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Critical Self-Awareness in Philosophical Counseling

Clients invariably seek out philosophical counseling to address or resolve a problem that seems to arise from a sense of inner tension with their existing life situation. 421 more words

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Insistence itself is in the wrong

Your insistence begets your interlocutor’s (my) resistance, acquiescence, or consternation. You believe that P must be the right way of proceeding or Q is the right picture of the world and that we should act based on P or Q. 52 more words

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'No one is so wrong as the man who knows all the answers' (Merton)

Thomas Merton summarizes the teachings of Zhuang Zhou (Chuang Tzu) so beautifully: ‘No one is so wrong as the man who knows all the answers.’ This is from  104 more words

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Cultural devastation vs. cultural collapse: First thoughts on Radical Hope

Suppose we were to think about a people’s way of life’s going out of existence. What sort of hope, Jonathan Lear asks in his short book… 481 more words

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Wondering and wandering

It is wonderful to think about the connection between wandering and wondering. ‘Wandering about, he wondered about…’ ‘Wondering, he wandered…’

The connection can be bi-causal: 175 more words

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From insistence to amazement

1. I insist that P.

OED Etymology:  < Latin insistĕre to stand upon, persist, dwell upon

Insisting that P means either (a) maintaining that a thing is so (OED) or (b) urging that some course of action  186 more words

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Fallibilism: Saying what you believe without insisting

This would be our Socratic starting point: Say what you believe, but do not insist that it must be true or that your belief cannot be incorrect… 585 more words

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