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Teaching: a very natural act?

In 1971 the philosopher of education Paul Hirst published a paper titled “What is teaching?” in which he set out, in the style of RS Peters, to conduct an analysis of the concept ‘teaching’. 1,290 more words

Philosophy Of Education

Arendt's crisis in education

On the Michaela Community School website, Hannah Arendt’s 1954 essay on education, The Crisis in Education, is used to justify their approach to strict discipline policy and a curriculum based on knowledge. 2,793 more words


Should teaching methods be prescribed?

Arendt’s observation that ‘the most radical revolutionary will become a conservative the day after the revolution’ is pertinent in a number of contexts, and we can see it very clearly in terms of how attitudes to teaching have shifted in England over the last five years or so. 1,550 more words

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Tyson Lewis: What is philosophy of education?

In this video clip, Tyson Lewis, Associate Professor & Art Education Program Coordinator/Visual Art Studies at North Texas University, answers the question: What is philosophy of education? 57 more words


In the months ahead

The new 2017 academic year is about to start. I am now reflecting upon the achievements we had in 2016 and the challenges ahead, especially those related to professional development. 164 more words

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Transformers: The Digitizers Evolve

Wandy’s latest blockbuster hit, Transformers: The Digitizers Evolve, is set to open in theaters in April 2017. We sat down with Wandy to ask her about her inspiration for this new film. 587 more words

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My thoughts after this evening's book study meeting...

Another evening with five ladies and Miss Mason’s philosophies on education. We discussed curriculum, and the wideness of the range of ideas brought to the children. 216 more words