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Napoleon Was An Avid Reader: So What Were His Favourite Books?

This from Military History Now.

was then a passionate admirer of Jean-Jacques ; … a fan of the masterpieces of Corneille, Racine and Voltaire. He brought the works of Plutarch, Plato, Cicero, Cornelius Nepos, Livy and Tacitus, translated into French; and those of Montaigne, Montesquieu and Raynal.

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Fifty key thinkers on history: Oakeshott/ Patrick Gardiner

To my mind, this is a rather awkward piece but nonetheless serves as a quick intro to Oakeshott on history. A really top-notch expositor on the philosophy of history expositor was the late Patrick Gardiner who I was privileged to meet — see below after Oakeshott. 3,571 more words

Michael Oakeshott

A New Look at Michael Oakeshott

Lee Auspitz looks at the recent spate of Oakeshottiana in the Claremont Review of Books Spring 2014, Vol. XIV, No. 2: 54-59.

Political Philosophy

Michael Oakeshott, The Philosopher Ploughman

At last, a good photograph of the poor portrait at Caius. Graham, the author of this piece in History Today, I know had been frustrated by the reflecting glass. 146 more words

Michael Oakeshott

What Is Modernity?

Man imagines himself free from fear when there is no longer anything unknown.
— Adorno and Horkheimer
What is modernity?  Whether conceived as a category of historical periodization, an aesthetic concept, or a form of social experience, modernity is arguably predicated on a notion of time and history.  4,144 more words
Critical Theory

Radical Temporality and the Modern Moral Imagination: Two Themes in the Thought of Michael Oakeshott

Here are some deep excerpts (the fifth in the series) from the dean of Oakeshott studies, Tim Fuller.

In short, the practical life is constituted in efforts to alter our existence as we currently understand it or to ward off alterations that threaten what we at present take to be satisfactory.

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