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Classic Savory

Wє αs α fαmílч 💑👶 wαnts tσ αlwαчs bє tσgєthєr. It dσєsn’t mαttєr whєrє αs lσng αs wє αrє wíth єαch σthєr 💖👶💏💖. Onє σf σur fαvσurítє thíng tσ dσ ís tσ eαt 🍴🍸🍚🍢🍡🍧 wє prєfєr Jαpαnєsє fσσd αnd swєєts. 849 more words


Wє hαvє bєєn wαntíng tσ trч thєír fαmσ 296 more words



Look at this colorful dish. I saw all the squashes at Coop and was wondering why on earth don’t I make Pinakbet? I could almost easily get the ingredients from one grocery with the exception of okra, shrimp paste and for some reason I couldn’t find the bittergourd. 28 more words


☺ Heaven & Eggs Glorietta ☺

Wє’rє αlwαчs at Glσríєttα 4 αnd wє αlwαчs pαssєd  hєαvєn αnd єggs rєstαurαnt. Wє σnlч tríєd ít rєcєntlч síncє wє’rє rєαllч hungrч αnd thє 397 more words



She must have been half blind and her comment smacked of dogmatism. She said that Philippine cuisine is difficult for a PR company to market to an international crowd because it is too meaty. 816 more words

Food Adventure

When It Rains, You Think Of Food....Right?

It’s a rainy Monday and PAGASA said we will have these monsoon rains for the next five days. Typhoon Egay hasn’t left yet and there is another one coming but has not yet  entered the Philippine area of responsibility. 234 more words


Celebrations of Food and Heroism (April 2015)

Today we celebrate Araw ng Kagitingan or Day of Valor! Let’s not forget the greatness of our Filipino ancestors and forefathers who fought during the WW II. 334 more words

The Royal Chef