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UK: Labour consults on plan for major National Health Service (NHS) restructuring

Shadow health secretary says party will examine how to banish privatisation and restore universal public NHS

By Jessica Elgot


Image: The NHS Mandate states that 95% of patients attending A&E should be seen within four hours… 622 more words

At the End of the Day

Whether your thing is temporary permanent pensions, socialist neoliberalism, specifically undefined action against US steel tariffs, cutting Italy some Nazi slack or self-serving social anxieties in the Labour and Tory Parties, there’s something in here for you tonight. 811 more words

At The End Of The Day

Hammond: clarity on customs is top priority

“Britain is leaving the political institutions of the EU; but it is not leaving Europe, and British prosperity is, and always will be, closely bound to European prosperity,” – said  Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, addressing the European Business Summit in Brussels (24/05/2018) – “So Europe’s success – and the success of the Euro as a currency – is very strongly in Britain’s interest, and we will not do anything which jeopardises that success”. 260 more words


David Davis accuses EU of 'public posturing' and 'point scoring' over public security after Brexit

Michel Barnier and David Davis

By Steven Swinford

The Telegraph
May 25, 2018

David Davis has accused the European Union of “public posturing” and “point-scoring” over public security  116 more words

Won't let us play with your multi-billion dollar satellite system? We'll build our own!

The UK chancellor Philip Hammond has announced that if the European Union refuse the UK access to the Galileo satellite navigation system, the UK will create its own system – a move that will add billions more to the Brexit bill. 307 more words


UK Chancellor Philip Hammond warns that technological innovation cannot leave younger generation behind

Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered a speech at the annual Confederation of British Industry (CBI) dinner last night, where he outlined plans for the Tory government to deliver a Brexit that hinged on a technology-driven economy. 918 more words

ANALYSIS: how wealth is sucked up, but élite perfidy trickles down

The connection between oil, money, power, lies and votes becomes more predictable with every year. In Britain, it has been strengthened by the passive acceptance of globalism….and the dilution of ethics that goes with it. 1,357 more words

Jeremy Hunt.