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12 Stages of tired (Stage 9)

I am so tired, I feel like I am about to become Sleeping Beauty.

This is that moment when everything  is going well in your life and you know you ought to be overjoyed but you just are so tired that you couldn’t care less.All you really want is to crawl up into your blanket cocoon and go into a deep sleep. 108 more words

12 Stages of tired(Stage 8)

I am so tired that I cannot sleep.

After a long day at school, followed by a seemingly long shift at work, followed by a couple of hours of homework, I want nothing more then to cascade into a deep sleep and not have to wake the next morning until noon.How this often plays out though is very different. 212 more words

Myths of life

One’s quest in finding an answer isn’t supposed to be an ordinary one !! People claim to do different things —some say that they’re capable of handling an out of hand situation as if it’s a child’s play ! 256 more words

What is Machoness?

The birth of “machoness” is probably yet another example of how rules laid down by the society has almost literally made genetic changes in human beings! 165 more words

Human Race

12 Stages of tired (Stage 7)

I am so tired my head is exploding.

When your in this stage of tired there is so much pressure building up in your head from lack of sleep that you feel as if any moment your skull might burst. 192 more words

12 Stages of tired(stage 6)

I am so tired I think I might of agreed to something illegal.

That moment when you need sleep so badly but for some reason you can’t sleep. 166 more words

Passion, Love, Humour

Probably, three emotions that help you maintain the right balance in life. It’s not that other emotions like anger and sorrow should be held back as each one of it is humanly and very natural. 86 more words