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Shine a Little Light

Check out this guy!  Or possibly girl.  There isn’t much information on the interwebs about Benthoctopus sp. or this individual in particular, but the photo (taken by Bruce Strickrott) grabbed my attention and got me thinking.  410 more words


Sometime life gives you pie 

I woke up with a headache today, I guess it happens sometimes, luckily I didn’t have much planned. Me and S (my sisters boyfriend) did some major grocery shopping, buying almost everything in the store (and none of the trash I must add, we only bought veggies and fish and milk and things that are healthy). 418 more words

Everyday Stuff

Job interview...and random thoughts

Today I had a job interview at a Danish company here in Munich. I think it went ok but they are meeting 5 more people and I can’t see why I’d be better than any of them. 449 more words

Everyday Stuff

Wanting and Desire: Two Aspects of Aphrodite

Chocolate or vanilla?

Italian or Chinese?

Chicken or beef?

So often we see the idea of wanting as choice between options. Sometimes they are options of things in front of us. 453 more words


School of performing arts 

This Saturday has so far been rather eventful. There is a group of Swedish women that every once in a while hold different types of events and today it was time for Ballet Floorbarre (which was a mix bettween ballet and pilates) 90mins of fun! 398 more words


Every time my phone rings

So when I sent in my test I got to know the grading would take a week…so I shouldn’t expect an answer until this Friday or maybe even Monday. 116 more words


Messing up

I just want a day without messing something up. I make mistakes all the time, and it’s frustrating. Today at work a lady came in and said: … 242 more words