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Phillip Schofield wants to give Holly Willoughby's husband a vasectomy

They’ve been hosting This Morning together for six years, so it’s no surprise that Phillip Schofield and Holly WiIllougby are pretty close.

But Holly has been on maternity leave since late September 2014 and Phillip can’t seem to handle her absence any longer. 228 more words


Perrie Edwards: Zayn Malik leaving One Direction was one the hardest decisions he's had to make

Perrie Edwards has called fiance Zayn Malik’s decision to leave One Direction ‘one of the hardest’ he’s had to make.

The singer, who joined her Little Mix bandmates on This Morning today, revealed he was currently taking it easy. 158 more words


Philip Schofield tricked Christine Bleakley into believing she'd missed a royal appointment - and it was hilarious

If you’d never really imagined Philip Schofield to be a prankster, then this video might just change your mind.

In fact, the This Morning host proved himself to be a natural in the wind-up department when he thoroughly caught out… 297 more words


Philip Schofield brilliantly shames a Twitter troll who told him to 'take his own life'

Twitter should come with a manual on how to deal with hate – vile messages and comments are so rife on the social media platform, especially directed at well known faces. 172 more words


SPOTLIGHT ON: Faisal. 10 things you might not know about Mr PMA

Who wants to know a bit more about me, me, ME?! I’ve written about my career previously, so this one is about Faisal the man, rather than Faisal the trainer. 274 more words

Tressa's Heartbreaking True Story Generates Global Headlines

Tressa Middleton’s harrowing memoir about being raped by her brother aged 11 and giving birth to their child has generated headlines all over the world. 578 more words

This Morning's saucy Bondage for Beginners sequence cleared by Ofcom

This Morning has been cleared by media watchdog Ofcom over its controversial 50 Shades Of Grey-inspired ‘Bondage for Beginners’ sequence.

The segment, which aired in February – to coincide with the release of the erotic blockbuster – attracted a whole lot of attention, not to mention 120 complaints, for its footage of models demonstrating a variety of sex toys. 288 more words