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Poems That Will Touch Your Heart

Poetry indeed is a form as well as medium for expression of one’s emotion where other forms of art fail. In poetry is peace and eternal emotions locked into words. 987 more words

Beautiful Poems


Stuck in a mysterious dark place,
I was walking on gloomy pathways,
Completely puzzled, which way to go,
As dark winds of mystery began to blow! 153 more words

Inspirational Poems


There’s absolutely no mirth within,
But you still draw that fake grin,
Even through your eyes I can see,
Your soul is running out of peace and glee. 154 more words

Inspirational Poems


What power has a flag,
With stripes and colors bold;
Or no more than a rag,
Tattered, beaten, old.
Flying, it commands respect,
Swings at the gentlest gust; 10 more words

Philosophical Poems