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Something New

Something New

I hold my love before you

in the silver eye of winter.

I nudge myself from a restless year,

dancing upon the crust of a breaking wave. 107 more words

Allison Grayhurst

Cadence, Chapter 8 | Glitch in the Matrix

I was slaying dragons at a full-time job as an Associate Creative Manager for a popular vacation company and as a part-time Barista at Starbucks. Needless to say, I was burnt out and that fact didn’t help the arising symptoms of full-blown mania. 1,512 more words

Creative Writing

The fractured shore

In this last settled hour before the dawn,
I dig my heels to slow the flow of time,
And with each measured breath,
Embrace departing ghosts of dreams, 73 more words


Death is a thief by Aldas Krūminis

A whirlwind wails over barren, dusty carcasses;
Cavalry of ranked tombstones stretch over the graveyard
and shade over the dry, scorched sand. They mourn
the bodies cleared of soul, buried in the sand, unnamed; 156 more words


Daily Review - 13/10/2018 / 14/10/2018

Today’s artwork: A dragon on the isle of Solstheim

Time: 21:39

Date: 14/10/2018

Mood: Content


  1. Played lots of Just Cause 3 which involved lots of therapeutic destruction of a virtual environment!
  2. 119 more words
Me Myself And I




The rapture has already occurred
As many times as there are buds
Ready to burst and viciously flower
Traction of what it’s always been. 220 more words