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Philosopher Bringing Wisdom to Everyday Life

Here’s my podcast with Laura Coe who hosts the Art of Authenticity. We discuss philosophy in the modern world. Have a listen!

Philosophical Counseling

How To Care Less About Work--But Not Do Less Of It

My piece on total work recently appeared in Quartz. I’m including the opening paragraph below.


We live in an age of “total work… 82 more words

Philosophical Counseling

Can Total Work Really Be What We Worship? A Video Essay

In these video essays, we’re illuminating the process by which human beings are transformed into workers, the entirety of life into work.

This series, not itself work, is a playful activity undertaken by Daniel Kazandjian and Andrew Taggart.

Philosophical Counseling

'Caring Less About Work, We Open Ourselves Up to the Vertical Dimension of Life....'

We live in an age of total work. Consider the successful startup CEO who puts in 100 hours a week while transforming the rest of his life–sleeping, eating, meditating, working out, commuting, socializing–into a work-like means for enhancing productivity. 1,428 more words

Philosophical Counseling

Josef Pieper on the Waning of Philosophy in the Time of Total Work

In preparation for writing a couple of articles for Quartz and Aeon on total work, I thought I would try to make some sense of Josef Pieper’s insightful  920 more words

Philosophical Counseling

Why You Need a (Philosophical) Therapist

You have reached the point in your life where you have decided that things can’t keep going on the way they are now. Depression is ruining your career, anxiety is keeping you up all night, you can’t stop fighting with your spouse, you feel there’s no joy or meaning in life anymore, you’re angry all the time, or any other number of problems pushing you to the limits of what you can take. 1,464 more words