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Philippians Study - Part 1


***If you haven’t read my previous post (“Introduction to Philippians”), please read it before continuing with this one.

Philippians 1:1a (NIV)

1 Paul and Timothy, … 979 more words


New Series | 5 things about July

I fully intended to do this yesterday, but life, you know? It’s July, and here’s what I want to share with you this month: 139 more words

Help And Advice

…no more death or mourning or crying or pain…instead give thanks.

OK, I’m done mourning. That was quick you might say and you would be right. It just does not seem right to be mourning when ultimately God wins! 510 more words

July 2 @ Philippians 3-4

Philippians 3-4 (NLT link) 

Discover His heart: He is waiting to flood us with His peace when we pray 

@ Philippians 4
After struggling through Israeli history in our daily reading for the past week, Philippians 4 is like an oasis – cool and refreshing!  536 more words

Daily Devotions

Make Your Request Known


“Mommy, can I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?”  “Momma, get me some milk!” “Chips, Momma, chips!”  “MOM! I can’t find any socks!”   Sounds like any given moment in my house.  488 more words


Shine Like Lights

Have you ever seen a searchlight at night, playing back and forth across the sky? Your eyes are invariably drawn to its path and you wonder, what’s it there for? 1,690 more words