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My TEDx Talk: How Work Took Over the World

Here’s my TEDx Talk, which was given in front of a packed theater at SUNY-Binghamton on March 25, 2018. I hope it helps you to think more deeply about the place of work in your own life. 18 more words

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The idea that Everyone Should Have a Job is so Common we Forget to Question it

My latest piece for Quartz at Work begins this way:

Martin Luther King Jr. once said that “We must create full employment or we must create incomes.” More than 40 years later, we talk a lot about the last half of that statement: Technology entrepreneurs like Y Combinator’s Sam Altman and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes have campaigned for universal basic income (UBI)—the idea that everyone should receive a regular, unconditional, government-issued stipend that would be sufficient to cover one’s material needs—to the point at which it’s become a trendy topic. 137 more words

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'I work therefore I am: why businesses are hiring philosophers' Guardian Piece

I’m interviewed in this Guardian piece on philosophy and business. An excerpt:

A philosopher can nudge and question, take leaders on uncomfortable journeys, even be a disruptive force – and they should, suggests US-based Andrew Taggart, who consults for organisations in Silicon Valley on how to use philosophy in a practical context. 80 more words

Philosophical Counseling

Philosophical Counseling

Some years ago, I was teaching a course in Philosophical Counseling. To my surprise, all that the students wanted to know was “What is the right thing to do?” Having that knowledge, they assumed, would make life easier. 382 more words


The 70-hour and Four-day Work Weeks are Both Rooted in Christian Philosophy

My latest Quartz at Work piece begins:

The trend toward intense 70-hour work weeks is well-documented. Yet even as it has become standard in some industries to work until midnight on most weekdays, there’s also a trend in the opposite direction. 119 more words

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'Life hacks are part of a 200-year-old movement to destroy your humanity' My Work At Quartz Piece

My latest Work At Quartz piece begins:

The quest for achieving peak productivity is now akin to a religion, one consisting of high priests (time management gurus, life hack specialists, productivity coaches,  116 more words

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