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On Tolerance

The mantra of libertarians and supposedly that of the alt-right is freedom of expression; whether verbally, scripturally, or artistically, you have an unfettered right to express your thoughts. 556 more words


Creative Meditation

Nowadays our Lives are a lot faster and full of events every single day! As a result- Our minds are constantly running and trying to keep up with that pace. 517 more words


Becoming a Man

“I hate the way it feels.” “The way what feels, Jamie?” Asked his mother, putting her book down. “The way my limbs feel just awkwardly laying about. 331 more words


Only Child Likes Monopoly

5. Characteristics of the Only Child

The only child has the characteristics of both the Eldest Child and the Youngest Child. S/he is the only child of his/her parents, so they raise him/her very carefully and attentively. 578 more words


Why Walk Across America

Someone asked me the other day why I plan to walk across America.  To be completely honest, I had to stop and think about it for a minute.  653 more words


What are u afraid of? 

What are You afraid of doing?
For me, it’s putting my thoughts on video.. or sharing them in general. it makes me feel vulnerable because it’s like i’ve just showcased a mini part of my mind, and when you get to know someone’s inner reality, it allows for connection, or for judgement. 408 more words