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The ULTIMATE asumption

The other day, on the way back to home from the underground station, i came across a bridge, it is not the only way but it is the path i chose because it is a part of a path that is consistent in its alterduited, and when you are living on top of a mountain, a leveled journey home is very much prefered. 956 more words


Of Cause and Cosmology

Wall Tiles in Blue/green

Wall Tiles in Green/yellow

Some time ago I posted on some reflections on cosmology.  This category of argument for the existence of God uses the the existence of the cosmos (universe) as a matter which calls for explanation.  486 more words



Ecclesiastes 1: 14 ” I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.” Solomon’s words are a summing up of the life “here below.” With our final goal, not being this life, but the one of promise shared with God, this life is indeed a “chasing after the wind.” 588 more words


The weight of money

After listening to Jordan Peterson, i have decided that i am going to clean up my ‘room’, and so i have started to collect all the coins used to mark my territory. 651 more words


Codexation Dilemma

Codexation is the study about the transformation of ideas to realities, from abstracts to physicals, or from the self inner subjective mind to nature’s outside objective world. 1,135 more words


Simplified Theory of Consciousness

Most concepts in philosophy – like dualism, physicalism, panpsychism, functionalism, epiphenomenalism, theory of the mind, closing the explanatory gap and solving the hard problem – are often misinterpreted due to the fact that the foundations of their ideas are basically flawed. 1,463 more words


Boethius (Some Reflections)

When I was doing my MA in history, my research focus was on social and especially religious history.  My original course supervisor suggested that I direct my thesis research on Boethius.  580 more words