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Engineering Myths

Background: I had written this article at the beginning of my second year as an undergraduate. For better or worse, I have tried to stay true to most of the advice given below till this day. 1,077 more words


Stillness Between Breaths

Yesterday I began reflecting on some recent challenges in my relationship with Harel, and it’s a topic I’d like to return to. I feel it’s worth mentioning that although I can’t describe exactly what’s going on without breaching Harel’s trust and confidence in me (he has not said if I may share what’s going on), the general motion is that the circumstances within which our lives are suspended have shifted, and despite no change in our love for each other, it’s unclear if a long-distance relationship can be sustained in the way these new situations would require. 1,261 more words


Reflections on Rippling Water

Chaos is not disorder. Chaos is order so precise and sensitive that the slightest misstep at the start sends us far from where we intended to be. 930 more words


What it Means to Be a Jacobin 

If you were hanging out at the Dominican Monastery on Rue Saint Jacques of old Paris of the eighteenth century, then you would have most assuredly have run into this political group of ruffians. 247 more words


At the opposite sides of the spectrum: Peaceful co-existence of upmarket and lower-market in a single household

After one of the business meetings of my husband we had a vivid discussion about consumer purchasing trends. What we both see is that the mid-segment is fading away… 578 more words


A comfort zone: Should I stay or should I go?

You hear it a lot: get out of your comfort zone! In order to succeed, you should step out of your comfort zone! You see motivational pictures with circles drawn where your comfort zone is depicted as a small miserable circle and just there – at a just slight distance – is a big bright circle of magic that is supposed to happen the next moment you step out of your comfort zone. 334 more words


Imagination is our milk

A farmer needs a cow for milk. The milk is the fruit of the cow.

We as Artists need to know this very clearly that “Imagination” is the service that we offer. 106 more words