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Speaking Well Involves Listening Well First

When we think about eloquence, our thoughts immediately turn to speaking well. And then we are inclined to believe that the eloquent person is just someone who has learned how to say the right thing. 355 more words

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Excitement and Anti-intellectualism in Philip Kapleau's The Three Pillars of Zen

I cannot imagine a more bracing, dramatic, stern, and triumphant account of Zen practice than Philip Kapleau’s The Three Pillars of Zen. The very atmosphere of Zen is “lit up,” the mood is intense and alive and awesome, the figures very human while being supremely committed. 539 more words

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Late Bloomers and the Unlikelihood of Second Chances

This world does not look charitably upon late bloomers. So charming are the rarest of late bloomers that this world does not sneer at them or, more like, turn a blind eye to their fate but otherwise, well, woe be to the fellar who discovers a third or a halfway through life that something grand is shaking him to change his life course. 347 more words

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Being God-Open: A Series of Letters

Over the coming months, I’ll be writing a series of letters entitled “Being God-Open.” They will constitute an inquiry, inspired by mysticism, into the possibility of God’s existence and into the implications for my life. 32 more words

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Mirco Confidence

Most people who struggle with self-confidence tend to think of it as an all or nothing thing…especially when confidence is in short supply. Either you’re confident or you’re not. 350 more words

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Two Cons: "Institutional Education" and "Meaningful Work"

You fell into the trap: you got an institutional education.  You funded that education with loans. Those loans, you still believe, will have to be repaid. 492 more words

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Where the Left and the Right Went Wrong

The point of being on this planet is to figure out why we’re on this planet. The point needs to be made because human beings seem to do most everything they can to avoid this existential question, the only one that  166 more words

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