument says something in itself. 1,931 more words

Paddy Vipond

On Philanthrocapitalism - Part Three

To continue with our analysis of Philanthrocapitalism we will return to the book, and a character who appears more than a few times throughout its pages. 2,030 more words

Paddy Vipond

On Philanthrocapitalism - Part Two

To return to where I left off in Part One, we had just passed the introduction in the book. An introduction that Walmart’s owners would have been very pleased to read. 2,068 more words

Paddy Vipond

Mawwiage, Mawwiage–It's What Got Us Here Today

For past generations, philanthropy was a matter of monetary contribution–often times, operating on the basis of social and humanitarian endeavors. However, as explained by authors Matthew Bishop and Michael Green in their book,  485 more words

Writing For/with Nonprofits

Open Letter To the Public Health Association of British Columbia

To the Public Health Association of British Columbia (PHABC) Board of Directors,

We are writing to express our concern regarding the PHABC’s promotion of partnerships with the business sector at the conference “Shared prosperity for health and well-being: A collaborative dialogue between business and public health” on December 4-5, 2014. 554 more words

Statements And Press Releases

Social Progress Index - A New Standard to Rank Societies

Michael Green

Michael Green has created the Social Progress Index, a standard to rank societies based on how they meet the needs of citizens.

A better & revolutionary way to evaluate the “Well-Being” of a society. 305 more words

Alliance Philanthropy Magazine

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to write numerous pieces for Alliance Philanthropy magazine during my decade at the Pears Foundation and, more recently, whilst a Visiting Scholar at Stanford and Research Fellow at Cass Business School. 34 more words