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Trapped in knots

I apologize for going missing for some time. It’s been a strange couple of weeks. Actually they were not that strange, but they were overwhelming. I’m supposed to find a new apartment and move in a completely different area because of my family but personally I don’t wanna. 1,559 more words


Minority Report

Speculative fiction has long entertained the hypothetical question: if you could go back in time and kill a murderer before he claims his first victim, would you? 990 more words


Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Today’s Word of the Day is sentient which means, “aware or capable of sensing feeling.” The title of my blog post is actually the same title of a famous novel by Philip K. 362 more words


Philip K Dick: Clans of the Alphane Moon

Dick continues to get ever weirder as I work my way through his oeuvre. An abandoned Earth colony, on a small moon in the Alph system, is home to the former inhabitants of a mental institution, who have constituted themselves into townships focused on their different conditions… and now, for unknown reasons Earth is interested in moving in again and re-hospitalising the inhabitants, who regard them as invaders and will fight to retain their autonomy, which is eventually guaranteed by their agreeing to become an Alphan colony. 270 more words

Science Fiction

Read "The Eye of the Sybil," a short story by Philip K. Dick

“The Eye of the Sybil”


Philip K. Dick

How is it that our ancient Roman Republic guards itself against those who would destroy it? We Romans, although only mortals like other mortals, draw on the help of beings enormously superior to ourselves. 4,142 more words

Short Story

Week 55 - Weekly Horror Short Story Reviews: Dick, Strantzas, Chambers, and Moreno-Garcia

Welcome to Week 55 of my horror short fiction review project! Today marks quite a milestone: I finally finish working my way through the collection… 1,149 more words

Book Reviews

7. 'Eye in the Sky' by Philip K. Dick

Over the past few years, I have become a huge fan of Philip K. Dick. His books are some of the most intelligent works of science fiction I have ever read. 845 more words