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The Golden Compass (Haibun)

The Golden Compass –
Watching the film this minute;
Should have read the book.

That is to say that I have got the book; haven’t read it and am having to work out what exactly is happening. 26 more words


[Impossible Truths] Outline and Planning

The storyline I chose for my fanfiction is from the series His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. I absolutely loved the story as a child, the idea of having your best friend being cute animal daemon who went all your adventures and was your other half of your soul was an incredibly appealing idea. 170 more words

Fairy Tale Friday- The Musicians of Bremen

The Musicians of Bremen¬†is a fairy tale that I wasn’t all that familiar with. Perhaps I should have known more about it, considering it has been retold in various medias in popular culture. 143 more words

Philip Pullman

His Dark Materials: Final Thoughts

As my celebration of all things His Dark Materials comes to an end (kicking and screaming mind you), it is amazing to look back and see the journey that has happened. 1,069 more words

20th Anniversary His Dark Materials

Quotes and Links

Discover more about the world of His Dark Materials

There are numerous places where people can go to discover more about His Dark Materials. Over the past month I have used numerous websites to get new information and clarify my own memory and in doing so I have discovered a range of things I never knew. 507 more words

20th Anniversary His Dark Materials

Upcoming, Extra, and Other

The His Dark Materials series may have ended with the three books, but there is always something extra going on, whether it is Pullman’s companion pieces and titbits of information, or it is the long awaited… 762 more words

20th Anniversary His Dark Materials

Days 15 &16 Literary Quotes

Day 15 – Book that represents who you are.

This is a bit melodramatic. I am not entirely sure there is a book that represents who I am per se.   339 more words