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Semester 1 Teaching: Freedom and Domination (PHL254)

Here is the blurb on my teaching for Semester 1 at Macquarie (Unit Guide). I’m teaching 19th C. German philosophy:

The term ‘freedom’ is frequently used today, but what does the concept of freedom really mean?

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Napoleon Was An Avid Reader: So What Were His Favourite Books?

This from Military History Now.

was then a passionate admirer of Jean-Jacques ; … a fan of the masterpieces of Corneille, Racine and Voltaire. He brought the works of Plutarch, Plato, Cicero, Cornelius Nepos, Livy and Tacitus, translated into French; and those of Montaigne, Montesquieu and Raynal.

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Fifty key thinkers on history: Oakeshott/ Patrick Gardiner

To my mind, this is a rather awkward piece but nonetheless serves as a quick intro to Oakeshott on history. A really top-notch expositor on the philosophy of history expositor was the late Patrick Gardiner who I was privileged to meet — see below after Oakeshott. 3,571 more words

Michael Oakeshott

A New Look at Michael Oakeshott

Lee Auspitz looks at the recent spate of Oakeshottiana in the Claremont Review of Books Spring 2014, Vol. XIV, No. 2: 54-59.

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Michael Oakeshott, The Philosopher Ploughman

At last, a good photograph of the poor portrait at Caius. Graham, the author of this piece in History Today, I know had been frustrated by the reflecting glass. 146 more words

Michael Oakeshott

What Is Modernity?

Man imagines himself free from fear when there is no longer anything unknown.
— Adorno and Horkheimer
What is modernity?  Whether conceived as a category of historical periodization, an aesthetic concept, or a form of social experience, modernity is arguably predicated on a notion of time and history.  4,144 more words
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