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Natural topography of Hilbert Spaces as a generator of free will?

There is a theory that goes by the name Margenau’s Theory, which tries its hand at reducing human consciousness to a field of probabilities in what is termed a Fock Space, which is an algebraic construction in quantum mechanics to construct the quantum states space of a variable or an unknown number of identical particles from a single particle Hilbert Space, H. 188 more words

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Quantum Mechanics and Reality

Physics is quite familiar with macroscopic properties that can’t be possessed by individual atoms or molecules. As Susan Stebbing questioned in her philosophy and the physicists… 503 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Truth & Theories: Facetious Treatment

Truth is the main regulative principle in the criticism of theories, their power to solve them or raise new ones is another. As Popper says, the quest for precision is equivalent to the quest for certainty and both should be avoided. 1,108 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Explanation and inference with house sparrows

This time I’m going to take a closer look at another of my data visualisations I’ve been filling my spare time with for fun, not profit. 1,482 more words


I Needed An Outlet - What Is Truth?

Every. Damn. Day.

That is the reason I created this blog: I needed an outlet.

For my thoughts, for my questions, for my speculations, basically for everything. 1,719 more words

Guala’s “Philosophical Arrogance” in Science

In the past, I have been criticized for being uncharitable to philosophers, but I contend that this might whitewash what is often my point: so long as we aim to use language to convey facts, the language that we choose seems to bear importance. 1,141 more words


Book Club: Philosophy of Nature, ch. 2

We have recently began taking a look at Paul Feyerabend’s (recently released, even though he died back in 1994) book Philosophy of Nature, which presents his ideas on the history of the different ways in which human beings have tried to make sense of the world. 1,074 more words

Philosophy Of Science