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Queen Elizabeth II honours philanthropist Ken Olisa with Knighthood, others

PHILANTHROPIST -Following the announcement in November 2017 of the appointment of Kenneth Olisa (OBE) as Interswitch’s new chairman, the businessman and philanthropist has been recognized, amongst other notable individuals, in Queen Elizabeth (II)’s New Year Honours. 197 more words

Joe Issa Touched by Picture of Bolt Bringing Christmas Cheers Home

Philanthropist Joe Issa, who is huge fan of world famous Usain Bolt said he was moved watching an Observer photo of him bringing cheers to the children of his home town Sherwood Content in Trelawny.                                   351 more words

Joesph John Issa

Can ecstasy treat PTSD? A Bitcoin philanthropist is willing to pay millions to find out

Right on PINEAPPLE, way to put your wealth to work! Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who got filthy rich and wondered what they should do with it did stuff like this? 6 more words

“Cool” Is How Joe Issa Describes 2017 Word of the Year

Oxford Dictonaries has crowned ‘Youthquake’ the 2017 word of year and Cool Corporation founder Joe Issa says it’s cool, stating it has taken today’s youth mainstream. 575 more words

Joesph John Issa

Greater Income Inequality Could Derail Community Resilience – Joe Issa

Global income inequality has worsened over the past four decades, a report finds, and businessman and philanthropist Joe Issa is not pleased, stating that if things remain the same for the next 40 years, we may have zero resilience in most communities around the world. 756 more words

Joesph John Issa

Helping Others : Journey to Emotional Abundance

I’ve loved photography ever since I was little, spending weekends on my grandma’s farm and seeing all the beauty that nature had to provide. She bought me a camera one year — back in the days of film — and said she would develop all the film for me. 893 more words


Unfinished Business: Winning

I play the lottery about once ever three to four months, whenever I randomly pass a Powerball billboard and the number on the sign makes me do a double take. 57 more words