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Love in the Ruins: Homs, Syria

In Homs, Syria, where entire city blocks have been reduced to rubble by years of civil war, a Syrian wedding photographer thought of using the destruction of the city as a backdrop for pictures of newlywed couples “to show that life is stronger than death,” according to AFP photographer Joseph Eid. 364 more words

Religious Studies

Skaria, "Unconditional Equality"

This month, the University of Minnesota Press releases “Unconditional Equality: Gandhi’s Religion of Resistance,” by Ajay Skaria (University of Minnesota).  The publisher’s description follows: 233 more words

Scholarship Roundup

Can we expand our journey into the deepest space of the mind?

Turn On Tune In Drop Out

All you had to do was turn on….open up to the idea of acid. With the entrance of tuning in, use it as a paradigm to zoom in that kaliedescope and open the vault to those hidden doors of consciousness. 630 more words

Part 3: "Romeo and Juliet" as a Warning to Elizabeth.

The last part to my essay explaining why Shakespeare may have had a much deeper message for Queen Elizabeth concerning her rule over her Catholic and Protestant subjects than writing a simple play about love and death. 1,279 more words

Philosophy And Religion

On Brook Farm

Social experiments during the 19th Century were common throughout the world, particularly in Western Europe —

But nowhere could this trend be seen more clearly than in the United States. 1,110 more words