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Predictive classic script,
Change is on the loose,
Down under life is flipped.
Everyone is Bruce.

Put Food First, Deadlines Come Later

The last few weeks have been hectic, so much that I could not even pen my thoughts, and finally when I managed to get a break, I was too tired even to sit up or write. 1,261 more words

On Life

Buddhist Repentance

I was reading some magazines in my local library the other day and came across a Buddhist prayer of repentance:

May we, disciples so and so, be always free from the taints of ignorance and delusion. 147 more words

Good Life

new knowledge or at least, a light is going to shine brighter than I'm used to

My holiday in France, in the middle of nowhere was kind of an eye opener to my own reflection as to the world around me. 1,485 more words

Is the light on?

What do you see? How do you see it? How can you explain it to others?

I’ve just been thinking about people who don’t necessarily have the same level of communication skills as others and who often get misread or misinterpreted as a result. 113 more words


What is this all about?

Cebuano Adventures collects thoughts, happenings, and great ideas that may interest anyone (please please be interested, I beg you haha \m/). Anyway this blog is created because the blogger wants to use time that may otherwise be spent on some other useful activity, maybe. 150 more words

Wild Stuff

Lies My English Teachers Taught Me

For the past week I’ve been in Mexico with my fiance Harel. It’s been delightful spending time with him, but also stressful since money issues always tend to creep up on us (making it even more important that we reach our… 1,013 more words