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A Bridgette By Any Other Name

In the past few years, I’ve noticed a trend with the Men I know:  They have taken to calling me by my maiden name.

Somewhere in grade school, it took shape – a desire to… 1,056 more words

How To Live This Life Of Mine

Morality and community

Two factors render nearly all popular moral discourse meaningless and hopeless.

First, modernity and postmodernity assume the primacy of the individual and only then understand how individuals interact with one another. 164 more words


For Boys in Glitter

This one’s for the femmeboys. The flaming softboys and the fearless sissies. The boys in glitter and nail polish and neon pink. The boys at dance camp who I let try on my pointe shoes, just for shits and giggles. 442 more words


Stormlight Setting

D&D has had a number of official settings over the years, on top of an endless variety of settings built by players for their own games; there are some basic assumptions, however, that are implied by the rules when considering what makes a D&D setting. 1,574 more words


Experience and Interpretation

I read an interesting blog post by Peter Enns that got me thinking. The first three sentences of the post are as follows: “God reveals. The biblical writers interpret God’s revelation. 334 more words


Stormlight: What and Why

The go-to cliche about overanalyzing games/humour/movies/fun that people frequently throw at me is that it’s like dissecting a cat. Nobody’s that interested, and the cat dies. 1,136 more words


Partisan Grace

A friend recently asked why there was no room for the Christian notion of grace in conservative politics these days. Conservative policies seemed to him unnecessarily harsh to those without power and wealth. 679 more words