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Lies My English Teachers Taught Me

For the past week I’ve been in Mexico with my fiance Harel. It’s been delightful spending time with him, but also stressful since money issues always tend to creep up on us (making it even more important that we reach our… 1,013 more words


Outside Influence

I get fed up with people asking me who my favourite artist is, like it makes any difference to the art that I make. I have no singular favourite in the same way as I have no favourite road, and no favourite breathing pattern. 110 more words



Black clouds. Rain clouds. Grey clouds. Large black dogs with floppy ears and wobbly feet. Shadowy hands holding you back. Globs of dark fur, drenched in the rain, peering at you through an alleyway as deep as dreadful. 756 more words


Descriptions and Diversions

I’m considering a piece of descriptive writing at the moment with a young friend. We’re sat in the summer sun working out the plot to a story about a plane crash. 69 more words


Of Being a moon, Butterflies and Traversing the nine layers of hell


This is a short story I wrote to my pupils in Norwegian, so those of you speaking English or some other lame language won’t get that much out of it. 36 more words

Short Story

Confessions of A Timid Mind

Life is one tightrope walk between passion and fact. The passion is to write, but the fact remains that there’s no free lunch in the world. 801 more words


3 Day Quote Challenge-Day 3

Never over-plan life, the best way to live is to be ready for surprises