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Over and Beyond our Episodic Memories

A most elegant close-grained review essay of Mark Rowlands’ Memory and the Self: Phenomenology, Science and Autobiography by Christopher Jude McCarroll in The Journal of Mind and Behavior… 37 more words

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The Journal of Mind and Behavior

Volume 38, Numbers 3 and 4, Summer and Autumn 2017 now available. Notable contributions, at least for me, are McCarroll’s review of Rowlands and Trueb’s review of Miller.

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What It Is Like To Perceive: Direct Realism and the Phenomenal Character of Perception

Forthcoming from Chris Maloney.

So, in this sense, the perceiving mind is an extended mind. Perception is unbrokered cognition of what is real, exactly as it really is.

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The Mind-Expanding Ideas of Andy Clark

Twenty years on I guess this marks the moment when the hypothesis of extended cognition has well and truly become mainstream. This in The New Yorker.

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