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3 Reasons I Love Podcasts

My gateway drug into the podcasts was undoubtedly Freakonomics Radio with Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt. Along the way, others came along that continued to intrigue me including… 803 more words

I Am Skeptical of God, Not of the External World.

Am I a skeptic? Absolutely — but only when it comes to ridiculous concepts. I am inclined to doubt the existence of the Bloody Mary, the Headless Horseman, and of God. 580 more words


Marriage: An Unenforceable Promise

In “Contract as Promise,” Charles Fried admits that several kinds of promises neither are nor ought to be enforced by law. More specifically, Fried alludes to the institution of marriage, as well as contracts of employment, insurance, and carriage, as the type of promises that should not be enforced by law. 1,643 more words


Pain, Pleasure, and Masochism.

To some, a slap to the face may be a highly unpleasant experience; however, to others, a slap to the face may be a pleasurable experience. 2,118 more words


time travel and the human mind

The human mind produces memories that have similar functions to a time machine.

Although one cannot physically go from the present time to the past or from the present to the future, one is able to recall past events and form future ones. 272 more words