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Annoyances and Endearments

It can happen that another person’s annoying tics or habits can become, in the eye of the viewer, terms of endearment. Puzzlingly, the person may have done nothing to modify her behavior, may not even be consciously aware of such tics or such a disposition, and nothing observable may have happened in the life of the percipient, yet somehow the percipient’s feelings have changed. 241 more words

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Changing Perspective

Sometimes, often times really, we yearn for a changed perspective, as if it is the panacea for all human suffering. Suffering is after all categorically evil. 1,300 more words

Callousness Toward the Stranger and the Good Samaritan Today

When the stranger lies bleeding along the side of the road, is it our first instinct to go toward him and ask what he needs? Or do we pass by him, murmuring, “What is that man to me?” 292 more words

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Are We Actually Meditating During Meditation?

How much of our attention during any one meditation is actually meditative? Are our meditations truly meditations? Sadly, I had this thought on two mornings set aside for meditating. 667 more words

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There Shall Be No Home For Us

All these years I’ve carried around with me the idea that I’ll ultimately find a home and that I’ll stay there for as long as my days will allow.  596 more words

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'Mattering Matters'

We can’t pursue a human life unless we believe that we matter. So argues Rebecca Goldstein on The Edge and in Free Inquiry. Some 30 years ago, she says, she was inspired by a view offered by the protagonist of her novel… 571 more words

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