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Society is Fucked. Fix Your Own Lives.

I awoke this morning, feeling philosophical (and somewhat hung over) and came to a conclusion… Society is fucked.

It’s not the Left’s fault. It’s not the Right’s fault. 402 more words

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What the horse knows

Ready for Resilience: Sheranni in action.

There was nothing out of the ordinary about this Sunday. It was drizzling and the ponies were waiting for their feed on one side of the field while the horses were on the other side. 743 more words


Freedom to Listen

“It’s a free country, so shut up!”

On Thursday, February 16, at Bosphorus University, the Guardian columnist and history professor at Oxford called Timothy Garton Ash… 1,623 more words


call that strange, call this life.

there was a poor jersey girl who fell to pieces. not because of anyone doing something to her. nothing could touch her. the reverse is truer in constraints. 228 more words


Arise Awake

Never mind failures; they are quite natural, they are the beauty of life – these failures.  What would life be without them?  It would not be worth having if it were not for struggles.  

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THERE ARE BLOSSOMS BUDDING! Roll on sunnier weather, fresh breezes, evenings that resist nighttime, longer rides that end at pubs. A warmth that comes from being alive and exploring it.



Falsehood has an infinity of combinations, but truth has only one mode of being.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau