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The morbid book group


A little over a year ago, I was invited to participate in a book discussion group that  focuses on texts that offer varying perspectives concerning health, surviving cancer, different cultural views of aging, and dying; books on “dying well,” hospice and palliative care, and on… 588 more words


On Babies and Pizza:

Social conditioning is a funny thing.

It has an astounding ability to filter the way we see the world, to effect our values and norms, and to raise or lower our appreciation for the little miracles in life. 657 more words


Letters to Myself

Life is constant change. A constant oscillation between fear and serenity. To reach either side, first you must cross a point of neutrality. To live entirely in a world of serenity will surely bring about fear from trying to preserve it. 262 more words

Writing & Blogging

The Rabyd Writer's Soul - Another Mixed Up Week

It needs to be said that Monday through Wednesday of every week is very difficult to get anything done in other than school stuff. Thankfully for at least the next week things will tone down but for this week I am lucky to get a couple posts in at all.   161 more words


Identify and Define

What defines one are words written after observation, still malleable and pulled from the realm of possibility where things await existent but unconcerned. Take care not to cling to the act of defining oneself, otherwise words easily written become rigid, ultimately scripture in the skin.


WLC dodges his own question

Recently, I have taken to addressing William Lane Craig’s Excursus on Natural Theology podcasts. These are lessons directed at the layperson with the goal of demonstrating the rationality of theism from simple arguments. 589 more words


Let the Light Shine

Today is Ash Wednesday. For many Christians, this day marks the first day of Lent, a period of contemplation and prayer echoing Jesus’ 40 days in the desert as he prepared for his death and resurrection. 681 more words