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So Much For The Funk

When I was a teenager I attended catechism classes at Holy Family of Nazareth Catholic Church on Sundays before mass. Some of my high school classmates were in these classes with me, sitting in what were known as temporary buildings set apart from the main campus, which had suddenly become overwhelmed with a recent increase in population in my home town. 615 more words

Philosophy And Religion

The Internalization and Radicalization of the Law

“You have heard it said…  But I say to you…”   – Jesus

To say Jesus of Nazareth was a controversial figure is a gross understatement. Loved by some, hated by others, but extremely hard to ignore … and considered by almost everyone to be one of the greatest teachers who has ever lived.

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Philosophy And Religion

Charles Schulz says:

“I think I’ve discovered the secret of life —
—  you just hang around until you get used to it.”

A Step Toward Perfection

This is an interesting time to be alive. I’m pretty sure someone said those exact words in 1971, 1939, 1918, 1877, 1859, 1789, 1775, 1650… You get the idea. 873 more words


Save Our Souls

I was pretty depressed last week. We recently lost a family friend, and even though no one wanted to talk about it, we knew she had suffered a lot with substance abuse and its complications. 855 more words


Grasping for the Stars

I shared a dream of mine with a new friend recently, and she introduced me to other new friends who had similar dreams. We talked and schemed and planned. 850 more words

Philosophy And Religion

Bobby Lee says:

“Private and public life are subject to the same rules—truth and manliness are two qualities that will carry you through this world much better than policy or tact of expediency or other words that were devised to conceal a deviation from a straight line.”