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The Evolution of Civilization

Money is a tool,
no different then a hammer.
It can be used to build a house,
or tear one down.
It can also be used to build a wall, 121 more words


The Allure of the Popular

Reflecting on the rise of populist parties around the world, it’s interesting how little influence the intellectual effort of various philosophers throughout the centuries has had on the world. 543 more words


I am not a Know-Nothing

I found this writing from President Abraham Lincoln quoted in an article on The Atlantic’s website very insightful. Applying it to today’s political climate produces interesting results: 205 more words


Confusing Knowledge with a Tiny, Little Scratch on the Surface

The root of many problems in my life has been the tendency to think I knew more about someone or something than I actually did. Smart people have always said that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. 187 more words


Why is simpler better?

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Ockham’s Razor says that simplicity is a scientific virtue, but justifying this philosophically is strangely elusive

by Elliott Sober

Elliott Sober is the Hans Reichenbach Professor and William F Vilas Research Professor in the department of philosophy at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 728 more words


How to dramatically expand your consciousness by simply choosing to

Posted By: Seth Leaf Pruzansky 

In our modern world full of entertainment and instant gratification, there is a serious need for those who will encourage us to think critically. 902 more words


Don't Overlook the Obvious

Coming up with original ideas has been an important part of my life. As a radio programmer, graphic designer, as a writer – coming up with new ideas has paved the way to my successes. 164 more words

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