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Millennials and CSR: An Infographic

This infographic was created as a supplement to my dissertation proposal defense last weekend.  It provides a high level overview of the significance of corporate social responsibility in the recruitment and engagement of millennial employees.

Millennials and CSR


Homeless Eat for Free

Photo: WGRZ
The owner of Sakina Halal Grill, Kazi Mannan, knows what it’s like to be hungry. Thanks to his paying customers in DC, he can give meals to the homeless for free.
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Melinda Gates Talks 'Brash' Microsoft Culture in New Book by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


Looking back at her time as an early Microsoft employee, Melinda Gates said the brash culture at the famously tough, revolutionary tech company made her want to quit, but that she didn’t discuss it with her boyfriend, and later her husband, Bill G… 12 more words

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Notre Dame, Notre Terre

Welcome to The Sage Mage! Happy Earth Day 2019!

For my first post, I want to address this meme that has been circulating throughout Facebook since the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. 454 more words


Celebrate The Planet While Traveling, With These Voluntourism Opportunities

Giving back while traveling is something every globe-trotting wanderer should consider as often as they possibly can. Sure, we all need that beach holiday where our worries are left behind once you board that airplane but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little meaning to your vacay. 1,462 more words

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No Health, No Wealth

In SEARCH’s ongoing efforts to research what has worked and what has not worked in Philanthropy around the nation, we came across this article.¬† Note, it is from November¬† 2000, but since it talks about conversion foundations (foundations formed from the sale of a non-profit hospital systems to for-profit hospital systems) it seemed appropriate to consider what it says. 172 more words

A Real Estate Mogul Seeks to Expand His Influence Over Los Angeles by TIM ARANGO


Rick J. Caruso, a developer and chairman of the board of trustees at the University of Southern California, has become a figure of increasing influence in the city. 12 more words

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