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Whatever happened to the reform of pension tax relief?

The Government’s plans to resolve the injustices of the Pension Tax Relief system appear to have been ditched. Announced in the budget of 2015, expected in that year’s autumn statement and postponed in the months running up to this year’s budge, they now appear a casualty of BREXIT. 474 more words


Poverty - what poverty?

Bravo! to the news that Sports Direct has been shamed into axing zero-hours contracts, but what are the chances of meaningful government measures to alleviate poverty? 314 more words

Punishing advisers for tax avoidance is wrong

It has been recently reported that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are to look at measures to help further stamp out the practice of tax avoidance through financial penalties being handed to accounting agents as opposed to just the client.  782 more words


Two Month Report Card - First Thoughts On Theresa May's Premiership

After an assured and confident start, Theresa May’s government shows welcome signs of moving boldly, if not always in the right direction

To date, this blog has not wasted undue time speculating about Theresa May’s premiership and assessing her early performance – not least because we are only just starting to emerge from summer silly season, and there has not been much yet to judge. 1,233 more words

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MEANS PESTERING: Hammond announces new clampdown on wealthy poor

Nothing is yours and everything is theirs. The people we pay to protect us have become the incompetent gargoyles who extract everything that is ours. This is a satirical piece: but as more and more of us now realise, today’s satire is tomorrow’s reality. 1,248 more words

British Prime Minister Theresa May, Cabinet at Chequers on Wednesday To Plan Britain's Steps For Leaving the European Union

Britain will retain access to single market and curb migration under plans considered by Theresa May

Theresa May holding her first cabinet meeting in July. Photograph by Dan Kitwood for PA… 672 more words


In keeping with the spirit of Lady Thatcher’s Wink, this blog will keep a beady eye on those aspects of contemporary social and political life which demand a sending-up. 380 more words