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On my stint as an entrepreneur I consistently fuel my motivation¬†to push myself to the edge. While going through my daily routine in search of motivational info graphics I stumbled upon… 446 more words


How the U.S. Ranks on Philanthropy

Philanthropic giving may down in the U.S., but not enough to knock the country off its second-place perch on a ranking of global charity, according to a new… 109 more words

Human kindness

On my way home from non-music work I stopped at a local store to get some boring grocery shopping done, even rockstars have to do things ordinary humans do… :P… 474 more words

Maria Bohm

"Inviting the less invited"

My parents occasionally hold small dinner parties at home where friends and family would come together for food, drinks and stories. Most of the time we get to invite some our friends especially if it’s our day. 648 more words


Philanthropy + Travel = U2Guide

So I don’t usually post ads but this one is too wonderful!¬† I am so happy to know something like this is trying to exist. Please support it and spread the world with me! 67 more words