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Devotional # 121. Philippians 1:1-14

Devotional # 121. 1/26/15. Philippians 1:1-14.

Introduction to Philippians: The book of Philippians was actually a letter from Paul and Timothy (as we’ll see in verse 1) to the church in Philippi. 1,503 more words

Paul Encourages Philippian Friends

Paul had planted the first Christian church in Europe in the town of Philippi, in the region of northeastern Greece known as Macedonia.  Paul’s letter to the Philippian church is very upbeat & encouraging, despite his being confined in a Roman minimum security prison (319). 322 more words

Sic semper tyrannis

So said Brutus as he drove his blade into the body of Julius Caesar.  “Thus to all tyrants”.

Brutus was hailed as the noblest of the assassins of Caesar, who was motivated by the good of the state and not by personal desires.   106 more words


October 16, 2015: Too Long, Too Crazy

Dear Blue,

So…um…yeah, I’ve missed a few days. Obviously. A week and a half, looks like. The heat here is killer, and completely draining. Not that that is an excuse, not really. 702 more words

Dear Blue

Philippi (Greece) — Baptismal Site

Soon after Paul’s arrival at Philippi on his second missionary journey—on the Sabbath—he “went outside the gate to a riverside, where we were supposing that there would be a place of prayer”  (Acts 16:14).  103 more words

Places In Greece

Farewell to Philippi

The next morning the Roman officials sent officers with an order to release Paul & Silas from the Philippian jail (277).

But Paul said to the officers, “We are Roman citizens; we were not found guilty of any crime, yet they whipped us in public & then threw us in jail. 153 more words

Jailed for Jesus

On another day in Philippi, the four witnesses for Jesus – Paul, Silas, Timothy & Luke — were going to the place of prayer (275).  On the way they were met by a slave girl who had an ungodly spirit that enabled her to predict the future; she earned a lot of money for her owners by telling fortunes. 228 more words