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The Black Book Chronicles: Runaway Mermaid

by humilityhehe

Raymond Tolentino took a deep breath and sighed. He sat in the middle of the bar, drinking his glass of orange juice. He didn’t want to be there to be honest, it was the summer vacation of his third year in college and he just wanted to be at home, sleeping the day away, and not in Boracay, listening to the deafening music the DJ played over the speakers. 2,903 more words


Top Secret

Everything here is strictly confidential.

On no condition are you allowed to reveal this.

The hunt begins in 5 hours.

Mission: To exterminate the ancient beings of the islands. 63 more words


Arao (15/30)

He is fire.
What he touches,
Ashes are
left behind.
Ashes are all
he asks of Buan.
He is the Sun.
She is the Moon. 93 more words


Beyond the Aswang Complexity

(Aswang. The general term for manananggal, balbal, tiktik, wakwak and etc. the most fearsome mythological creature of Philippine culture. In lieu of upcoming Halloween, let me share information about this formidable creature.) 1,459 more words

Filipino Custom And Traditions

Nagmalitong Yawa, Warrior Babaylan

Last Saturday I attended a lecture about one of the many epic narratives in the country, Hinilawod. It tells of the adventures of Buyong Humidapnon, a datu (village chief) who went on a quest to search for the woman he deemed his equal and ask for her hand in marriage. 228 more words


Of Enkantos, Tikbalangs and Kapres

By Chino Wasan

I have always been a huge fan of comics. My dad had a small collection of his favorite titles, which he allowed me to read. 795 more words

Si Janus Sílang at ang Tiyanak ng Tábon ni Edgar Calabia Samar

Ang Astiging Panimula ng Pakikipagsapalaran ni Janus Sílang

(Book Review ng Si Janus Sílang at ang Tiyanak ng Tábon ni Edgar Calabia Samar )

Inaabangan ng lahat ng kabataan ang tournament ng TALA Online, isang RPG computer game, sa bayan ng Balanga. 702 more words

Dark Chest Of Wonders