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It's my mind


Your mind is the most precious thing you own. It defines your perspectives, guides your action and how comfortable you are inside your own head is probably the biggest factor in determining your contentment and happiness throughout your life.  408 more words

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Poem: God, Scurrying

If in the darkness now divine
I see Him like a searching light,
not “Him” nor “Her” but “It”,
that strange perfection scurrying,
what would I say? 48 more words


La Shay Maktoub


I spent eight years of my life learning and working with the Arabic Language and it is one of the most beautiful in the world for expressing feeling and emotion. 485 more words

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Our world is built on numbers

It took me twenty years to realize something was missing in my life and that I was wired for mathematics and science much more than art. 183 more words

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An artist I admire very much created a wonderful physical installation that stood on the lakes of a shore in Norway.

It was like something from another age, a point of connection between people and the universe. 73 more words

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This is as good as it gets


Prior to quitting my job, spending a year taking a Masters in Computer Science and then becoming a Data Scientist, I wrote this. 

Because life is happening to you right here and right now and you’ve got to grab it. 279 more words

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The word is supposed to be heard


I think the two things I like the most about spoken word poetry is its accessibility and its continuity.

Poetry, as a means to memorize large chunks of information stretches back over 5,000 years, and was often used by oral cultures to preserve their stories such as the Odyssey or the Epic of Gilgamesh. 356 more words

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