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Here Am I!

A sign at the trailhead tells us how to get along. Cyclists, runners, horsemen and walkers share the trail that winds through my woods. I call the woods mine, because I am the only one who wanders in them, best I can tell. 1,075 more words

Farm And Woods

Desert Orangetip In A Psychedelic World

Desert Orangetip Butterfly In A Psychedelic World — Image by kenne

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.”



We could see the rain approaching. A few scattered drops had begun to fall, but the wall of water, appearing like fog beside the church just across our back yard, was slowly making its way to us. 855 more words


Attack Panic

Growing up has more to do with battles fought on the inside than with the passing of time.

There are events that came with what I thought was ‘growing up’. 288 more words


Lindsay's Point

The playa was littered with a sea of colorful shotgun shells and brass casings left behind by hunters and sport shooters, but there were no sportsmen there in March, and Lindsay had the desert largely to herself as she wandered away from the group. 921 more words


Today I will take control of my career.

Are you a self-starter? I used to self-proclaim as a self-starter until I tried starting something big for myself. It turns out I’m great at working independently, but not very good at knowing where to start if there’s no initial assignment. 267 more words

Career Planning

Functions and Students

When I’m teaching, I frequently find myself caught between a fascinating digression and the need to keep things simple. For example, if I’m teaching my Human Anatomy class about the lower jaw, I always have to fight an urge to launch into the complexities of lower jaw evolution. 1,335 more words