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Spanish and Math: High-schooler's Curse?

Calculus. Algebra 2. Geometry…

Sadly, in high-school I used to think these words in place of profanity.

“Oh Calc*&@$! How many more problems are there to solve tonight?” 1,106 more words


The Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) in Space-ABOUT EDUCATION (A)

Philosophy of Education
Educational Philosophy / Teaching Philosophy

Truth & Reality as the Foundations for Critical Thinking, Reason and Education
Quotes on Teaching Philosophy of Education from Famous Philosophers… 1,885 more words

Charter Schools as Valuable Alternatives

As a nation we are seeing a rapid rise in the number of charter schools. The new trend in education is “publicly funded but privately run (Fryer, 2012),” allowing for flexibility in curriculum, delivery, and student choice. 1,697 more words

Philosophy Of Education

Standards of Learning

Recognizing that there is no perfect way to assess accountability or measure student achievement on a single-administration test, I do believe that states need established standards of learning and a system to evaluate individual attainment of those standards.   363 more words

Philosophy Of Education

Condition of Education

When reading details from the report on the condition of education, I was particularly drawn to the demographic section, which explored children living in poverty.  I was actually surprised that only 21 percent of students lived in poverty, which was further explained as ranging from 9 in New Hampshire to 33 in Mississippi.   184 more words

Philosophy Of Education

Personal Philosophy of Education

At the most integrated level, a philosophy of education melds theories developed at the epistemological or ethical level and relates them to concrete practices within the classroom. 1,452 more words

Philosophy Of Education

Technology & Education

I a proponent of technology in the classroom, although I began my educational career by working in a division where access to particular technologies was very limited.   354 more words

Philosophy Of Education