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Netizens react to Pick-up Truck Bishop's call for Duterte to "show delicadeza"

Netizens of all faiths and denominations reacted negatively to the call of Butuan Bishop Juan Pablo de Dios for in-coming President Rody Duterte to “show some… 243 more words


Taobao Hauls: Lolita Shoes

Those who are close to me, or those who have been my customers in The Unicorn Place (my online cosplay shop), probably know that I order stuff straight from Taobao. 517 more words


Adrift in the South China Sea on a Boat Called 'Wonder Boy'

The Wonder Boy, a 36-foot bamboo outrigger boat, was lost. Using GPS coordinates provided by the Philippine navy, we had sailed to somewhere in the middle of the South China Sea—or the West Philippine Sea, as locals call it. 626 more words

The Night Before Digong

by dan, mel and jim

Here’s a piece from one of my favorite writers ever.  

June 29th, 2016.

The room was not only filled with excitement, laughter and smiles. 802 more words


A Basket of Mangoes

Sometimes it takes a beautiful person to remind us how beautiful life really is. This painting is by a Filipino artist, new to me. I wonder what colors he mixes to make that vibrant green in the background. 6 more words


Sinigang Salmon Soup

by Wen Ever had an appetizer that enhanced your appetite rather than filled you up? Sinigang is a soup from the Philippines that is savory and tangy through the taste of tamarind. 27 more words

Food Service

The Iscreamist, Nitrogen Ice Cream

The Iscremist is located in Maginhawa Quezon City Manila, it is one of the popular food spot in the village (The Square Magiting, 51 Magiting Street,Teachers Village, Quezon City). 200 more words