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Philip K Dick: Dr Futurity

My copy tells me it’s 35 years since I last read this one – what sort of a fan am I? And at that rate, will I ever find the time to read it again? 376 more words

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The Man in the High Castle Season 3 Episode 8: Kasumi (Through the Mists) Recap

As the Reich draws closer to the full implementation of Jahr Null, episode 8 explores reinventing oneself and changing directions. Some, like Himmler, stay on the course we’ve seen them follow all season. 3,719 more words


Philip K Dick: Vulcan's Hammer

I’ve been a fan of Philip K Dick’s science fiction ever since I first read something by him as a student. He’s a brilliant writer – although very uneven in quality – and a fellow-writer once dubbed him ‘the best science fiction writer on any planet’, which probably does him justice… But I’m aware I have a few favourites which I re-read every now and then, and that there is a lot of his work I haven’t touched for years – so time to put that right. 506 more words

Science Fiction

Weird, But True, Stories About Famous Authors: Philip K. Dick

Recently, I began listening to a podcast called Disgraceland, which chronicles crazy stories about famous musicians. The first episode told the story of the rising 1950s piano pop star phenom, Jerry Lewis, who, as I already knew, married his barely teenage cousin.  1,342 more words



“It’s a strange thing to be addicted to comprehending God’s mind.”
–Philip K. Dick

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Unbroken Fellowship

Today is FRIDAY, November 9, 2018.

Day 22,156

THREE days until C’s birthday (we’ll start the celebrations tomorrow)!!!

FIVE days until Fallout 76!!!

“Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane.” 929 more words


The Apocalypse Program

“Gentlemen,” said Pearson. Dennison knew how much his old friend loved to greet them all with “gentlemen” when they came into his office but today was different. 622 more words

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