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Philosophers Sometimes Say Dumb Things about Taste

The recently deceased Roger Scruton was a highly regarded philosopher and wine connoisseur who wrote one of the seminal books on the philosophy of wine. But despite his obvious love for wine, he sometimes took a bizarrely dismissive approach to wine’s aesthetic potential. 186 more words

Philosophy Of Food And Wine

We Should Get Rid of Typicity as a Criterion of Wine Quality

One of my pet peeves in the wine world is the outsized role typicity plays in judging wine quality.

Wine education is largely about understanding what a typical Barolo, Left Bank Bordeaux, or Mosel Riesling is supposed to taste like. 339 more words

Wine Culture

Taste and the Good Life

A life in which the pleasures of food and drink are not important is missing a crucial dimension of a good life. In my Three Quarks column this month… 30 more words

Philosophy Of Food And Wine

To Live Decadently

When we eat or drink, we not only modify raw materials, we consume them. Nature is transformed into my energy though the act of consumption. Eating is transubstantiation—I transform what is alien, what is outside myself, into my own substance. 286 more words

Philosophy Of Food And Wine

Taste is Knowing the Tissue of Little Things

We scour the universe for signs of intelligence, probe the brain for the roots of cognition, and build city after city packed with buildings that reach for the sky. 168 more words

Philosophy Of Food And Wine

Sensory Double Standards

Many philosophers reject the idea that food and wine can be art. But there seems to be nothing but prejudice standing behind this view.

One reason we enjoy art and hold art in high esteem is that it helps us understand our world and our place in it. 417 more words

Philosophy Of Food And Wine

The Comforts of Home

As I wrote last week, to live is to be completely immersed in a sensuous environment, the often overlooked background atmosphere that deeply effects how we feel about life from moment to moment. 366 more words

Philosophy Of Food And Wine