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The Significance of Philosophical Ethics in a Scientific World


By: Michael S. Dauber

In the course of my studies and in my everyday experiences, I have often been asked about the significance of philosophy. 821 more words

Fordham University

Standard 12 Meta-Reflection: Professional Citizenship [EDU 6120 American Education: Past and Present; EDU 6085 Moral Education]

Standard 12 Professional citizenship

Willingly engages in dialogue that transcends the individual classroom, taking informed, coherent positions on important matters of educational policy and practice. 2,399 more words

Meta Reflection

Privilege, amongst other things...

What? Two posts within 24 hours? Crazy, I know.

This will be short, but we talked about something extremely interesting in my Ethics class. It’s so interesting that I haven’t stopped thinking about it for the past hour and a half. 328 more words

College Thoughts

Andrew comments on my earlier post - Why I do not believe in busiess ethics? (via Abqur)

From Andrew –

“There is no religion and no moral philosophy with Milton Friedman’s dicta that corporations exist only to maximize profit anymore than we exist to maximize our bank account or our stock portfolio” 152 more words

Business Ethics

David Chalmers On "The Singularity"

What happens when machines get smarter than humans?  Presumably, they will build machines smarter than themselves which will build machines smarter than themselves and onward towards infinity. 26 more words


Judge This: Miep Gies, Heroic Or Merely Dutiful?

In ethics there is an interesting question as to whether there are any such things as supererogatory deeds, meaning whether we should consider certain moral deeds which require great courage or sacrifice to be obligatory upon everyone or whether they are too demanding to be minimally necessary for everyone and therefore extraordinarily special and signs of super-morality among those who do them.   480 more words