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Boundaries? Awesome!

Thinking out of the box — That’s far out!

“Awesome,” used as a friendly term of approval for almost anything, is a word I hear a lot from young Americans.   474 more words

A Musing Grace

We aren’t even close to being “there” yet!

It has been awhile since I used this blog, but another class at Walden and I find it is necessary to reactivate the blogging brain cells. 651 more words

The Power to Choose

Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”, (Malcom X. n.d.)

We cling to the future as if education is the last strand of hope left to humanity towards progress. 500 more words


Precarity and its Sponsors

When you drive as much as I have this year, sometimes you forget exactly what germinates a line of thought, even an obsessional line of thought. 1,082 more words


Nietzsche's 'Supreme Principle of Education'

Nietzsche claims that the “supreme principle of education” is that “one should only offer food  to him who hungers for it.” That is, roughly, teaching should be guided not by the requirements of an abstract, generalized curriculum, but by the expressed needs of the learner. 561 more words


Philosophy and Common Core

While the Pope Leo XIII Society does take its namesake from a Catholic pope, we are not properly speaking a religious organization.  Since we focus on the philosophical aspects of the nature of the human person and the foundations of education, we would like to think of our project as equally accessible to religious and non-religious private/public schools. 244 more words

Spanish and Math: High-schooler's Curse?

Calculus. Algebra 2. Geometry…

Sadly, in high-school I used to think these words in place of profanity.

“Oh Calc*&@$! How many more problems are there to solve tonight?” 1,106 more words