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I watched an episode of “The Good Wife: Mind’s Eye” last night, which for some small part dealt with religion, lack of the same and losing the same, and made me think about the 3 popular aspects of belief today: 1,243 more words


sandy toes and bottomless curves of the moon 

Happiness is an intrinsic quality of gratitude

When you are grateful, you are happy.

Be grateful. Fine good reasons. Find stupid reasons. Find trivial reasons. Soon you may be surprised with how spontaneous and joyous your experiences of gratitude become. 313 more words


not my religion.

to which she replies,


these wars we make around ourselves.

this is not religion.

this is man.

a culture of perpetual revenge,


injustice. 68 more words

taking life seriously 

The realization of impermanence is paradoxically the only thing we can hold onto, perhaps our only lasting possession. No matter how much everything around us may change or collapse, they always endure. 395 more words


Love letter to a dying light

“How you would live if you knew for sure where the end was?” Turns out it wasn’t a trite opener, a sharp chat-up or a poignant pondering, but a question that’s both practical and pressing for a new friend who has the answer of where the end will be – for him at least. 597 more words


Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Fyodor Dostoyevsky is one of the most influential authors the world has ever known.  Few novels have reached the lasting popularity of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment… 421 more words

Believe these and you kill your dreams

I was hearing this lady online and suddenly each of these statements started making sense and I was able to relate them to our cycle of dreams and life. 241 more words