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4 Upcoming Blog Posts You Asked For 

A big thank you to all who gave me input on my reader survey the last couple of days. I sincerely appeciate hearing from you, and getting to know a little bit about you. 182 more words


Darwinism Inanimate

I ponder all sorts of things that perhaps others don’t. One of my pet muses at the moment is Darwinism in inanimate objects.

I wonder whether that shopping cart next to the road was left behind by some drunk students or whether it has developed a means of transporting itself. 214 more words


'Human Rights' ~ Non-negotiable

Dear God,

(Not mentioning anyone’s name here, as off I am not aware to whom this application will go first)


Once I used to live on the ground floor, now I am residing at 4th.  240 more words


Dialogue of the Nihilist and the Chaotician

by KD Rose

From Heavy Bags of Soul by KD Rose

Nihilist: I’ve lost faith in the Work.

Chaote: Good. What use is faith in the Work? 1,930 more words


A path least taken towards personal growth.

I sit gazing out of the window whilst contemplating how to begin my next post, the rain falls from the sky relinquishing the heavy burden of the lingering  menacing black clouds above. 1,289 more words