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The Gaze

John Berger argues that “the reciprocal nature of vision is more fundamental than that of spoken language” (1 p.9) . Small children ask whether people on the television can see them but have to learn that covering their eyes fails to make them invisible when playing hide and seek; do we know or do we learn at an early age that the gaze is reciprocal? 905 more words

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Alternative Same Background Different Model Exercise

Groups of people are often labelled as a single entity; the crowd, the audience, a rally, a march, the team and we often view them in that way, seeing the crowded pavement as one organism without consciously identifying the individuals within the crowd.  159 more words


Philip-Lorca DiCorcia

Just a few notes on DiCorcia’s working methodology:

  • Dicorcia’s work is a mixture of documentary and staged tableaux for which is best known
  • Well known for his use of lighting in street photography…
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Covert Exercise

It is strange how occasionally things come together. My lovely daughter got married last weekend and, whilst I didn’t want to spend too much time with a camera in my hand, I wanted a few pictures of my own from the day. 346 more words


Heads: Philip-Lorca diCorcia

Many photographers subscribe to the idea that a subject’s true nature can only be revealed if they are caught on camera unaware, unposed and therefore not manipulating or influencing the final representation. 1,105 more words

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Whilst researching Philip-Lorca diCorsia I came across the concept of supermodernity and non-places. Ëlisabeth Couturier (1) believes that diCorsia’s photographs explore the environment of a uniform universe, stereotypical zones in which we play out essentially artificial lives crossing paths with other people without noticing them; spaces that the French anthropologist Marc Augé (2) described as non-places created by what he calls supermodernity. 844 more words

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Research point: Gregory Crewdson

The course notes ask us to watch a short documentary piece on Crewdson that follows him working on a few example shoots, and consider the following questions: 505 more words

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