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Heaven on Earth

     You’ve probably heard the phrase, Heaven on Earth, before.  I heard it yesterday and started to think about what it really means.  I immediately started to analyze the phrase, and the result was interesting in that heaven may exist here, actually it does, but we often don’t realize it. 515 more words


the oneness

So I have this weird 6th sense.

I have this ability to dream unintentionally.

People look at me and think that I am ignoring them. 691 more words


People Have Wrong Definition of Love

Chapter 8: Change Definition of Love

Some people will have emotional difficulties when they try to broaden their perception. For those who hate the parents, it does not make sense when they hear that their parents loved them. 475 more words


Misinterpretation Rooted From Limited Perspectives

Chapter 7: Broaden Perspectives and Eliminate Misinterpretation

How were your answers in the preparatory exercises? Most students answered something like, “I understood my mother over 99 percent but she understood me only 10 percent.” 330 more words


The Traits of Your Parents Are Those You Already Possess

Chapter 5: Features of Fractal Psychology in Modifying Inner Child

Inner Child Therapy in Fractal Psychology is to modify your mind that remains stunted, by healing, re-experiencing and re-interpreting the events that caused trauma. 592 more words


We Are Using Two Parts of Brain

Chapter 2: How Inner Child Perceives

Imagine that your male coworker told you (a woman) what happened over the weekend during the lunch break at work. 416 more words


What Is Inner Child in Fractal Psychology?

Basic Lecture 2: What is Inner Child

Preparatory Worksheet

1. What kinds of problems would you experience when using a computer with an old operating system? 299 more words