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On "President"

This is a post about President. Not about any particular individual occupying a particular presidential office, but about President, the idea and aspiration. The thing you once thought you might be one day… 593 more words


Paths not Taken, Failures in Quotes, and General Self-Pity

Marinating in my fleshy brain over the past few days has been the story of my life thusfar. Nobody could argue that it hasn’t been an interesting story, but whether or not it has been a  1,361 more words


Just Ribbing

Did he think of it as birthing or purging when he tore me out of himself? It was hard to tell.

No sooner did he fixate on what he loved in me–the beauty, the softness, the fragility–than did he gag at reminder that it had once been a part of him. 125 more words


A new way of seeing it

It’s a lovely snowy day and I’m supposed to be paying attention to the sermon, but I’m going to update here: I’ve been meaning to do it for a week. 619 more words


One True Story

I figured it was about time I explained the name of this blog. It comes down to this quote, though I chose the name long… 332 more words

Quote Of The Day

Uncommon Praise

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the ways in which we talk about our horses.

There are set ways in which we praise them. They have good brains, expressive gaits, can take a joke, are easy keepers, have funny quirks, and more. 513 more words


These Changeable Days

It is a cloudy morning, but a springish light is in the air. Despite it being January. We’re all discombobulated by the weather, bouncing between thaw and freeze, rain and snow, sun and clouds. 442 more words