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Robert Anton Wilson's Email To The Universe eBook Now Available

A brand new digital version of philosopher/writer/pope Robert Anton Wilson’s last book, Email To The Universe, is now available.

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A Man Minus his Dream

A man minus his dream

Is like free-falling in a black hole’s realm


A sleepless night catching up on sleep

An irky feeling, he never wants to keep… 82 more words


Teaching Taxes

Ahhhh!!! Graphs! Runaway! Yeah I know, but bear with me for a second. This isn’t meant to be a quantitative post. This is meant so that we may comprehend the scale of a problem with public perception in economics that has largely gone ignored by the members of my field for too long. 644 more words

Micro Economics

How to Find Fulfilling Work - Roman Krznaric

It is not often that I read what I would describe as a self-help book. It is fair to say that being at something of a crossroads in life that any form of help might be useful. 415 more words


“Belief, that sacred faculty which prompts the decisions of our will, and knits into harmonious working all the compacted energies of our being, is ours not for ourselves, but for humanity…It is desecrated when given to unproved and unquestioned statements, for the solace and private pleasure of the believer; to add a tinsel splendour to the plain straight road of our life and display a bright mirage beyond it; or even to drown the common sorrows of our kind by a self-deception which allows them not only to cast down, but also to degrade us.” (Page 5, Paragraph 2) 258 more words

The Brothers Karamazov - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Alexei Fyodorovich Karamazov was the third son of a landowner from our district, Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov, well known in his own day (and still remembered among us) because of his dark and tragic death, which happened exactly thirteen years ago and which I shall speak of in its proper place.

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Parenthood and having a stake...

One of the ring leaders in the Leave campaign during the recent referendum on whether to leave the European Union. Andrea Leadsom, briefed a journalist that her main challenger for the leadership of the UK Conservative party, … 1,112 more words