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Greed. That’s one word that has affected humanity at different levels. As it’s very natural for humans to be greedy, we can’t really put the blame on that one particular emotion. 543 more words

Human Race

Is Society Shallow?

Hi Everyone.

I’ve been thinking a fair bit of late about how we, as humans, respond to “social” media in all its guises and it occurred to me that most people seem to be incapable of actually reading and digesting posts; and having meaningful engagements through these channels…by contrast, people seem eager to look at photographs. 196 more words


Of fearlessness and fears

Not sure if even the greatest warriors or saints would ever be fearless totally. Maybe they are. But is being fearless a good virtue truly? In fact, I believe human psychology would not allow one to be completely fearless. 248 more words

Human Race

10 Vital Questions For You About The Future

I have ten vital questions for you regarding the future of humanity. Some of these might be uncomfortable to contemplate, but if you face them head-on—even if you might not have any “solutions” at the moment—I think it puts you ahead of curve: 556 more words


a change needs to happen

I’m not going to sit here, typing behind the screen of a computer, and tell you that you’re a horrible person, because I’m sure you’re not. 709 more words


Artist ka Keeda (An Artist’s Bug)

Imagine nails placed vertically upside down on your seat. The moment you sit, you feel like getting up, but then, the floor is burning hot as well. 257 more words


The Mistakes We Make

If there is anything that I’m able to take away from my middle school and high school experience so far, it’s that the one way that people learn are from the mistakes that they make and the mistakes they watch others make. 685 more words