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The Predominance of Softness

I am trying to investigate the prevalence of softness and the rarity of toughness because I believe that we have learned to be soft when it is time to get, and be, tough. 410 more words

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Aristotle on Toughness

We have become soft and it’s time to get tough. Aristotle says that “it is softness to fly from what is troublesome” and so the coward does. 508 more words

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The Limits of Leftist Thinking about Artists Making a Living

A couple of days ago, my partner Alexandra brought this article, “Culture isn’t Free,” in Jacobin Magazine (July 2, 2015) to my attention. What is remarkable is just how it shows,  1,113 more words

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How an Artist Can Hack a Living: A Report

Can Modern Artists Make a Living?

This report was born of a query sent to 30 friends on April 30, 2015. I asked whether they knew anyone making a living at making art. 258 more words

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'I Know the Most Beauty There is...'

Love of another human being adds density, real heft, gristle, girth, to a human life, i.e., mine.

A life without love is only “rather nice.” A few pennies in a drawer, a thought before bed about washing. 167 more words

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Philosophy 'Puts Everything in Danger'

A commentator on Sun Tzu’s The Art of War writes,Everyone likes security and dislikes danger; everyone wants to live and fears death.” Nietzsche in… 956 more words

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'How We Become who We are': Part 3

Remember our guiding intuition, so basic as to be almost a second skin? It is that you and I want to make something of ourselves. We also say–and mean the same thing–that we want to do something with ourselves. 496 more words

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