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The Silent Guardian!

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Abdul Sattar Edhi, there is no two opinion if i say that this name (Abdul Sattar Edhi) is the synonym of the word humanity. 1,047 more words

It’s been quite a year! I had always wanted to volunteer overseas but had always put it off. I would say I would wait until my children are grown, until I am better prepared financially or until I am more skilled.

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Dr. Sita Kantha Dash

Title:  Chairman, Founder
Company:  UAS Laboratories, LLC.
Wausau, WI United States

Title: President, Founder
Company: DD Innovations, Inc.
Edina, MN United States

Title: Director
Company: 225 more words

Health Care

Marcus Hiles of San Antonio - The True Nature of the Relationship Between Entrepreneurs and Their Employees

Marcus Hiles of San Antonio runs a business that employs many people.

Many articles and publications today talk about creating happy workplaces, increasing diversity and entertaining the employees. 227 more words

Marcus Hiles


Check Forbes. Jack Dangermond is the UNRIVALED KING OF GIS TECHNOLOGY. Founded his company in 1969 with his wife with $1,100 in personal savings. Today, ESRI dominates the GIS industry, with over 40% of global market share and more than $1 billion in annual revenue. 104 more words


Jim Simons, For the Love of Knowledge and Life

There are not many men in the business world who hold the characteristics James Simons does. The American mathematician is a successful hedge fund founder and manager, having created Renaissance Technologies, one of the most important hedge fund organizations in the world. 786 more words

Patrick Dwyer

Marcus Hiles of San Antonio - On the Importance of Studying the Competition for Entrepreneurs

Marcus Hiles of San Antonio is a successful entrepreneur with a number of great ideas about business.

One of the easiest ways to come up with new ideas is to see what your competitors and other successful businesses are doing. 256 more words

Marcus Hiles