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Ranciere's The Ignorant Schoolmaster

Notes on ch.1: An Intellectual Adventure

For interest and brevity, let’s summarise the sections of the chapter in a sentence each. I’m not explicating here (a term to be defined below); I’m giving myself a “command” to learn. 843 more words

Political Philosophy

Goodbye Mr Chips: can research tell teachers how to teach?

Back in October, I took part in a debate at the Battle of Ideas.

Hosted by Kevin Rooney and featuring Professor Frank Furedi, Jack Marwood and Munira Mirza, the discussion focused on the relevance of research to classroom practice. 20 more words

Philosophy Of Education

Summer Reading Group: The Ignorant Schoolmaster

I’m running a reading group with a colleague at Macquarie, reading Jacques Rancière’s The Ignorant Schoolmaster. For me, I’m interested in pursuing the way that the structure of education provides a diagnosis of the state of society – Rancière’s interest being, of course, in the presupposition of equality (or inequality) in the learning & teaching relationship. 49 more words

Education Institutions

EDS 101 Introduction

As my second class at UPOU begins, I am reminded of the challenges and opportunities from my first class. Studying online presented some technology hurdles that have mostly been overcome, but I still find it challenging to express myself with the written word. 641 more words

Philosophy Of Education


Hello classmates and welcome to my eJournal. My name is Robert (Bob) Gust, I am 59 years of age and started school again last fall after 38 years of working in various businesses (the past 12 years have been in the BPO sector here in the Philippines). 21 more words

Philosophy Of Education

Baylor at the Crossroads

Baylor at the Crossroads by Donald D. Schmeltekopf

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m coming to realize how much has been written about the nature, state, and ultimate fate of Christian higher education. 1,389 more words


Raising Cosmopolitan Global Citizens

Global citizenship is not meaningless utopianism. It’s a real priority. UNESCO has made Global Citizenship Education a strategic area for their education programme. When you look at school mission statements, you’ll see that so many schools aim to create 21st Century Global Citizens. 365 more words

Global Citizenship