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Gofundme, seriously, go fund my home, prettyplease

Hey folks! I have started a gofundme page to cover the care costs of my current resident while I head out east for some desperately needed R&R with family and friends, as well as bank some savings to buy me some time to get this operation self sustaining. 175 more words


"Labor of Love"

On the Dance NYC Junior Committee blog, I’ve shared some of my thoughts on the use of the phrase “labor of love,” in preparation for our Long Table discussion next Tuesday on labor, artistic love, and monetary and social value in the dance field.  289 more words


Existence is surely a debate.

Two-Tailed Swallowtail Butterfly (Official State Butterfly of Arizona) — Image by kenne

“The whole content of my being shrieks
in contradiction against itself . . . 6 more words

On Noticing II

On Noticing I can be found here.

Inasmuch as anything about us is “for” something, senses are for noticing things. Some things, but not all things. 507 more words

Sensory Processing

Noticing Absence

A throwaway example in the book I’m reading (Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things by George Lakoff) left me wondering: why would you ask someone whose senses are fully integrated to define, categorize, and number the senses? 377 more words

Sensory Processing

We are all in the gutter...

“…but some of us are looking at the stars.” -Oscar Wilde

When you’re raised down the street from Disney World, you come to acquire an appreciation for the strange, performative nature of everyday life. 725 more words


Equestrian Circles of Hell

Dante Alighieri famously imagined Hell for his epic poem Divine Comedy. In the section labeled “Inferno,” he and the classical poet Virgil travel downward through nine circles, each one worse than the last. 554 more words