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Art and the Mysteries of the Working Process

Art creation and destroying your art — If you have been destroying your art, in search of you know not what, you are not alone! View artist, … 18 more words

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Philip Guston's palette

mars black

cadmium red deep

cadmium orange

light cobalt blue

permanent green

zinc white


Powerful Political Art: Nina Chanel Abney's Black History Paintings

What we think we see in Nina Chanel Abney’s current painting show at Kravets Wehby Gallery in Chelsea is police brutality against African-Americans, both extreme and casual. 528 more words

Eric Garner

David Kaufmann on Philip Guston

“He (Guston) wanted to concentrate on the way that every painting justified itself. He felt that there were enough paintings in the world. Every painting had to justify itself, had to “eliminate the air of the arbitrary as completely as possible.” ~ David Kaufmann

Artist Quotes

Philip Guston on painting

“I know that I work in a tension provoked by the contradictions I find in painting. I stay on a picture until a time is reached when these paradoxes vanish and conscious choice doesn’t exist. 21 more words


Philip Guston on painting

“l think the only pressing question in painting is: When are you through? For my own part it is when I’ve ‘come out the other side.’ This occasional and sudden awareness is the truest image for me. 26 more words