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Intellectual Estrangement (2011-15): A Mystery

If there is one thing that all conversation partners and philosophical friends have in common, one thing that can be gleaned from the winter of 2011 to the present, it is the theme of  545 more words

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What is Philosophical Inquiry For? A Reconsideration

I have been a philosophical guide for about five years. I believe that a philosophical guide inquires with another human being about his life.

The question soon and often emerges: what is philosophical inquiring… 983 more words

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Money Rules For Simple Living: A Very Brief Guide

Money Cares

You are someone for whom scarcity has loomed large. You may have accrued some debt over the years, some of it on your credit card, the rest used to pay for your college education. 349 more words

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Contest 2: Charging. Toughness Training

I believe enduring something that threatens your life or what you care about is easier to do than charging into dangerous territory. This is why the first contest–the easiest–associated with learning toughness would withstanding. 357 more words

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A Defense of Boasting

We now have a very low estimation of boasters. They are loud-mouthed, arrogant, sometimes self-deceiving, and, while boasting especially, very inconsiderate of others. Such a level of self-importance disgusts us, the non-boasters. 546 more words

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5 Puzzles About Courage

In preparation for a fall course I am teaching at Kaos Pilots entitled “Time to Get Tough,” I am reading William Ian Miller’s interesting book  586 more words

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William James on "The Moral Equivalent of War"

William James, a committed pacifist, lived through the Civil War and the Spanish-American War and died during the run-up to World War I. In an incredible essay, “The Moral Equivalent of War,” first delivered as a talk at Stanford and later published in 1910, the year of his death, James observes that though everyone would prefer to have the peace issuing forth after the Civil War almost no one would want to eradicate from the human record the bloodiest war to have taken place on American soil, a war pitting brother against brother. 695 more words

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