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Filipiniečiai vs Kerala pakrantėje

Filipiniečiai pakranteje išsiperka pastogę,ruošia balius.Dideliais kiekiais liejasi romas,greitai suvartojamas keptas paršas…Po to karaokė..

Indai žavisi vandenynu,palydi saule,lipa į vandenį su drabužiais.vaikšto pajūriu.


Bohole dėl liūčių uždarė mokyklas

Nėra blogo oro yra tik blogas apsirengimas,Per liūtis”heavy rain and flooding” važiuojant skuteriu, reikia rengtis taip-kaip nuotraukoje.

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Degalinės apsauga Filipinuose-rimta su UZI

Vienintelė šalis,kur nakčiai slepia skuterius giliai kieme..


Scouting for your Child's School? Part II

Now that we’ve posted our list of Mandaluyong schools, we move to the neighboring city of Makati for parents that would like to focus their search in this area. 791 more words


Scouting for your Child's School?

This will be the first, in a series of posts, that parents can use as a reference when scouting for private schools in the city. Whether your child is just starting school or looking for a new one to transfer to, we have compiled a list that may be helpful when determining the right establishment for them. 692 more words


Rodrigo Duterte: A fascist original

‘Like the anti-Marcos resistance 4 decades back, the only certainty members of the anti-fascist front can count on is that they’re doing the right thing. And that, for some, is a certainty worth dying for’ 3,333 more words


Support of children | part two

Asia is famous for awesome, save and relaxed holiday destinations. Many countries are economically dynamic but simultaneously social very unequitable. Some big landowners control the market and hundreds of workers are dependent to them. 542 more words