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On curiosity

One of my aims as a teacher is to get my pupils to cultivate their curiosity. This stems from my belief that the reality we inhabit is full of wonder and beauty and that we, as a species, have spent millennia trying to make sense of it. 699 more words

Philosophy Of Education

Philosophy in 6th Grade English

What is the meaning of life? What is happiness? How do you know you are a good person?

I’ll admit, classical curriculum has posed some challenges for me as an educator. 698 more words

Philosophy, 'pipelines', and online teaching

Philosophy has no industry. Outside of the university, and a small number of independent authors, there is no job titled ‘philosopher’. It’s an observation students make a lot to me, and is probably one encountered the world over (with – maybe – an exception in France; I’d love to know…). 501 more words

Education Institutions

Philosophy (and practice) of Nursing Education

Several years ago I developed a presentation that summarizes my personal philosophy of nursing education.  There is a strong emphasis on what the philosophic ideas imply for our practices – not only how we teach but what we teach.   39 more words


Reconsider and Compromise: real pragmatists do not ignore disagreement

I really do understand why people get so frustrated by the idea that there exists a never-ending conflict between two broad philosophies of education, namely ‘traditionalism’ and ‘progressivism’. 918 more words

Philosophy Of Education

Do I want a Victorian education?

Some of the more aggressive critics of this blog often make the case that I am arguing here for a ‘return’ to a ‘Victorian’ educational model, perhaps aspiring to re-create a ‘golden age’ in which education worked well and from which late-twentieth-century progressivism took us away. 346 more words

Philosophy Of Education

Learning to learn: am I changing my mind?

A few years ago I chortled away at the idea of learning to learn. My colleagues and I sat sullenly through training sessions as we were taught how to get our pupils to ‘learn how to learn’. 620 more words

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