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Zuckerberg's Glasses: The 7 Billion Futures of Man

So the High Overlord of Facebook apparently vowed last week to bring about the death of the smartphone. This is the way things go these days. 1,170 more words

False Memory Syndrome (Number 94 of a Series)

Last night I went to Winchester again.

As best as I can make out, we went in 1984, when we were checking out universities for my big bother and we stayed in Lymington so that we could take a look at Southampton. 386 more words

Weekly Ramble No. 15

I finished playing Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens this week. I’m not one to crow (too much) about my own achievements, but I’ll make an exception as its only the third time I have 100% completed a game (the previous being the first… 976 more words


Twin Peaks “The Man Behind Glass” Episode 11

I’ve read posts you people wouldn’t believe! Sorry, I was going to jump right in with this review/recap of episode 11 but I’ve just discovered something that has seriously pissed me off. 2,348 more words

Weekly Ramble No. 14

I watched quite a few films with Siggy this week, helped somewhat by time off work for Easter. First was Philomena the story of an old Irish lady looking for her long lost son who was sold by Nuns to an American family. 1,019 more words


The Nixon Quantum Hangover

I’ve been reading a lot about Richard Nixon lately, and the period of time from 1968-1974. Those years had some really weird, dark energy; dark energy that the late Robin Williams summed up as “The Manson Nixon Line.” Author Peter Levenda in… 1,094 more words


Philip K. Dick: Writer or Prophet?

Philip K. Dick was a prolific science-fiction writer. He usually depicted a bleak, dystopian future. His works have become more famously known as the motion pictures… 292 more words