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Relationship, narrative, and neurology

I tend to see things more clearly in my mind than I can articulate them. One thing I see but cannot articulate well is that the narrative character of human experience and knowledge points to the same reality as the social/emotional structure of the human brain. 397 more words


My beautiful eyes, my innocent eyes

“You are quite naive,” said the Face reader. “You are easily taken advantage of.” Face reading is a pseudoscience that predicts personality from physical characteristics. It can be insightful; it is at least interesting. 361 more words


Why Getting Married Won't Make You Happier

As a 30-year-old woman who has never had so much as a boyfriend, I have spent a great deal of my life feeling like I’m missing out on the greatest happiness life can offer. 1,351 more words


Why I Don't Think 2016 Was "The Worst Year"

Social media posts over the past 3-6 months would have us believe that 2016 was the “worst year,” if not ever then at least in living memory. 868 more words


I Blocked You: Boundaries Are Healthy

I am one of Those people: I delete people on Facebook, I block people in WordPress and I don’t accept LinkedIn invitations from people I don’t know. 269 more words


Theology as Relationship

I find myself increasingly dissatisfied with the language of and divisions within Christian theology. The more liberal voices tend to gut any semblance of particularity out of theology to the extent that Christian belief/community/theology becomes unrecognizable to the traditions that gave birth to such voices. 905 more words


16 Things I Learned in 2016

Remember how I learned something in 2013, 2014, 2015? Well guess what–I did it again.

  1. “Doing it all” is kind of an overrated goal.
  2. 569 more words