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My Big Think Interview: The Worship of Work: How Our Obsession With Productivity Makes Us Less Human

Total Work, a term coined by the philosopher Josef Pieper, is the process by which human beings are transformed into workers as work, like a total solar eclipse, comes to  245 more words
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'If work dominated your every moment would life be worth living?' My Aeon Essay

My Aeon essay begins this way:

Imagine that work had taken over the world. It would be the centre around which the rest of life turned. 97 more words
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My RadReads Podcast: Skimming the Surface of Life

In this RadReads podcast with host Khe Hy, “Skimming the Surface of Life,” we discuss high performers’ antagonistic relationship with time and their desire to turn life into a series of problems which can be resolved — and how this can mask our disorienting relationship with mortality. 17 more words

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