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The dream of a wealthy world

Money is not everything. You probably have heard this phrase repeatedly. Perhaps you believe it and live by it. It is true that many beautiful things in life are actually free of charge. 502 more words


Trusting charities undermine freedom for the recipients 

What is the best treatment for the poor and the disabled – freedom or welfare? I had an online conversation with a friend about the board of a charity that she had joined. 568 more words

Beautiful Olivia

I remember the first time I saw Olivia Harrison and it’s seem it was like yesterday… It was when I first saw the videoclip ”Real Love ”from The Fab Four on tv. 184 more words


One America Appeal Rooted in Compelling “Why?”

Not much else can persuade us to unite with all of our neighbors of different thoughts and likeness than seeing former U.S. presidents unite despite a treacherous political environment. 419 more words

"Your Mother's love is the only realist feel your emotions will ever have to go through."


This song is personally dedicated to every mother within this world. Regardless of their age group, ethnicity, deceased or alive! A mother is the prime, important person within every single offspring that has ever set their foot on Pangaea. 55 more words


Saving is Important

“Save a little money each month and at the end of the year you’ll be surprised at how “LITTLE” you have.”

Save your money, save your funds, for stickers, 39 more words


From "Change" to "Better"

Our world forever changes every second every day.

Nothing halts the pass of time; old age will have its way.
each mighty cliff or ancient tree will suffer the same fate… 142 more words