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The root of "I'm not doing this for myself"

So a couple of years ago I was at a Cuban/Canadian house party, and one of the hosts was leading everyone in some great dancing. As the evening wore on and the Canadians present were sitting out more and more, he grinned and half-exasperatedly said something in Spanish, following with “Come on, dance with me!” in English. 318 more words


Keeping Stuff Separate (Normal People Edition)

Sometimes I am shocked and fascinated by how cleanly compartmentalized many people’s lives seem to be:

You go to work, which is something you do for money and not fun. 666 more words


Wine Grapes

Wine Grapes — Image by kenne

The more we are connected,
the more we are isolated.
If life is not paradoxical, 
it’s not true!

— kenne


A Change in Focus: Money No Longer a Top Thought

As you may have noticed, I’ve been really lazy with the blog lately.  It’s been over a month since my last post and I wonder sometimes if I should keep it going. 563 more words


The garden time-travel machine

I love the Facebook “on this day” feature. I actually keep a personal journal that works the same way: a card for every day of the year, and each day you write an entry for that year beneath the entries for the same day on previous years. 411 more words

Three Lightning Rods: or, What the Universe Tells Me About God

I’m no scientist, but I’ve been reading a lot of science lately.

My reasons are threefold: I’m writing a science fiction manuscript that is in no small part influenced by the little I understand about cosmology + time + quantum physics; I now work in research communications for a state university, so it’s my job to be science-literate (a wonderful excuse!); and I’m just utterly transfixed by all the levels on which our reality operates—at least, the levels we’ve been able to observe so far. 1,584 more words


Theology as Relationship - Take 2

Here’s the most controversial thing I think I think – relationship comes before individuality. If what I think I think implies what I think it does, nearly every conversation we have about truth and fact is fundamentally flawed. 916 more words