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Philanthrocapitalism: the future of 'doing development'?

We know about philanthropy, where very rich people give away vast amounts of money for social good, and we also know about capitalism; defined by The Dictionary of Human Geography as “a historically specific form of economic and social organization […] a class system, that labour and capital were central to its operations, and that capitalism as a system was expansive, dynamic and unstable.” But what exactly is philanthrocapitalism? 777 more words

The (American) dreams of defensive elites

An interesting extract from The Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power), by Harry Browne, loc 2967:

What is intriguing about Bono’s rhapsody is the part of the history lesson that really excited him: not democracy, but the ability of a group of rich men to bring about dramatic change, and to do so in the name of a ringingly good idea.

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Defensive Elites

The Janus-faced ideology of philanthropic elites

A fascinating observation in No Such Thing as a Free Gift, by Linsey McGoey, loc 785. I wonder if the digital elites who interest me see their wealth in similar terms? 54 more words


Philanthrocapitalism as an assembly device for elites 

From No Such Thing as a Free Gift, by Linsey McGoey, Loc 492:

The William J. Clinton Foundation dispensed money to numerous causes, with a focus on global health and economic development.

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Defensive Elites

The growth of elite philanthropy 

I had no idea how rapidly this was growing. From No Such Thing as a Free Gift, by Linsey McGoey, loc 282:

Nearly half of the 85,000 private foundations in the United States alone were created in the past fifteen years.

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Defensive Elites

Call for Papers: AALS 2017

At the 2017 AALS annual meeting (San Francisco, Jan. 3-17, 2017), the Section on Agency, Partnerships LLCs, and Unincorporated Associations and the Section on Nonprofit and Philanthropy Law are co-hosting a a joint program entitled “LLCs, New Charitable Forms, and and the Rise of Philanthrocapitalism.” The session will look at the tax, governance, and other policy implications of using for-profit LLCs as vehicles for philanthropy. 334 more words

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Philanthrocapitalism and the Gospel of Wealth

The Gospel of Wealth is an article that has been applauded by modern philanthropic figureheads such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and continues to draw attention despite being more than a century old. 3,050 more words