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The Mistakes We Make

If there is anything that I’m able to take away from my middle school and high school experience so far, it’s that the one way that people learn are from the mistakes that they make and the mistakes they watch others make. 685 more words


You can never drink enough water

I ask myself am I more at will for him to use me as his vessel behind bars and of course God quickly answers me no. 462 more words


The Presence Trap

Every one seems to be seeking presence these days.  Its become one of those things that every internet yogi and guru is ready to teach you.  449 more words

Blue wren

This morning a blue wren stops

its flitting, pulls me into

the black liquid of its eye –

still as the godless sky,

says, breathe.


Am a thief

Am a thief….


You read it right…
Am a thief….

I steal…
Smiles from faces …
Gone moron….

I steal…
Gratitude from…
People down n out… 80 more words


Robert Anton Wilson's Email To The Universe eBook Now Available

A brand new digital version of philosopher/writer/pope Robert Anton Wilson’s last book, Email To The Universe, is now available.

This is a great… 104 more words


A Man Minus his Dream

A man minus his dream

Is like free-falling in a black hole’s realm


A sleepless night catching up on sleep

An irky feeling, he never wants to keep… 82 more words