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Philip K. Dick - A Scanner Darkly (1977) Review

Bob Arctor is a narc in Orange County, California. He is an undercover cop trying to find the laboratories that produce the dangerous drug Substance D that is sweeping over the land. 496 more words


Dedicated Readers Take Up "The Man in the High Castle" on Their Podcast

As promised, David Agranoff, Anthony Trevino, and Langhorne J. Tweed have finished editing podcast #16 about The Man in the High Castle. Dr. Gavriel Rosenfeld and I were the guests for the show. 15 more words


1.14.19: Bandersnatch, Time Loops, And Mind-F**ks

“Ubik…Safe when taken as directed.”
― Philip K. Dick, “Ubik”

579 more words

What do replicants and copies remember?

We are not so different

“I’m not an answer,” she said. “I’m a question.”
She might also be a message incarnate, a signal in the flesh, even if she hadn’t yet figured out what story she was supposed to tell.”

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Personal Reflection

Reading Through the [Alleged] Top 100 Science Fiction Novels- #76-80

I’m a huge science fiction fan, but realized I haven’t read a lot of those works considered classics or greats. I decided to remedy that, and found a  662 more words


List: My Top Books from 2018

If you read my previous post, I shared 18-ish moments that happened last year. Those were the most notable. On top of regular ol’ Life, I also read a lot of books. 39 more words


Philip K Dick: Martian Time-Slip

At the outset, it’s hard to know where we are going or what to make of this one, really.

It’s entirely set on Mars, in the new Earth colony, which survives with difficulty and is looking to expand massively by encouraging emigration from Earth; there are the remnants of a dying-out humanoid Martian race who resemble the Aborigines of Australia, and who are either ignored or exploited almost as slaves by the colonists. 400 more words

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