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Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people. (Brian Tracy)


Philanthropy the Gift That Keeps on Giving

“Selfless service alone, gives the needed strength and courage to awaken the sleeping humanity in one’s heart”.

Sai Baba
when you give selflessly to someone in need, without wanting anything in return, without wanting praise or recognition, you are giving yourself a priceless gift of happiness and joy. 50 more words

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Our columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin and his Times colleagues help you make sense of major business and policy headlines and the power brokers who shape them. 11 more words

Jonathan Offt

Culture of Philanthropy

Mahatma Gandhi said “you have to be the modification you wish to see in the world.” No place is this more clear than in non-profit companies. 921 more words


Lacoste | Save Our Species

To raise awareness for 10 threatened species, Lacoste create limited edition polos that replaced their iconic alligator logo with new badges of each species, all produced with the exact number of animals left in the wild and sold to non-profit IUCN and wildlife conservation.

Rich & Affluent People Have Problems, too.

I created this concept map to show the many different problems that face all people, both rich and poor.

My goal was to emphasize that while wealthy people do face many of the same problems as do poor people, they have more resources to help them deal with these problems. 451 more words


Charities For Children That We Should Support

While we would like to give to the needy and the poor, especially children affected by various natural disasters and economic, and political turmoil, it can be difficult to decide which charities to support. 311 more words