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Revelation - the Churches

This is not an exhaustive commentary on the seven churches in Revelation chapters 2 to 3. This will be a summary of things that struck me and the truths and applications I was able to derive from them. 593 more words

Philosophy And Religion

Revelation Overview

We studied the Book of Revelation last year with BSF. As requested by a friend (Hi Edwin!) I’m going to share some of my thoughts on Revelation. 162 more words

Philosophy And Religion

#Fiction Friday: #Micropoety from the Book

In the dewy dawn,
Green Haven sparkled.
The sun ascended to its throne
in the misty grey sky,
& our world awakened
to the darkness of ours. 98 more words

Closeness to God

I was recently beautifully reminded about how the most undeniable closeness I felt to God ever in my life when was I was at my personal lowest. 404 more words

Personal Growth

#Micropoetry Monday: Realms of #Motherhood

In her red rain boots & slicker—
like a Little Red Robin Hood, she was,
playing hopscotch where the deluge
had washed away the chalk lines. 92 more words

#Fiction Friday: #Novelines from the Book

Whittier Cemetery had become our temple, where we talked to the dead rather than baptized them—where we paid penance for sins unknown.

I had spent more hours in a cemetery than most had their entire lives—not to find comfort or closure, but to pay tribute to a marble idol. 192 more words

#Micropoetry Mondays: Apocalypse

The adults sacrificed themselves,
so their children would have a better life,
even as those same children, as adults,
sacrificed their future for their present happiness. 107 more words