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What the hell are we ?

What the hell are we ?
Humans, I guess. But spiritually who are we ? Why do we live ?
Why the hell does “life” feel so… 259 more words


How Bizarre (and Beautiful)

When a person is admitted to the hospital, I discuss “code status.” In short, what they want if they were found pulseless and/or breathless (i.e. dead). 340 more words


Intrinsic Virtue and Instrumental Virtue

I found this screenshot in my documents but it didn’t include any information about the author. Anyway, I will just quote it like this:

”To the extent that virtue is seen as a part of general human good or excellence it is not for the sake of anything else but rather is intrinsically good an end in itself. 278 more words


Confessing that healing is a painful process

I confess I am not much of a confessor, but I am now confessing that I need to confess.

I confess that I am cleaning and balling my eyes out, balling them out like i have never balled before. 311 more words