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“Owning Mahowny” 2003 – Philip Seymour Hoffman, Minnie Driver and John Hurt. Poster credit: imdb.com

Directed by: Richard Kwietniowski

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The “way-back” machine suffered a malfunction and teleported us to 2003 after our brief stop for… 354 more words

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How to Know What's Real and What's Fake?

Last night our neighborhood was thick with kids dressed as gumball machines, jellyfish, mermaids, crayons, and super heroes… there was even a spider queen; parents too went all out. 397 more words

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A Most Wanted Man

Year Released: 2014
Main Stars: Philip Seymour Hoffman , Grigoriy Dobrygin , Nina Hoss 
Review Date: October 2016
Last watched: October 2016
Number Watches: 1… 203 more words

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ASC Podcast Episode 10: Paul Thomas Anderson Retrospective Pt.1 Hard Eight + Boogie Nights

This week’s episode, much to Lee’s surprise, finds Jason in a great mood because Episode 10 signals the start of #AtlanticSC’s Paul Thomas Anderson retrospective. In this first part of the retrospective, Jason and Lee tackle Anderson’s first feature film released in 1996 entitled… 153 more words

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Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

2016 #135
Mike Nichols | 98 mins | streaming (HD) | 1.85:1 | USA & Germany / English & Russian | 15 / R

Unlikely stories can make great movies, or at least fun ones, and if this isn’t the former then it’s largely the latter. 78 more words

4 Stars

Filmas: Čarlio Vilsono karas / Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

Filmas “A Hologram for the King” išgąsdino, kad ir su Tomu Hanksu gali būti neypatingai įdomūs filmai. Bet dar ant tos bangos po gero filmo “Sully” ir šiaip prisiminus kitus gerus filmus suskubau ieškoti dar nematytų filmų su Hanksu, kad pataisyčiau savo labai gerą nuomonę apie Hanksą. 396 more words