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There is so much to fight and fight for on this side of eternity. Right now and frequently, I am wearied by this fight.

Sometimes it is a lonely weariness. 612 more words


X ray

Kizzie had x rays today and the diagnosis was confirmed. We are being referred to the Cambridge Vet hospital for surgery. First time ever, she refused food! 37 more words

The Salvation Miracle

Whatever ‘I’ am is somehow the portion of life that makes experience of the world unique to one person and not another. Life is the connection between the ‘whatever makes me me and not you’ and the power to change something in the world. 211 more words


On Atoms and Demons

When I’m feeling particularly cantankerous and willing to question just about everything we think we know, I wonder if an atom is just a mathematically sophisticated demon. 170 more words


Tears and fears

Catastrophic injury to the cruciate ligament.

This dog will either bankrupt me or break my heart.

We were only 50 feet from home, I let Kizzie off her lead so she could play with a puppy on the green area outside our home. 145 more words


Fighting the Urge to Avoid Progress

It’s easy to slack off.

That’s been especially true when it comes to this blog.  I’m not really accountable to anyone and there are no set deadlines.   402 more words


A day out

Do you want to spend a day in Cambridge? We left home at 10.15, an hour later the A14 was closed due to an accident. We decided to detour to Huntingdon instead, a quick look at the internet gave us the address of a National Trust property (Houghton Mill) so we headed in that direction. 319 more words