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NLP 101

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  1. What is NLP

1.1.    A comparison of other techniques

  1. The three components of NLP

2.1.         Neuro

2.2.        Language

2.3.        Programming… 19,014 more words


What is the truth?


For as long as humans have written, we have tried to understand the meaning of life. In some instances, the meaning of life was attributed to attaining truth or the awareness of the ultimate truth. 1,251 more words

Beyond Philosophies

Pastor Vince today presented a very thought provoking message on the place the church should be in.  This place is in the gospels, epistles, and histories of the scriptures, not in man-made creeds, philosophies, and speculations. 235 more words


So here I go… I am finally publishing my first blog post after about a year of saying I would start one.

During this time, I have probably written about 20 drafts of a first blog post all with the same outlook – unfortunately a relatively negative one.

314 more words


Accidents and Destiny are tightly coupled. Is your life the result of an accident or a matter of destiny? You cross thousands of people in your life, but have only a chosen few as your friends and loved ones. 133 more words

Haunted ...

The day one ceases,

To be haunted …

Is the day,

One ceases to live …

Free Taster: Philosophy – What’s it all about?

Come and join our experienced tutor Bettina Lange on Monday 31 July 2017 at the Great Meeting Unitarian Chapel, East Bond Street, Leicester LE1 4SX from 10.15 am – 12.15 pm. 84 more words

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