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Left Coast

Left Coast

Steve Hickey Games

A poet I know went off Philip K Dick the moment he realised the novels weren’t entirely made up. Another friend – a critic – deplores him for grassing up… 490 more words



by Philip K Dick, 1955

Tension hung over the three waiting men. They smoked, paced back and forth, kicked aimlessly at weeds growing by the side of the road. 8,801 more words


Book 12: Valis by Philip K. Dick

After an inter-esting phase with Anthony Burgess’ 1962 novel The Wanting Seed, we look to our next book for the month of May– Valis… 59 more words

Philip K. Dick and Me

A friend asked on Facebook today: I’ve not read much Science Fiction. What is your favorite and why?

I answered:
I’m currently on a Philip K. 1,051 more words


Blade Runner

This is the movie where the bartender from The Shining is the smartest man in the world, where the batshit crazy chick who tried to claw James Woods’s eyes out (in real life) is a reserved, icy beauty, where the famously taciturn leader of a Florida vice squad chatters away in a self-invented argot culled from six different languages. 441 more words


philip k

he has seen things you      people      wouldn’t believe
attack dogs on fire
off the shoulder of the road

see his high beams stab the dark… 23 more words