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REVIEW: Big River

I promise I’m not a Communist or a traitor but I’ve never really enjoyed the work of Mark Twain.  I find his writing pedantic, not that clever, and hard to read.   508 more words


Architecture for Beginners: An themed activity for Kindergarten

If you could bring three books of choice to a desert island, what would they be? Yes. Yes. I have a kiddie activity in mind today, but I also have a desert island kind of selection to share in connection with the activity I’m imagining. 1,241 more words


Zombies and tacos

If you’ve ever waited tables, at some point in your nocturnal life, you’ve had a “waiter dream.” These nightmares usually share common thematic elements; you’ve got a hundred customers who all hate you, the restaurant’s layout is bizarrely different, the menu’s a hundred pages, written in Cyrillic and you’re perpetually in the weeds. 45 more words

Individual Thoughts And Actions

Phillip Johnson's Glasshouse

Today’s visit to New Canaan to see the Glasshouse is definitely going to be one of my highlights this trip. The tour was a great experience and it brought together the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture and art. 264 more words


Centre for Intelligent Design Launches Naked Creationist Attack on SecScot Petition

Until yesterday, it may just have been possible to accept the claim by Glasgow’s Centre for Intelligent Design (C4ID) that the view it promotes differs from old-fashioned creationism. 1,702 more words


Pick Up a Phillip Johnson House for Just $1.57M

Phillip Johnson’s Glass House may be the architects’ most admired work, but it’s a little on the precious side. The house does not, for example, permit children under 10 years of age—and even older kids must be in the company of an adult. 339 more words