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3xL & G

I reminisce for reasons in which I regret. Past times were filled with immaturity & egocentric perspectives. Not knowing what I wanted & just goin’ w/ the flow turned me into an adolescent who had no vision,no direction, no road. 111 more words


An Evening With Michael Leunig

Michael Leunig possesses a unique sense of familiarity among Australians, one of those names thrown around casually in household conversation. His cartoons are glimpsed often from an open newspaper, or among the books that adorn our coffee tables and shelves. 379 more words

West End Magazine

I've been here before...

…it’s nothing new. As I lie in my bed at 3am after a late night study session right after a day’s worth of midterms. I’ve been in school for a while & can finish upper division courses in a variety of subjects…so, Why is it that I continue to sway away from what I can have, to something that can seem so much further away…? 168 more words


Bertolt Brecht

 ‘Putting a factory on stage will tell you nothing about capitalism.’


Beauty defined

Beauty Defined ~

If you were to ask me to define what beauty is, I would first pause in my thinking, lose focus to the world and go inward and remember all the instances that touched….held me…..affected me….or drew me in where I had no choice but to be in that moment with it. 57 more words

Inquiring Minds

Doubt and The Adolescent Education Predicament

“Who never doubted, never half believed. Where doubt is, there truth is–It is her shadow.” Ambrose Bierce

Whilst you are getting about your daily rituals, do you ever stop and wonder what would happen if you simply ceased to continue your duties? 738 more words