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The Risks of Happiness-Through-Achievement

In today’s age of ultra-competitive college admissions, a cutthroat job market, and a systematic bent for STEM over the humanities, impressionable youth are being swept up in a profession-based pursuit of happiness. 420 more words


Fatalism, determinism or free will?

If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.

If only I had done that differently maybeeee things would’ve been different now.

If I don’t act now, it’ll never happen. 2,975 more words



Here on earth
We are brought up
Thinking we are each
So different

But there is another truth
Hidden there

Take away this mortal skin… 495 more words


A Real Life Tomorrowland

Walter Elias Disney had a dream, well more like a vision, of a world where wonders beyond imagination are created. He was a man before his time, and his actions prove that. 616 more words


Staying Calm is the Answer

Ever get angry? Ever feel jaded? Ever just want to scream at someone? Well, unfortunately, giving into your anger and/or yelling is never the answer. You can get what you need and you can get what you want by remaining calm, staying cool, and controlling your temper. 346 more words

Building Block

How long to live? Only 15 minutes?!

PHOEF SUTTON author of Fifteen Minutes to Live published by Brash books on May 5th 2015.



  1. Can you tell your readers something about why you chose this particular topic to write about?
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