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Books on art, painting and painters

So far in 2016, these are the art books I’ve been looking at. The books I own give me great pleasure. They also influence what art I look at, how I see and think about it, and how I (try to) make it. 181 more words

Wet-on-wet complimentary colours

Started as a blending exercise but turned into a “picture”. Having covered the background  in colour from the blue-green-yellow side of the colour wheel, I experimented adding marks in complementary colours from the orange-red-purple side. 208 more words

Philip Guston on painting

“When you paint things they change into something else, something totally unpredictable.”
~ Philip Guston

Artist Quotes

Philip Guston: The In-Between Years at Hauser and Wirth

To begin with, intense satisfaction. We knew he got from point A to point B and now we know how and can confirm it by checking the dates to figure out the progression. 759 more words



Something happened in New York City, May 21

By Rosanna Albertini

This is a piece on the physical status of painting and the dominant illusion that intelligence is not physical: rather an immaterial spark of infinity that makes humans different from monkeys… If such a deceiving idea has a comfortable room in your mind, listen to the story. 1,037 more words


Spiritual Coding and Self Discovery: An Exploration Of My Paintings

Magma Matter Execution (2012) by Nicholas Peart

I am often asked by people to explain my paintings. ‘What are they about?’ is a common question. For a long time I found it difficult to translate the meaning of my paintings into words since the process is very personal and involves deep introspection. 1,394 more words