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Here’s another piece in the tradition of Balladeer’s Blog’s guides to my examinations of the epic myths about Nayanazgeni, the Navajo War God and Pele & Hi’iaka, the Hawaiian volcano goddess and her sister. 392 more words

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Mystery Blogger Award, Part 2.... and Philippine mythology

Renxkyoko Iglesias here, hello there ! !

First off, I would like to thank Nayana Nair  for giving me an award, The Mystery Blogger Award. However, I have to forego  the rules and  just answer… 481 more words

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REVIEW: Wounded Little Gods by Eliza Victoria

I have always been fascinated with folklore and mythology. There is just something really attractive with all the power and knowledge that these creatures and gods have, and still, they manage to find a way to fuck it up. 1,180 more words

Book Review

Were they Real or Just an Urban Legend? (Philippine Mythology)

In observance of the upcoming  Halloween on the  31st of October the night before the All Saint’s Day, most Filipino celebrate this Holiday by wearing different costumes, parents take their children to a trick or treat event. 4,354 more words

Bed Time Stories

Lakan Inks: Our Myth Finds Sun

Myths have long entertained our world. Whether born from curiosity or need, these stories appear as rainbows on sullen skies; a seed in the hearts of places and people wherein culture blooms.

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GSK 2016 at the MoNA, part 10

As you can see in the photos, The GSK young visitors to MoNA often followed their gelato stop with a visit to the storytelling room. And there they were quite entertained with a most animated storyteller-educator Cathy Miro-Adalim. 20 more words

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Sigbin Story

I think that in the end, we are all just decaying organic matter, and nobody loves us, and we would all die alone, and sad and miserable, and what the hell is that you’re eating. 671 more words