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“Can’t you take a joke?” Charlie Hebdo, tolerance, and why the joke is on the West

Freedom of speech and the freedom of the press are considered important for a free society. Both of these freedoms support the common opinion that binds a society together. 4,044 more words


Reflections on Teaching Workshop

This week I’m attending a summer teaching workshop at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Each day, I hope to reflect here on some of the conversations that we’ve had. 458 more words


A simple thought

It all starts with a simple thought, but if the wrong path is chosen, it leads to a never ending unrest for man. Most people get so lost in the thought of what to do during their lifetime. 488 more words


How to get to know me and My Survival Mechanisms

Peel off the layers of my skin
and I’ll show you what I hide beneath them.

Put down the emotional baggage
and we’ll see if there’s anything left to discuss. 192 more words


Captain Dunsel

Dunsel is a term used by midshipmen in the 23rd century to describe a part which serves no useful purpose.

When in doubt, look to Star Trek for inspiration. 110 more words


Rabyd Opinion - Bill and Opus in 2016

The list of candidates for President gets longer and longer and we haven’t even gotten to the end of summer of 2015 yet.  So far for me it is still Bill the Cat and Opus the Penguin for President and VP.  212 more words