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Teaching grammar in context (I)


“(…) teacher beliefs were often inconsistent with practices, and teacher behaviours are formed by both personal factors such as teachers’ prior learning experiences of grammar (…) and contextual constraints such as the education system, curriculum ” 939 more words

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Two publications - minimum

You have to have two publications, minimum, to get a job in academia. It’s just how it is.

The above came at the end of a graduate workshop I attended on writing and publishing research in the philosophy of education.

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My Story

Quite a while ago, I was asked by the marketing team at LTU if I would like to contribute to their blog series featuring graduate successes. 943 more words

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Should pupils be given choice over what they study?

Economic liberalism has long exalted the role played by markets, and the notion of consumer choice sits at the heart of this idea. If I want to buy a new computer, I can choose from several different companies offering different machines, and I therefore choose the best machine I can get at the price I can afford. 1,198 more words

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The Journal of Philosophy of Education: Opening the Archive

How to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Journal of Philosophy of Education (JOPE)? We made a start by looking though every print copy of every Issue of the Journal’s 50 volumes and reading many papers. 388 more words


Reclaiming our University - and our Nursing programs

Recently I learned about an initiative by faculty at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) to reclaim their University in the more communal sense that an academic environment should be, in response to the increasing corporatization of higher education.   449 more words