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Real-life Dramas

It became a habit to me to source for real-life dramas from teachers around the world online. Not to become nosey about their personal lives or retell them like celebrity scoops but to actually supplement my ideas about education and provide for me a sneak peek of the actual lives of teachers before I even dip my toes. 1,583 more words

Philosophy Of Education

Subjective and objective elements in justice for education

Recent political discussion in Australia regularly raises concern over State support for education, from early childhood through to University and institutions for vocational training. The main reference is Australia’s relative decline in benchmarks compared to other OECD countries. 494 more words

Education Institutions

What does it mean to be an educated person? An historical overview.

By Natalie Woods


Plato, Aristotle, and Rousseau associated the aims of education with beliefs about society, reason and emotion, and knowledge and freedom. Their treatment of these themes profoundly influenced ideals of the ‘educated person’ that emerged in the West during the 19th century. 9,671 more words


How can supporters of grammar schools win the debate?

This might seem an odd blog title to be written by someone who disagrees with grammar schools. But, if the explosion of edu-blogging has done anything, then it has been to raise the quality of the debate about education. 1,180 more words

Knowledge And Curriculum

The Dogmatic Slumber of Neil Degrasse Tyson

(Trigger warning:  Hyperbole was used in the making of this polemic, check references for the substance behind that hyperbole. Thank you.)

Around ten years ago, when Neil Degrasse Tyson was primarily writing on Pluto and people didn’t realize while he railed against God, Richard Dawkins was still more or less an middle class Anglican prig, my best friend got me a signed copy of Tyson’s book on Pluto.   745 more words

Cultural Criticism

Educational Philosophy of Leonardo Polo


The Educational Philosophy of the Spanish Philosopher Leonardo Polo: Implications for Teachers’ Self-Reflection and Classroom Management

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Leonardo Polo

End of summer regrets and anticipations

I’m going to try to get at the root of my feelings here. I’ll have to part the complicated net of stress about various things–starting a new teaching job, not having done enough planning for the time I have left before classes start, wondering whether I will make some new friends there, if the commute will bother me much. 1,215 more words