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Book review - 'The Lady From Zagreb' by Philip Kerr

Summer 1942. When Bernie Gunther is ordered to speak at an international police conference, an old acquaintance has a favour to ask. Little does Bernie suspect what this simple surveillance task will provoke . 530 more words


Jess Walter on Beautiful Ruins and Other Stuff

Credit: Robert Birnbaum

I sit down with the author of The Financial Lives of the Poets to talk about his latest novel, how to survive in Hollywood, the ins and outs of contemporary publishing, and that unheralded Paris of the Northwest, Spokane. 8,502 more words

Hand of God by Philip Kerr

Competing in the Champions League should be one of the highlights of a manager’s career. Indeed for Scott Manson, manager of London City, the match against Olympiacos in Athens is one that he will never forget – unfortunately it will be for all the wrong reasons. 287 more words


Book Review: The Pale Criminal (Bernie Gunther #2) - Philip Kerr

The Pale Criminal

Philip Kerr


Look, this is your sideshow, not mine, so don’t expect me to bring up the curtain and work the fucking lights. 799 more words


Die Hand Gottes kennt kein Lektorat

Dies ist ein Aufreger … und ich muss ihn loswerden … jetzt … sonst fühle ich mich nicht gut. Ich tue dies, nicht um Philip Kerr schlecht zu machen, sondern um handwerkliche Fehler publik zu machen. 399 more words


"A Philosophical Investigation" by Philip Kerr

A crime novel with a philosophical twist and a dash of sci-fi. A book written in 1992 but set in 2013, imagines an Orwellian world where potential serial killers are pre-determined by a controversial program. 238 more words

3 Star Review

Get Away From These Demagogues*

Let’s face it: the world can be a very scary place. Tragedies happen, changes happen; and sometimes, life seems to be full of frightening news. At times like that, some people try to use others’ uncertainty and fears to gain power, or at least ascendency, over others. 1,246 more words

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