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Things I learned in five minutes that blew my mind

Kouzes and Posner’s (1990) Leadership Skills:

  • Challenging the process
  • Inspiring a shared vision
  • Enabling others to act
  • Modeling the way
  • Encouraging the heart

Kurt Lewin’s theoretical approach to environmental assessment: 29 more words


(Bookworms are volunteers from Valley Grange who visit school to listen to second and third graders read. The program has been ongoing at Piscataquis Community Elementary School for nearly ten years.) … 899 more words

Personal Growth

How philosophy and theatre can help us value profoundly disabled people

John Vorhaus

A series of philosophical questions arise from reflection on profound disability and dependency, with implications not only for profoundly disabled people, but for all of us at some stage in our lives. 575 more words

Philosophy Of Education

The Education of the Free Ego and its Role in the Just City: A Critique of Liberal, Constructivist, Humanistic, and Critical Educative Philosophies

Any ethical education must make it so that in any way an ego[1] cheats or harms that education’s standard it can only harm itself. In any philosophy of education that requires some unbending and quantitative reification of the ego’s potential, it also demands on some level that such an agent can bring harm to their education’s philosophy, yet also bringing good to themselves according to the same philosophy simultaneously, because in receiving a quantitative reification they can cheat and be rewarded there, while covertly transgressing that philosophy elsewhere. 3,702 more words


The Teeches & Leeches... by Dr. Soods

The peeples of Lernville were learners—the best!

They shared what they learned; it was school, sans contest.

The pathways of Lernville were twisty and turny, 650 more words

Education Reform

Still Searching for Scotland

In this year of the referendum on Scottish Independence (September 18th) it was appropriate that my ruminations on the future of education, and specifically the ‘ 1,346 more words


Standard 12 Meta-Reflection: Professional Citizenship [EDU 6120 American Education: Past and Present; EDU 6085 Moral Education]

Standard 12 Professional citizenship

Willingly engages in dialogue that transcends the individual classroom, taking informed, coherent positions on important matters of educational policy and practice. 2,399 more words

Meta Reflection