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Philip Guston's "death mask" painting of T.S. Eliot

“East Coker-Tse” by Philip Guston

East Coker

T.S. Eliot


In my beginning is my end. In succession
Houses rise and fall, crumble, are extended, 172 more words


The return to colour continues, with some rainbows. Previously when working with colour I was pre-occupied with hues and my inability to differentiate some of them. 191 more words

Composition, correction, negative space

Today tried to address my problems with composition. Among other things, I muddle “composition” with mimetic accuracy, symmetry, and balance (as rigid stability). “Composition” becomes a process of “correcting” parts of the picture that appear to lean or pull the image (or the eye) in an unwanted wrong direction. 560 more words

Planning and sketching

I wanted to paint a globe so I could paint the oceans with a wide brush (20cm) and the latitude/longitude lines with a narrow brush. I made a couple of pencil sketches before I began and sketched an outline on the canvas before painting. 207 more words

America After the Fall – a very timely exhibition

I could not resist making an early visit to the Royal Academy’s latest exhibition, entitled ‘America After the Fall: Painting in the 1930s’. For one thing I knew it included one my favourite American paintings, Grant Wood’s famous and much parodied ‘American Gothic’ (1930, above), which I’ve loved since I first discovered it as a teenager.  1,154 more words


Scale comparisons

This is the largest painting I’ve completed to date. I made several failed attempts in the past, which I abandoned, partly because I didn’t have an easel or wall large enough to support them, so they were very awkward to work on. 519 more words

John Berger dead at 90; Dore Ashton at 88

Some weeks ago, when John Berger died, I meant to offer a little tribute to him. He was a major figure as art writers go ( 277 more words