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Unsolicited Advice, pt IIb: Your garden should be working for you

I think we’ve probably all been guilty of buying an enticing-looking plant at a garden centre because it was in bloom and giving us a come-hither look. 220 more words


Unsolicited Advice, pt II: Grow the good stuff

The positive version of my “if it bails on you, bail on it” rule: Grow the plants that work here.

They might not be the plants you’re used to buying at the grocery store, or even the plants that you find at your local big-box gardening centre. 88 more words


Unsolicited advice, Pt I: If it bails on you, bail on it

Some of my classic unsolicited garden advice. Part of a continuing series, with no definite end point.

I’ve experienced a lot of gardening failures over the years. 295 more words


Trading "To-Do" for "To-Be" in this Busy Life

Lately I’ve felt there is simply too much input streaming into my life. Too many emails (even though I signed up for updates on these blogs and already weeded out the ones I just don’t care that much about). 440 more words


"May Long"

In Edmonton, the May long weekend (sometimes affectionately called “May long”) is the traditional time for putting in the garden. Our last frost date is usually listed as mid-May, and many people recommend waiting until 2 weeks later to plant out, so usually this works out. 298 more words


Just Start-ing

I wrote this, about a month ago, on my old blog – which is why I mentioned the ground being still frozen. It’s not frozen now! 341 more words


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