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What power has a flag,
With stripes and colors bold;
Or no more than a rag,
Tattered, beaten, old.
Flying, it commands respect,
Swings at the gentlest gust; 10 more words

Philosophical Poems

The Fence and the Painter

An old fence remembers the paint,

But does it remember the painter?

The one who once, so long ago,

Remembered its second coat?

Philosophical Poems

The Forsaken Church

Doors, oaken, never ajar;
Locked up tight with bolt and bar:
The church is not what it was.
Light through the stained glass slanting;
A raven in the belfry ranting: 76 more words

Philosophical Poems


The place where two lives intersect,
the home of quite a great effect.
A small piece, once broken,
shakes to life, unwittingly woken;
finds its place, another hole filled, 6 more words

Philosophical Poems


O dearest serendipity,
Once you graced me oft;
I entertained you tenderly,
Til you up and left.
That China plate a gift from you,
So many years ago; 35 more words

Philosophical Poems

Birthday Present

What was is not what is,
Nor can it ever be;
Not even what could have been
Is or will be seen.
The past is in the past, 36 more words

Philosophical Poems