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Are Being Knowledgeable, Being Well-read and Being Educated Mutually Exclusive?

A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would simply kill it at that. Let’s give it a thought, like the usual ‘bakchodi’- the way Indians  term it as heheh. 293 more words


Is Living Superficially Really That Uncool?

I know I could be hurting sentiments of hardcore thinkers and philosophers. Losing into the depth of your thoughts is great; I mean it’s really intelligent of you. 118 more words

Human Race

A-Z Book List: J for Jokes

I am not a big fan of non-fiction. I tried, I swear. But it always puts me to sleep faster than any sleeping methods I have tried. 327 more words


Reasonable vs. Unreasonable Offense

I have wanted to write an article about the difference between reasonable and unreasonable offense for a long time now. I found that opportunity in a conversation I had in a YouTube comment section on Game Grumps. 932 more words


The irrefutable verities !

Life is a treasure showcase
Wrapped up with uncertain phases
Here one may cry his heart out loud
But all that seems nonsense to the crowd. 127 more words


12 Stages of tired ( Stage 10)

I am so tired I am an artist.

It’s three a.m and you are still awake, your eyelids are on the floor , your mind is hazy and all you want is sleep BUT YOU CAN”T FALL ASLEEP. 142 more words

What is the purpose of life? Bullshit!

Philosophy is not about getting philosophical. Today I would like to share my strange thoughts on why on earth we get so stressed up, trying to understand what life is all about, find the so called “truth of life”. 427 more words

Human Race