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Davies, "The Happiness Industry"

Thomas Jefferson famously included the pursuit of happiness in his list of the three principal rights the Creator has given man and that government has a duty to protect. 322 more words

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Arguing Morals

It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t think they’re at least trying to be a moral person. Even someone who thinks of themselves as immoral does so because he or she sees themselves as failing to live up to their own moral code, not because they are purposefully choosing the route of immorality because of some warped value system. 2,263 more words

Philosophy And Religion

Plantinga, "Knowledge and Christian Belief"

Professor Alvin Plantinga’s (Notre Dame) important book, Warranted Christian Belief, was a meditation on the relationship of Christian faith and reason. It was a work in epistemology of religion–an attempt to answer the question about the irrationality or the lack of justification for Christian belief. 139 more words

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Behold, the Truth

There is a lot out there that is far from the truth. I mean truth in a more universal sense, as well as factual, accurate knowledge. 805 more words


Artemis Davidson - Frege: Sense and Reference

Let’s pretend that you didn’t know that Mark Twain was really a man by the name of Samuel Clemens. In such a case, you would be able to easily deduce the truth-value of statements such as, “Mark Twain is the author of… 1,460 more words

Philosophy And Religion

Nature Vs. Nurture

In more recent times, much light has been shed on the existing racial problems in America. Though there seems to be more attention on such problems occurring in the now, these problems are not new. 477 more words

Philosophy And Religion