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Tressa's Heartbreaking True Story Generates Global Headlines

Tressa Middleton’s harrowing memoir about being raped by her brother aged 11 and giving birth to their child has generated headlines all over the world. 578 more words

This Morning's saucy Bondage for Beginners sequence cleared by Ofcom

This Morning has been cleared by media watchdog Ofcom over its controversial 50 Shades Of Grey-inspired ‘Bondage for Beginners’ sequence.

The segment, which aired in February – to coincide with the release of the erotic blockbuster – attracted a whole lot of attention, not to mention 120 complaints, for its footage of models demonstrating a variety of sex toys. 288 more words


TOWIE's Bobby Norris has had a hair makeover: 'Grey hair don't care'

Watch out Philip Schofield, there’s a new ‘silver fox’ in town.

TOWIE star Bobby Norris has followed in the footsteps of Kelly Osbourne and Rihanna by jumping on the latest celeb bandwagon and dyed his hair grey. 165 more words


Woman who had sex with strangers for a year to save her marriage 'splits from husband'

A woman who had sex with 12 strangers for a year to save her marriage has separated from her husband.

Robin Rinaldi wrote a book about her experiment called The Wild Oaks Project, where she detailed having a ‘5:2 marriage’ meaning – 2 days on, 5 days apart, for one year. 293 more words


Never mind the hypnosis, You're Back In The Room audience become convinced that they have spotted Sarah Millican as a contestant

It seems we have become used to the madness that is You’re Back In The Room already as viewers are occupying themselves by trying to find lookalikes among the contestants.  228 more words


'I just thought it would be a fun experience': Woman who paid £1,700 for sex says she'd do it again

A woman who paid thousands of dollars for sex with a male escort said she would not hesitate to book one again.

46-year-old divorcee Cyndi allowed herself to be filmed hiring an escort for a new documentary by Jodie Marsh, Women Who Pay For Sex, and explained her reasons on This Morning. 632 more words


Viewers were totally split over 'telly Marmite' You're Back In The Room

Everyone either completely loved or absolutely hated You’re Back In The Room.

ITV debuted its new game show You’re Back In The Room on Saturday night, and it was pretty hilarious in places. 510 more words