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#Micropoetry Monday: Modern Proverbs

Life was a series of decisions, good & bad,
& to erase the bad,
would be to erase the good that came from it.

She awakens to the morning glory… 79 more words

#Fiction Friday: #Novelines from the Book

According to the elders, men weren’t as innately spiritual as women, so they had been given the priesthood to help them become more holy.

David had often said it wasn’t any surprise that more women would go to Heaven than men, because it was the men who started all the wars. 278 more words

#Fiction Friday: #Micropoetry from the Book

With David, I never hungered;
I ate, & was filled.
With David, I never thirsted;
I drank, & was refreshed.
The House of David
was a healing place. 98 more words

#Micropoetry Mondays: Love Comes Darkly

His pastor had told him
to always put his marriage first,
but in doing so to a selfish woman,
everyone else had come last;
marriage ended at death, 123 more words