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The return to colour continues, with some rainbows. Previously when working with colour I was pre-occupied with hues and my inability to differentiate some of them. 191 more words

Composition, correction, negative space

Today tried to address my problems with composition. Among other things, I muddle “composition” with mimetic accuracy, symmetry, and balance (as rigid stability). “Composition” becomes a process of “correcting” parts of the picture that appear to lean or pull the image (or the eye) in an unwanted wrong direction. 560 more words

Planning and sketching

I wanted to paint a globe so I could paint the oceans with a wide brush (20cm) and the latitude/longitude lines with a narrow brush. I made a couple of pencil sketches before I began and sketched an outline on the canvas before painting. 207 more words

America After the Fall – a very timely exhibition

I could not resist making an early visit to the Royal Academy’s latest exhibition, entitled ‘America After the Fall: Painting in the 1930s’. For one thing I knew it included one my favourite American paintings, Grant Wood’s famous and much parodied ‘American Gothic’ (1930, above), which I’ve loved since I first discovered it as a teenager.  1,154 more words


Scale comparisons

This is the largest painting I’ve completed to date. I made several failed attempts in the past, which I abandoned, partly because I didn’t have an easel or wall large enough to support them, so they were very awkward to work on. 519 more words

John Berger dead at 90; Dore Ashton at 88

Some weeks ago, when John Berger died, I meant to offer a little tribute to him. He was a major figure as art writers go ( 277 more words


Art of the Day - 02/01/17 (Bombardment, Philip Guston)

Daily Artwork — “Bombardment, Philip Guston, 1937”

Use the images posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of an  131 more words