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Why the Philippines needs a freedom of information law

Regular audits is an essential element of keeping processes robust. The Freedom of Information Bill needs to pass Congress urgently to enable the necessary citizens’ audits of government processes. 133 more words

Philippine Brand

Betrayal More Than Unrequited Love

Guest Post: Author – Anonymous

Tonight, as I write this note, the moment is still fresh and vivid, so is the feeling. In this the same hotel room that it happened, I took the courage to enter its door – it still has the same windowpane soaked in the rain that felt the cold night; still the same bed that impressed the warmth after; and still the same mirror that  witnessed the utter confusion. 869 more words

Transparency through SALN

The illustration simply portrays how legislators push the bill into law that centralizes the filing of public officials’ SALN. The SALN or the Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth, is one of the mechanisms of the state to continuously provide transparency to the public. 548 more words


Salt and Light... amidst Kalashnikovs and pirated dvds

During the campaign period for the last senatorial elections last May 10, 2010, our church allowed a meet and greet between candidates who regularly attended our church and the local congregation. 543 more words


Share a "Little" Blessing

Sharing with people what you have might be the most rewarding thing that you can give to yourself.

Life is not just about what you whim for yourself but also be that person to fill in the gap of what others lack and try to attach the string of hope. 636 more words

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Tax Money

I hate talking about the government because everyone already complains about it. Today is a different day though because it’s one of those days when I feel I’m a part of this country, because I work for this country. 248 more words

Reporter's Notebook; Ang aking bayolenteng reaksyon.

Napanood nyo ba?

Putangina. Puro minahan na pala dito sa Pilipinas.

Nakakainis. Sinisira ng mga yan ang mga likas na yaman natin.

Tama yung sinabi nung isang “eksperto” dun, kahit kailan, hindi naging okay ang pagmimina sa isang bayan. 439 more words