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Philosophy and Linguistic Tyranny

Philosophy is no match for linguistic violence. Aggressive assertion bordering on the ad hominem can only elicit meditative silence or, egged on into heedless reaction, mad rhetorical venom. 415 more words

Philosophical Counseling

The Future of Play

In which I argue [here’s the link] on LinkedIn against two conceptions of work–work as drudgery and “meaningful work”–and then go on to propose that play should take precedence over work. 29 more words

Philosophical Counseling

The Philosophical Therapeutic Process

Never been to therapy before? Wondering how it can help? Curious about the therapeutic process? Each year, tens of millions of people seek therapy for a variety of reasons. 1,987 more words

Philosophical Counseling

Why Spreading Disquiet is not OK


What does a Buddhist view of dukkha have to say about an area of ethical life that, albeit nearly everywhere evident, goes largely unremarked upon?  854 more words

Philosophical Counseling

Holiness and the Real Human

The Pharisees of the gospels are stereotypes made to ease the dirty business of judgment.  The truth is more likely that when Jesus overturned the tables of the temple, Jesus was marked as a crank, seen as crossing the line of propriety if not morality, and taken as more than a little self-righteous.  391 more words

The Great Muddle: Sorting Out and Cluelessness (III)

Argument Revisited

In these posts intended to make plain to me and to others what the Great Muddle is, I have been arguing that we are living in Unsettled Time, a period during which our collective way of life is slowly receding while a new way of life has yet to come into being. 961 more words

Philosophical Counseling