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The Reason We Put Dogs in Cages and People in Prison

Why do we put animals in cages? I could only think of two reasons:

  1. To display them, as in a zoo or aquarium (which technically is a cage for fishes).
  2. 556 more words
Deep, Personal Stuff

Joy In Bryce Canyon

Joy, Bryce Canyon National Park (September 15, 2016) — Image by kenne

Be willing to have it so.
Acceptance of what has happened
is the first step to overcoming… 7 more words


So Who Is Telling The Truth?

A friend of mine asked me, in these times of seemingly contradictory information, how to tell who’s speaking the truth, and who isn’t.

The answer is simple: 392 more words


In the Balance

Solstice always moves me to think about extremes and turnings, the longest, the shortest, the most, the least. . . beginnings.  But now we are approaching Equinox.  448 more words


My Top Five List - Dystopian Books

Originally, it was going to be a top ten list. But, as the wit once said: “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one.” 68 more words


The Futility of Facing an Uncertain Future

Nothing mattered. The golden rays of the sun kissed my youthful skin,
and I pedaled as far as I could on a bike that would take me everywhere. 290 more words

Poetic Attempts

Hope springs eternal.

I’m about halfway through Eagleton’s book, Hope Without Optimism.  Optimism, it seems, is a vacuous, ungrounded belief that everything will be ok.  Everything will work out for the best.   238 more words