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'How We Become who We are': Part 3

Remember our guiding intuition, so basic as to be almost a second skin? It is that you and I want to make something of ourselves. We also say–and mean the same thing–that we want to do something with ourselves. 496 more words

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Having Lives to Lead: Part 2

In the last post, I began with a simple yet unshakable intuition, which was that you and I want to make something of ourselves, to do something with our lives. 492 more words

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Making Something of Ourselves, Doing Something with Our Lives: Part 1

There is an intuition that you and I both have. We want to make something of ourselves; we want to do something with our lives… 229 more words

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The Eastern View of Selfhood: Metaphysical Premises and Puzzles

There are three basic views regarding what animates all of reality.

  • The Eastern view insists that I = the Absolute.
  • The Greek view avers that the human self seeks to live at its peak within the bounds of finitude.
  • 402 more words
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Money, Our Elephant in the Room: Some Reflections

Last night, Leon Berg, a founding member of The Ojai Foundation, and I hosted a conversation at The Ojai Foundation. The title of the conversation was  402 more words

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Eloquence Training: Episode 3. Misconceptions About Eloquence

Eloquence involves saying the right thing in the right way with a sense of ease. An eloquent person, then, is someone who often or almost always speaks eloquently. 62 more words

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The Limits of 'Creating Safe Spaces': Contests of Toughness for Our Time

The Limits of ‘Creating Safe Spaces’

There is a great deal of talk going around about ‘creating safe spaces’ to ‘foster communication,’ ‘open dialogue,’ and ‘facilitate exchanges.’ Discomfort is to be removed, managed, or adjusted. 383 more words

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