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Good news: you're an artist, not a sociopath

Validation is a tricky thing. We all need it…. Ok, most of us need it. If you don’t, there’s a good chance you’re a sociopath. And if you need too much of it, you’re needy and exhausting and we all wish you’d work on your self-esteem. 681 more words


"No Accidents"

“There are no accidents, as crazy as that sounds, the universe has a rolling logic, that behind every event, there is an action taken or not taken, a testament to choices, to free will, to love, to a course chosen, as we captain our own ship of life”


Pursued by Dark Reality

Joseph Conrad, author of Heart of Darkness, said that it was not necessary to believe that the world was good in order to be hopeful. 111 more words



When I was a teenager, I use to watch Star Trek. It was a great show, and I very much enjoyed it. However, in retrospect I realize some of the ideas the show promoted were awfully wrong. 768 more words


Making and Becoming

My last post was about going to Carnac as relief from the general feeling of doom and gloom that was pervading our household over the current state of the world and where it seemed to be taking us. 516 more words



A peaceful one.
One and One makes two.

One and Two
Give birth to Three.
A Holy Trinity.

What is religion?  Such is its division, that after a point it only becomes countless. 284 more words


From Slave to Shaman

by Julian Rose, Contributor, Waking Times

How many times have you felt like a hapless onlooker in a world seemingly gone insane?

How many times have you wondered how things ever managed to get into the unprecedented mess they are in today? 943 more words