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Monuments, For Good Or Bad

Image by kenne taken at an I-10 rest area in New Mexico (September 8, 2017)

For good or bad . . .

the things that remain… 22 more words


Fate or Coincidence

And I keep asking myself is all this fate or coincidence? Most times, people feel like they have no control over whatever choice they make. That this is all planned out and they will indefinitely reach to where I am supposed to be; to where I need to be. 441 more words

Ruminations on a red-eye flight to Peru

Folded up compactly in a window seat on my way to parts yet unknown, I feel compelled to stop and reflect on the array of untranscribed inquiries effervescing in my brain over the past month before becoming engrossed in the discovery of a new destination. 903 more words

My Musings

ten things i know

inspired by Rainn Wilson

1. I know my name, date of birth and social security number, and I’ve got a tiny piece of paper to prove it… 119 more words

The Absurd Man?

I guess you can say the words of Albert Camus on philosophical and literal suicide are true.

“There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide. 392 more words

Shaming, Women, and Internalized Violence

Years ago, I stood on the corner, waiting for my friend. I was early, and I wanted to people watch. As I stood there, an obviously homeless man walked up to me. 244 more words


All Paths Lead to the Mountain Top

A few weeks ago I sat with Nissim Amon, who is one of 40 Zen Masters in the world today. There were many moments of opening at the event. 493 more words