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Location is peace

​Sometimes you do not need to be a poet nor fill your post with poignancy nor urgency to divine attention when at around eleven o clock at night you sit by your bedroom window on the third floor and listen to the English rain that Shakespeare ran through to get to Anne Hathaway, that drowned out Virginia Woolf, that got Hugh Grant wet in Four Weddings And A Funeral, and think, My goodness, I finally made it back to London. 6 more words


haiku #44

Perpetual life

Poss/ib/il/ity dancing

Off. Up lanes of time

Bridging Praxeology, Falsificationism, and Phenomenology

I like to think my ideology is very unique compared to most people’s as it is a mesh of multiple schools of thought and different types. 3,981 more words


Probably what the Mahabharat meant!!

It was said in the texts that eighty percent of the fighting male population of the civilization was wiped out in the eighteen days of the war.

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The NAP and Parenting [Guest Post]

By Brit’s Think

This essay is a tad of a personal story for me. So as a 15 year old, most people my age don’t often take life seriously, they don’t ask questions that are big or existential, they just go along with life. 734 more words


No. 3193

Monkey See; Monkey Don’t. By CpSingleton © 2016

I can’t crow for you.

You can throw me a penny

But I won’t sing any

Notes just because… 66 more words


How They Wrestled with the New

It is fascinating to learn about the concrete historical circumstances under which great philosophical works—works that have become timeless classics—were produced, and about the relation to their own times of the extraordinary individuals who produced them. More…