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The Man in the High Castle / Philip K. Dick

Imagine a world where the Axis won the Second World War. Imagine America divided up between the Nazi occupied Eastern states and the Japanese ruled Western states, and a central buffer zone between the two. 1,832 more words


Riff on Philip K. Dick's novel Martian Time-Slip

  1. A colleague dropped by today, burst in my office really, if you’ll forgive the clich√©, animated, ecstatic almost—Read this!—he commanded, thrusting a big fat hardbacked Gore Vidal volume in front of me.¬†
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Part of the reason why science fiction author Philip K. Dick fascinates me–okay, more like a good chunk of the reason–is because of the reason why he was so good at writing stories involving themes of paranoia, loss of identity, and metaphysical weirdness: namely, he suffered from a kind of mental illness that translated really well into his fiction. 600 more words

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Straight Flooded Tree In Tilted World

It had been an aside in a chemistry lecture. Maybe there had been some sort of presentation about covalent bonds, or spdf orbitals, all of which was forgotten over time. 309 more words



There is the Vortex of Robert Charles Wilson, (who is an Aurora and Philip K. Dick Award winner, a Nebula Award finalist, and the author of twelve published novels; his latest is “Burning Paradise.” He lives in Toronto.) And then there is the Vortex of the Star Wars universe, one of dozens and dozens of novels from all ages of the franchise, along with all the toys and games and clothing, etc. 278 more words