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Counting Down the Days Long Before I Should

I sit here now, after a rather moderate day of work, finishing the 2nd half of a bottle of mediocre Chinese wine, plotting out my future. 530 more words



Holding on and feeling weaker,

Letting go and feeling stronger.

Two meanings we give our words to adjust our inner feelings.

The words translate our inner monologue and we expect the other person to think equally, or at least understand. 405 more words


Sexual attraction, modesty, and clothing

I’m gonna get pedantic here and provide an “essay prompt” so to speak. But this is the internet, not the essay portion of the SAT, so consider this however you like, as a playground at your disposal, food for thought, or just one more piece of flotsam on the side of the information highway. 414 more words

The Humanity

Do you even reading comprehension, bro?

Oooookay. Y’know, blog wars can be interesting for spectators, so I hope the traffic stats are indicators of people receiving benefit from this. Because my husband has forbade me from deliberately trolling, and I do what he tells me, so please believe that I’m being as honest and straightforward as I can be, and editing out all the parts that my conscience points out are incompatible with Christian charity. 1,893 more words

Current Event Commentary

FEELINGS, FEELINGS, FEELINGS (and some more feelings)

I haven’t written here in a long time, so much so that I don’t remember what I last wrote about.

I am now married, and have been so for the last 11 months. 715 more words

How it gets better

I like the warmth of the hand. I like holding hands, but not everyone’s; only those I like in appearance. You see, aside from my own diagnosis of the hubris I may have formed from resting on my laurels, I came to realize that people regardless of status and capacity are after two things after self (though they seamlessly integrate in a way): attention and sex. 703 more words


Moral hypocrisy

In the last couple posts, I think I have made fairly clear that I have personal issues with adults who impose legalistic morality on others, particularly young people, without counting the damage this causes. 555 more words