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Shadows fall

I was born intense and sensitive. My first year, I was crying nonstop. Everything seemed to bother me. Mum would feed me 5 times each meal time because I’d vomit everything. 1,204 more words

Personal Blues

Finishing Mr. Robot

I just finished watching the last two episodes of season 1 of Mr. Robot. I. Am. Fucked. Up. Elliot Alderson is obviously suffering from schizophrenia,  and I feel like I’m empathizing with him. 815 more words


Relationship, narrative, and neurology

I tend to see things more clearly in my mind than I can articulate them. One thing I see but cannot articulate well is that the narrative character of human experience and knowledge points to the same reality as the social/emotional structure of the human brain. 381 more words


Word(s) Count: Revolutionary-Style

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Twitter, you might know I recently spent some time in Philadelphia. My first day there, while waiting for my cousin (of… 694 more words


Bertrand, Benedict, and Bisexuality


BENEDICT is reading the newspaper while drinking his morning coffee. BERTRAND walks in and prepares himself a bowl of cereal.

BENEDICT… 670 more words

Poetic Attempts

Community underneath individuality

Understanding intelligible action is one of Alasdair MacIntyre’s areas of focus in After Virtue. He argues, for instance, that the intent to be gardening comes before the actions necessary to garden. 840 more words


Thoughts on Journaling

As my month is Paris is winding down, I thought I’d post some bits from the journal I’ve been keeping here, starting with some feelings about journaling itself (so #meta, right?) 226 more words