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Plato's "The Cave" and Careers Work

I enjoyed watching this video recently about careers work about Plato’s The Cave. It prompted a number of questions about careers work I thought I would share. 82 more words

Careers Theory


I woke up to this today and I do strongly believe that it was there for me to see first thing in the morning. It’s seldom that I check my phone this early, but today was an exception. 322 more words




We have become consumed

by consumerism.

How much longer can this continue?

Will keep going until the dirt is tar?

Until the rivers have dried? 60 more words


The Cycle of Unloving

How strange it is for distance to grow

with one you loved long ago

Who they are you no longer know

and your mind begins to wander. 197 more words


a checklist for my twenty five year old self

(I do hope you have retained your penchant for lists)

1. Be comfortable in your own skin. Whether you’re fat or thin or whether you wear dresses or those worn baggy jeans that feel like home, I hope you are not flinching at the mirror any more. 267 more words


3xL & G

I reminisce for reasons in which I regret. Past times were filled with immaturity & egocentric perspectives. Not knowing what I wanted & just goin’ w/ the flow turned me into an adolescent who had no vision,no direction, no road. 111 more words


An Evening With Michael Leunig

Michael Leunig possesses a unique sense of familiarity among Australians, one of those names thrown around casually in household conversation. His cartoons are glimpsed often from an open newspaper, or among the books that adorn our coffee tables and shelves. 379 more words

West End Magazine