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Life is a #War: you are meant to #Win.

Let’s be frank, the #RealWorld is NOT a #playground, it hasn’t been at any time in #history.

It is NO #game field either. Life is real-time #war, and the principles of fairplay #seldom apply. 313 more words

Original Opinions

To cling or not to cling, that is the question

Someone asked me recently if it’s okay for us to be so clingy to people (shout-out to you, dood). Anyway, I’d say I’m not suited to answer that question, though. 377 more words


Q and A

Q and A

why are we
in a

why can’t we
just take the world
as it is?

with the Universe
there is no…

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I can go,

can Descartes
myself from
to nothing
(opposite of
God, opposite
of Big Bang)

place all my faith in…

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Make choices smartly

“The world is a drama, staged in a dream.”~ The Adi Granth 

In this life of yours, you will meet tonnes of people, some of them may stay and some will preach and some will just kiss goodbye, you won’t even remember faintly that you ever met them. 331 more words

WebGen: The New Shut-Ins

WebGen:  The New Shut-Ins

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

     I debated putting ” “” ” (quotation marks) around the “New”.

Most people think of shut-ins as old or sick people stuck in their homes who can’t get out. 66 more words



I saw you in a quiet corner,

Away from the music, away from the laughter.

I walked up to you and asked

If it was Nietzsche on your mind, 121 more words