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The Good Bystander

Yesterday I was going from Glenwood to Rifle on I-70 and on the eastbound side there were two bodies on the ground. Later, with some help, I found out it was a motorcycle accident. 175 more words

Non-fiction Writings

Bathtub Reflections: Philosophy in Education

So I was relaxing in the tub and began to think about the state of our education systems. Perhaps not the most relaxing topic… However, I came to some conclusions. 399 more words


The Body Rabyd - A Quick Post on the Fourth

Just a quick post to tell how the Rabyd body is doing:

Weightlifting – One routine in this week and boy did it work, now the real problem is that I can never seem to coordinate times to do them. 99 more words


Americans: Are We Elitist Hate Mongers?

Here is a list of all the groups that I receive hate mail about. Most of it admonishes me for defending members of these groups. Most are also quite reductive in their sentiments. 272 more words


The 4th of July - Here's to High Treason

I always love this scene because of the truth of the reality of the situation.  The one thing you could say for the Founding Fathers is that they had guts.  310 more words


Truth and Imagination

Information overload, the limits of academia, and the importance of thinking creatively.

by Mike Figgis | Oscar-nominated film director, Leaving Las Vegas, Timecode, Suspension of Disbelief… 564 more words


Art is Not Reality

How does creativity work? Where does literature begin? An extract from Janne Teller’s novel, Come, engages with the origins of its own creation.

by Janne Teller | Former UN economist, now novelist and essayist; author of Come, Nothing and Odin’s Islan… 405 more words