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#Fiction Friday: #Micropoetry from the Book

Leann was Snow White,
the fairest of the least;
Kath was a black beauty
in love with a beast,
& I,
Princess Aurora,
who was only now waking up… 119 more words

Does Evil Disprove the Existence of God?

The existence of evil is probably one of the toughest challenges a Christian can face when in conversation. The reason for this difficulty is not because there are no good answer on Christian grounds (there are a number of good answers) but rather because the question of evil is more than often bonded heavily to emotional discontent. 1,224 more words

Philosophy And Religion

Collective Memories of Death Camps and Complicity in Nazi-Occupied Poland

Ron Berger —

The Polish government recently passed a law making it illegal in Poland to accuse the nation of complicity in the crimes committed by Nazi Germany in Polish territory during World War II, and from using the term “Polish death camps” to describe the concentration camps that were established and operated by the Nazis. 3,175 more words

Culture And Society

#Fiction Friday: #Micropoetry from the Book

He was 1 of 4,
but an only child.
I was 1 of 2,
but rather than being loved equally
by both parents,
I’d been loved by one, 106 more words

God: A Human History, by Reza Aslan

DeWitt Clinton —

Every year—for years, decades, and perhaps centuries—scholars, theologians, and lay leaders have been defining, then redefining, then re-envisioning the constantly evolving paradox of God. 2,790 more words


Sweet Little Nothings

When she lost herself in her work,
she found herself through her characters.
When she lost herself in the service of others,
she found a respite from her troubles. 14 more words

Forbidden Knowledge

Knowledge is Power

There is an old adage that knowledge is power. People being able to acquire facts and information  gives them power over those who wish to control them. 1,978 more words

Philosophy And Religion