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Autonomy in the Classroom: Why Teachers Desire it for Learners and Themselves

Autonomy in the Classroom:

Why Teachers Desire it for Learners and Themselves

Nicki Bannerman

February 14, 2013

ECS 100

Richard Buettner

University of Regina

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Professional Interests

Philosophy of Teaching Statement

My philosophy of teaching is aimed towards the benefits of the student, and the belief that the objective of education should be to inspire searching for answers, as this is how we develop our communities and society. 523 more words

I Believe Statements

I believe that…

teachers should do their best to avoid segregation in classrooms.

teachers should strive to be inclusive in teaching.

teachers should teach using a number of methods and strategies. 328 more words

What This Category is All About...

This page will serve to collect my growing and evolving Philosophy of Education.

Philosophy Of Education

Methods vs. Philosophy: Inspiring Purpose for your Homeschool

Some people find an educational method that is so in line with their personal philosophy of education that it perfectly describes how they want to teach their children. 1,577 more words

Charlotte Mason

What are schools not responsible for?

At some point I shall get around to writing a more detailed critique of the British Educational Research Association’s manifesto for education. One of the biggest problems with it, however, is the sheer breadth of what it wants of schools. 506 more words

Philosophy Of Education

Pre-Internship Assessment and Evaluation Practices

This page will host my reflections on the assessment and evaluation experiences I encountered during my Pre-Internship. I will post the different tools I used, and discuss: what worked well? 2,012 more words