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Philip-Lorca diCorcia, American Photographer

Many photographers are clear. Philip-Lorca diCorcia is not. His photos are staged and planned, and I found this splendid idea on Wikipedia :

His pictures have been described as “Rorschach-like”, since they can have a different interpretation depending on the viewer. 46 more words

Third-Eyed Jesus

Nearing the far to the end. The planets continue to circle, the nights to days. The breaths of the bodies, the headaches, the pains. The excitements, the joy, the wondering laughs. 445 more words


Philip-Lorca diCorcia

Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s work falls somewhere between documentary and staged or tableau photography. His choice of lighting gives his images a cinematic quality where the narrative straddles the line between fact and fiction. 366 more words


Philip-Lorca diCorcia

Throughout diCorcia’s work, there is a clear consistency in which he isolates the individuals in his photographs. Often using lighting to do this as it instantly catches our attention and draws us to the expressionless faces. 557 more words


assignment 2 - consolidating the exercises

What follows are some of the ways the research strands I have been following for the past couple of months have fed into my submission for assignment 2, Vice Versa. 1,896 more words

Identity & Place

Other odds and sods...

What with this being an official course, I have to cover some official stuff in order to pass it. So here goes.

HEALTH & SAFETY… 2,041 more words