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Pancit Bato

So they call this pancit bato.  It is another noodle type very similar to the usual pancit canton  which I am familiar with. This was made in Bicol, a  town called Bato so you can deduce  why it was named such.  95 more words


I Love Weekends (2)

Last Saturday, Josef and I chanced upon fresh guavas in the market.  They were a bit costly though because I think guavas are not really in season now. 181 more words


Pinoy-Style Crispy Fried Chicken

Another tribute to Philippine cuisine is another childhood favorite. As a child, I remember the weekends spent playing with my cousins in the compound and then you start smelling the a familiar scent that you know everyone will start fighting for at the table. 190 more words


Let's Enjoy, It's Summer

So summer has  started in the Philippines. Technically PAGASA does not call it summer  but the dry season.  The dry season though starts from the month  of November until March the following year. 329 more words


Filipino Breakfast Part 2: Fried Rice Meals

I mentioned on my last post that I’ve seen in the province that people in the rural areas eat breakfast twice. This makes sense because: 472 more words


Filipino Breakfast Part 1: Pan de Sal and Kape

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it break the fasting during sleep, it also nourishes you in the morning. I grew up having a mandatory breakfast upon waking up and not to skip it for anything else. 337 more words

Mug Shot

Philippine Cuisine

Philippine cuisine defines the food preparation, the food, and the eating customs of the Filipinos. Dishes range from the very simple to the most complex due to the evolution of customs and traditions. 565 more words