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Encounter With Eutychus

As he was getting ready to sail home from Corinth to Syrian Antioch, Paul learned that the unbelieving Jews were plotting against him, again.  Prompted by the Holy Spirit, Paul decided to avoid that confrontation by taking a land route home, travelling north through Macedonia (298). 294 more words

Farewell To Philippi

The morning after ministering the love of God to the Philippian jailer & his family, Paul & Silas were greeted in their jail cell by Roman officers  They had been sent by the governing Roman officials of Philippi with an order to release Paul & Silas (277). 205 more words

Grace For The Jailer

About midnight Paul & Silas were praying & singing hymns to God in the Philippian jail, and the other prisoners were listening to them (277). 325 more words

Jailed For Jesus

On another day in Philippi, the four witnesses for Jesus – Paul, Silas, Timothy & Luke — were going to the place of prayer (276).  On the way they were met by a slave girl who had an ungodly spirit that enabled her to predict the future; she earned a lot of money for her owners by telling fortunes. 236 more words

Emily the woman seeking for a better life

Emily Dams Banda is

32 years old now. She was born in Zimbabwe in a low middle class family and decided to leave everything, even her 16 years old daughter who is living with her grandparents, to take her chance in Cape Town. 705 more words

The Master Multiplier, Part 2

God is a mathematical genius. He is the undisputed Master Multiplier. As we began this series, we discovered that God is able to supernaturally take His gift to us, whatever it may be, and multiply it so that it not only meets a need we may have, but actually meets needs we didn’t know we had or that other people may have. 1,987 more words