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Schiller: Aesthetic education and the contemporary scene

“The whole aesthetic condition is the most fruitful in relation to knowledge and morality. … A disposition which comprises in itself the wholeness of humanity must necessarily include every individual expression of it, according to its capacity; a disposition which removes all limits from the totality of human nature must necessarily remove them also from every individual expression of it. 304 more words

Philosophy Of Education

Sophistry, the Sophists and modern medical education. Medical Teacher Volume 32, Issue 1, 2010. Part 1.

I’m sure on a Friday evening what the world is waiting for is the reposting of a paper on  (possibly) unfairly maligned Ancient Greek philosophers and the parallels between their thought and modern medical education theory. 1,479 more words


Mary Wollstonecraft, Philosopher Of Education

In ‘Observations on the State of Degradation to which Woman is Reduced by Various Causes’ (Chapter IV of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman… 517 more words


My Fellow Classmates, Your Teacher is Oppressing You

Welcome to the classroom. Please, before we get started it is important to understand that this is a scene of subjection, and anything I say should be toted as truth since I am the authority figure of this room and you are the repressed, the dull, the unintelligent, the insignificant, the ignorant. 1,226 more words


My Philosophy of Education

For one of my courses, students were asked to bring a quick summary of their philosophies of education. Here is (a slightly modified version of) what I wrote. 328 more words


A Great Teacher...

Tomorrow I will be teaching a course for substitute teachers. Yesterday I happen to talk to someone I believe is a truly great teacher. We bumped into each other in a grocery store. 215 more words


7 ways to CREATE creativity in the CLASSROOM

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The days of passive learning are over, and the days of constant creativity are here. If you are a teacher in whatever capacity, you will need to learn now no longer how to simply impart information but create creativity. 568 more words