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Evolutionary Perspective

I am speaking from the perspective I developed growing up: that the world is a naturally occurring mass forged from the fires of hydrogen and molten compression followed by a lengthy progression. 565 more words


You're still the same.

“Do you remember that anaconda game we loved to play when we were young?” A childhood friend asked with whom I talked after a decade. I said, ” yes, but I don’t remember what was it, tell me more about it. 491 more words


Unspeakable things

Marina Abramovic during ‘The Artist is Present’ exhibition at MOMA, 9 March 2010 in New York. Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Life’s most meaningful experiences can leave us tongue-tied.

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Life amidst dust and ashes

The physical universe apprehended and explained by human conceptual thought, which grasps the object and conceives the objective world, consists only of dust and ashes and the immanent phenomenon of life. 143 more words


A vivisection of the Obama presidency. An RT interview with John Pilger.

Award winning investigative journalist John Pilger nails it – yet again.

This is a superb articlehttp://theduran.com/journalist-film-maker-author-john-pilger-gives-best-description-obamas-presidency-will-ever-hear/

Pilger : Ultimate ambition of hawks in Washington was regime change in Russia… 132 more words


In my utilitarianist view, ethics is most often about minimizing damage, not avoiding it. In most situations avoiding damage is impossible, and being that inaction is just as much of a decision as action–in that it brings about a consequence–the moral decision is to do… 35 more words


Kingfishers in Winter

Today from my new home in Bend, Oregon, I’m sharing an excerpt from my creative nonfiction manuscript featuring kingfishers, myth, and a place that will always be another home–Missoula, Montana and especially Rattlesnake Creek where I followed a nesting pair of kingfishers for many seasons. 848 more words