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The Conversation Continues

You know how it is. Sometimes your day just gets busy. Hang on for Thom Stark.

Western Nationalism and Islamic Nationhood

by Shaheed Murtadha Mutahhari

The relations, conflicts and clashes between various nations have in the present age become a daily issue which has acquired much greater significance than in any other epoch of human history. 10,770 more words


The Tragedy of Misapprehension in our World

“When we don’t directly ask for clarification, we tend to fill in the gaps with negative thoughts. These eventually become rooted in our minds as truths, and then everyone gets stuck in a cycle of misunderstanding and miscommunication.” 515 more words


The Evening

An evening of indigo dripped down upon the pomegranates, figs, olives and apples, upon the grapevines and upon the ivy, into the tobacco and into the poppies, into the jasmine, hemp and morning glory. 85 more words

Arbitrary Realizations and Preception

A great epiphany: I found out that I’m totally confused and I’m good with that. I’m consistently inconsistent. I’m all of the above. I’m OK. I’m a work in progress. 337 more words


Is The Original Sin a Survival Technique By Religion?/ Or How to make a Religion

I’ve always wandered why we belong to one religion, what make us a believer in god the supreme being and how these religions survive very strongly even if thousands of intellectuals and philosophers try to prove there isn’t any god. 668 more words


Do You See It?

Do you see it?

Do you see the hate we have brought into the world under the name of love?

Do you see it?

Do you see the children with no faces rotting in the sun? 166 more words