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The problem in analysing assumptions in economics

The common problem in discussing the design of assumptions in economics is rooted in merging two independent aspects into each other. One is descriptive accuracy… 168 more words


Remembering EIPE 20th Anniversary Conference: 'A world to win'

On this day a year ago this fantastic conference started. It was a great experience, so I am happy to recall the flight, the city, the beautiful university and all the friendly people. 77 more words


Great news from Rotterdam

EIPE of Erasmus University can justifiably be regarded as a leading centre in the methodology of economics. The academic staff there have come a long way, according to some recent news. 295 more words


Friedman's Methodology: A Stake through the Heart of Reason

Romer writes that macro-economists casually dismiss facts, and the profession as a whole has gone backwards over the past few decades, losing precious and hard-won knowledge. 1,239 more words

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Scientist qua scientist, scientist qua citizen: Part I

That economics is a value-laden science is not a new idea. Most of the prominent economic thinkers were also philosophers, wary of moral and philosophical content of scientific assumptions, models, and theories. 633 more words

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Stock Market Investing Is Gambling

The probability of ruin of unhedged stock market investments is always greater than zero. This implies that in a sufficiently long interval of time, any unhedged investment in the stock market will be ruined. 1,134 more words

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On the Metaphysics of Greek Debt

There is a new government in Greece that is trying to negotiate a reduction of Greek debt. This effort by the leftist government is based on the realization that the Greek debt is not sustainable. 1,873 more words

Philosophy Of Economics