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Day 3 | 3 Quotes In 3 Days

“The beautiful and imperishable comes

into existence due to the suffering of

individual perishable creatures who

themselves are not beautiful, and must

be reshaped to form a template from…

39 more words
J.T. Carlton

Speed Reading

Those of us who absolutely must have something to read at all times are always on the hunt for quick reads for short trips and long waits. 30 more words


July's Theme - A Whole New World

Oh, July, the perfect month for beach reading, you practically handed me your own theme. I just finished Philip K. Dick’s The Man In The High Castle… 184 more words

Schizophrenic Summers

Recently arrived review copies. Also, links.

Courtesy of Gollancz, we have here Edward Cox’s THE RELIC GUILD, Greg Bear’s WAR DOGS, Philip K. Dick’s HUMPTY-DUMPTY IN OAKLAND, Ellen Kushner’s THOMAS THE RHYMER, and John Gardner’s GRENDEL. 72 more words


In Defense of Science Fiction

Guest lecture at Göttingen University, June 16, 2015

How to Read Science Fiction: An Instruction Manual

Upon reading the title of this lecture, “A Defense of Science Fiction,” one might wonder why science fiction, of all things, deserves a defense, of all things. 7,876 more words

The Man in the High Castle Book to Screen Review

I read the book, not even considering that something so obscure could have even been considered for the screen. I only found it on by chance when I was googling the name of the book and the TV series appeared. 304 more words

A Thousand Lives

Uncanny Valley: Science Fiction Summer Reading Group

Wednesday Nights Summer 2015
Next meet: July 1st, 7PM
Have read: Starship Troopers  (1959, Robert Heinlein)
Online and San Francisco

Greetings science fiction aficionados! This summer, descend with us into the uncanny valley! 261 more words

Book Discussion