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The twenty crucial minutes

There are twenty crucial minutes in the evolution of each of my paintings. The closer I get to that time—those twenty minutes—the more intensely subjective I become—but the more objective, too.

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Quote Of The Day

Blue skies, Bad Painting and The Hairy Who

My painting 160801a Shit in a Shirt, with Blood (see below) took its starting point from this George Condo painting, Big Red. I painted a blue cloudy sky and, for once, I had the patience to let it dry before painting on top. 749 more words

Subconscious reference

So far, I’m stumbling into a lot of unintended outcomes and unconscious processes. I’ve already written about “unintentional figuration“, and now I’m experiencing “subconscious referencing”. 185 more words


Philip Guston wrote out this Charles Dickens quote and had it hanging on his studio wall. I find it totally inspiring.

Habit forming

More practice mixing colours. While I’m doing these, I’m conscious of habits forming in the way I mix and apply the paint, my choice of brushes, use of medium, etc. 80 more words

Books on art, painting and painters

So far in 2016, these are the art books I’ve been looking at. The books I own give me great pleasure. They also influence what art I look at, how I see and think about it, and how I (try to) make it. 181 more words