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Philosophy of Education: Take 2

Where My Philosophy Stands Now

During one of the lectures in EDUC 140, Mr. Thomas mentioned the idea of being an “activist” more so than a teacher.  1,437 more words

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Philosophy of Education: Take 1

This is my first version of my PoE. It was not overly well-received, but I’m posting it with its problems for posterity. This can also be found at the top of my website. 512 more words

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Philosophy of Education I

What led me to become an urban teacher resident was ultimately my passion for students, families, and the communities we serve, as well as my relatability to these students and communities. 902 more words

The Everyday Metaphors of Teaching: Problems and Solutions

It’s an elephant guys – come on.

Metaphor is so deeply embedded into the language of teaching that Greene (1973) argues that it would be possible to organise a history of educational ideas around recurring metaphors. 803 more words

No end of books

The new semester has started rolling in Australia. While the Northern hemisphere is busily gearing up for a new academic year, in the Antipodes we have had a brief break, perhaps punctuated by conferences, before rolling into the second semester. 437 more words

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Annex 2: The Three Laws of Learning

Annex 2

The word “trivium” comes from the Latin prefix “tri” meaning “three,” and the Latin root “via” meaning “way,” or “road.” The word literally means “the three-fold way or road.” The trivium refers to the three stages, or ways, of learning that coincide with a child’s cognitive development as he matures. 1,831 more words