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Consumed ...

Wandering in the streets of Loneliness,

One hopes to find solace,

Forgetting that those streets have Demons,

Who might “consume” ’em !

But, Ironically, on streets of Companionship, 8 more words


Manjha ek din choti pad jayegi

Duniyadaari ke Dhue mein

Chup gayi sachi Dildaari

Ja jaake jayega kaha?

Manjha ek din choti pad jayegi

Human Race

Guntherism and the Problem of Evil

Imagine a reality in which all that exists resonates from the mind of one man.  The imaginer is an elderly gentleman named Gunther.  Gunther is a widower, and has more than enough time on his hands. 492 more words


Six Thoughtful Quotes on Theology

Theology by definition is “the study of the nature of God and religious belief.” It is the human attempt to unwrap and understand the “mind of God.”  In the first take on theology it is ambitious but straight forward.  475 more words


Eventually ...

Some day eventually,

I will find love, be happy,

Will be cared for and loved.

Some day eventually,

I will find warmth in someone’s arms, 23 more words


Hippocratic or Hypocritic?

I am beginning to examine the Moral Argument for the existence of God with my students.  Cardinal Newman argued that a sense of morality, or ethical certainty,  was shared by all humans.  341 more words