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Breaking Out Of A Rut

Since we got back from our vacation, I’ve been completely unmotivated at work.  I can’t stay focused on any tasks and my mind keeps wandering elsewhere.   468 more words

Early Retirement

My toddler and Chewbacca, a comparison

We are all Matthew McConaughey watching the Star Wars trailer.

Of the innumerable utterances of my two-year-old, I can decode about 70 to 80 percent. My husband is close behind that, and other folks tend to fall into the 30 to 50 percent range in translation accuracy. 925 more words


On strawberries and optimism

Loved this article from the Lee Valley gardening newsletter by Karen of The Art of Doing Stuff: Strawberry Planter Update

The moral of this story?

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in the falling summer rain . . .

 just a few weeks ago, i found myself sitting opposite my sister and her boyfriend at a dorm-sized table in a kitchenette in the mountains of pennsylvania. 513 more words


Let's Talk About Hair

Today I got a haircut. Nothing too exciting–just a few inches off, straight across, like I do a couple times every year. Sometimes, I think that one of these days I’ll go for something more stylized, interesting, or funky. 639 more words



I’m darkly amused by some of the dismay over the Supreme Court’s decision to expand marriage licensing to homosexual couples. I mean, as Brad Torgerson said… 476 more words

The Humanity

Checking the Left Column: Queerness, Normalcy, and Having "Problems"

Five years ago, I was sitting at the doctor’s office, waiting for my physical as I filled in a standard teen mental health checklist.

I’ve noticed that it’s generally not a good sign when a question requires me to check one of two boxes (seriously, I don’t even like true/false questions on tests). 744 more words