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Wag your Tail (a Lesson of Submission)

Last night our seven-month old pound puppy, Denali, aggressively snarled and hurled at Chena, our six month old Great White Pyrenees shepherd sweetie. This was the fourth random, snarling session in the last 2 months and really unnerved me.    1,447 more words


SNOW (& glory)

January 17, 2017

By the way, you can thank me any time you want… seriously. A personal “thanks” is nice.  Money is always accepted.  A card is thoughtful.  815 more words

The Revolution Christians Need is to be like Jesus

I’ve been asked for the second time to share, and in 15 minutes nonetheless, this message that has been growing in me for 15 years.  This is the first passage I was taught to translate from the Greek. 1,856 more words

Stand Strong In Persecution

No matter the persecution, stand strong in your faith. Stand up for Jesus and share His gospel of grace. Speak of the importance of the cross and the forgiveness of sins. 223 more words


Edward Taylor, When thy bright beams

(Judgment Day, Michelangelo)

When thy bright beams, my Lord, do strike mine eye
Methinks I then could truly chide outright
My hidebound soul that stands so niggardly… 1,618 more words

Let It Go

What does it mean “to divest”? When words or phrases begin to dominate the air around me, I get their scent and feel compelled to chase them to ground for mastery.  973 more words


So I have been contemplating how we Christians have affronted God’s graciousness by the divisiveness of our denominations, at least within the United States. But first let me share two important scriptures that address this concern. 878 more words