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Leibniz’s perspectivism

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For Leibniz, the nature of the knowledge we have of the world is perspectival, limited and finite. It is perspectival and limited because we are all in different places at any one time and can only view the world from those positions (literal perspective), have different beliefs about the world (metaphorical perspective) and finite not only because our monadic lives must end but because, despite our intellects, we can never grasp the world in its fullness and totality as can God in his omniscience.  482 more words


Is there a God in this world?

How can we prove there is a God in this world. This is quite a difficult task for a person who has convinced himself that there is a world. 135 more words


The Rabyd Spirit - Melting Ice

It has been a decent week from a Spiritual point of view.  It is actually starting to feel like things are breaking loose as far as progress is concerned.  249 more words


Knit yourself Sane and Well: Stress and Illness

Knitting benefits an individual’s emotional and physical health.

Knitting can reduce stress in an individual who is trying to manage the severity of their chronic illness.

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Random And Interesting Items

Imperialism, Finance Capital, and World War

Very rarely do theoretically-oriented analyses of historical events prove true. World War I was a different matter. 400 more words


The Formula For Wanting

“I often tell my friends that “I want” is a useless phrase to me. If I want something, I pursue it, and the phrasing I’ll use will reflect that. 104 more words


The Dark side...

Of oneself

Is powerful, potent

All encompassing

Turning all thought grey

Muddling perceptions

Till all is forlorn

And all feels lost and pointless

Worst of all… 447 more words

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