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Everything is Temporary

Remember the movie Top Gun?  Sure you do, everyone has seen it.  There is a scene where Cougar turns in his wings after losing his nerve following an air battle with a Russian Mig.  376 more words


Nature Lessons 145

We might not always recognise our purpose, we might often feel we have wasted our time but there is very little in life that does not have meaning. 17 more words

Goshuin (御朱印)

Yesterday I visited Buddhist temple in order to collect a seal stamp called “Goshuin (御朱印)” in a book called “Gokaichō (御開帳)” that was sold at the temple.

The Long Game

We all have certain goals and things we want to achieve. Some want to become writers or singers, some want to own businesses and make a lot of money. 320 more words


Next year's words

A very happy new year, everyone.

It will take us where it takes us, but with this carpet of fresh unformed days rolling out to the horizon, let’s enjoy the not knowing for a little while.   55 more words

Musings: Snowflake Theory and Competition

“You are not a simple, unique snowflake. This is your life, and its ending one minute at a time.”  – Chuck Palahniuk

When I was younger, I used to scoff when people told each other they were special and unique. 437 more words


The Treasures of Christmas

“Merry Christmas,” and I do wish that sincerely to all of my friends. Thinking back on the year of 2016 brings so many smiles to my face. 796 more words