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Human beings

How often do we pay attention to what the human body and mind is capable of? All people have 5 sense. Some have a 6th. Some senses are sharper than the others. 72 more words


A Note on Science: Believability vs. Intelligibility.

The central question here is question of intelligibility of our scientific worldview and whether or not it matters.

Curiously, and unrelated to my own interest in the subject, latest trends in some philosophical circles seem to be directed toward rethinking of modern interpretation of works of founders of modern science and philosophy. 2,167 more words


Midnight Breakfast


Sometimes in the middle of the night in your time alone, you feel like you are living. There is no one to bother you, no noise, nothing. 264 more words


Weapons of Love <3


Previously I have written that if the world’s people all became peace loving hippies then we would become very vulnerable to attack from groups of us who are not peace loving. 332 more words


A Note on Science: Theory vs. Reality.

The fact that modern scientific theories are nothing more than linear models, human literary narratives based on conceptualized sense perceptions peculiarly interpreted as external experiences is rarely admitted by scientists themselves, often due to fear of loosing, their strangely perceived universal truth proclaiming, authority. 1,425 more words


A Note on Objective Reality.

So what is Objective Reality? First of all, the reality, we accept as existing out there, is pure fabrication of our mind although our models of it (science) seem to work in narrow circumstances. 1,247 more words


A Note On Search For Objective Reality.

What our indispensable life narratives tell us for sure is, that our perception of the reality of the world is very individual and specific to training and abilities and past experiences. 854 more words