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Before the battle,
The mad, killing throttle,
Brutus and Horace perused Aristotle;
After the rattle,
Philippi a-mottle,
Still in sad circles the fly toured the bottle.


The Importance of Quiet

God has blessed me with a very unique and sometimes loud voice. In fact, when people come to say hi to me in stores and restaurants, they usually begin with “I thought I heard you”! 448 more words


Interview with Strength Coach Mark Philippi

Mark Philippi is a strength coach in Las Vegas and works with some of the best mma and bjj athletes in the world

Singing at Midnight (June 25)

June 25
Singing at Midnight

Today’s Scripture Readings: Psalm 139:1-12 | 2 Kings 8:1-9:13 | Acts 16:16-40 | Proverbs 17:26

Today’s Scripture Focus: Acts 16:16-40… 356 more words

Leaving The Past Behind

This marks the first Monday, weekly devotional since launching Christian Divers. If you want to know a little bit more about the style of journaling that we do, then check out the… 396 more words


What did Paul preach in Philippi?

Dr Mark Vernon, one of the leadership team for our pilgrimage, reflects on the day we have spent and on Paul’s ministry and teaching here. 721 more words


The second day of our pilgrimage was really the beginning. Every journey has to start somewhere and ours began by praying outside of the church of St Nicholas, close to the column at which Paul is said to have tied his boat. 676 more words