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Diary Day 393: the public are spectators at a Conservative dogfight 

My #Remainer’s Diary Day 393: the faction-ridden Conservatives publicly argued over Philip Hammond. Characters on the Right, including the ex ministers self-appointed climate expert Nigel (Lord) Lawson, “Vulcan” John Redwood MP and the flamboyant reality TV participant Nadine Dorries MP have lined up on one side. 686 more words


BREAKING - Hammond's budget details leaked

A tongue in cheek guest post from the pen of John Planter…..

Housing will not be the huge problem first thought as the allocated financial resources have been adjusted. 722 more words

The Economy

Half the Story and Double the Average

In a classic case of getting your retaliation in first and prior to tonight’s Wirral Council meeting Cllr Bernie ‘ The Bruiser’ Mooney has been all over the press bemoaning the fact that children’s services is at ‘breaking point’. 440 more words

Britain is half a trillion pounds poorer than we thought we were

You know that horrible feeling when you think you have a few hundred pounds left in your account, but actually you’ve gone well over your overdraft and are racking up huge bank charges? 219 more words



‘Robbing Hood’ Philip Hammond’s Plan To Take From The Old To Give To The Young

I can’t help but feel that Chancellor Philip Hammond is doing his level best to get himself sacked so he doesn’t have to be responsible for the collapse of the British economy once the Brexit talks have failed. 414 more words


Diary Day 389: planning for scenarios. Speaker Bercow says MPs absolutely do have the right to say no to Brexit. 

My #Remainer’s Diary day 389: the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, giving evidence to the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee, said the Government had “planning for all scenarios, including a no-deal scenario”. 897 more words


Brexit "Shambles" -- Theresa May To Brussels for Emergency Meeting

BBC News

The PM will meet with Jean-Claude Juncker, pictured, as well as Michel Barnier. Reuters photo

Theresa May is to travel to Brussels later for a dinner with EU leaders in a bid to end a stalemate over Brexit. 334 more words