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Algebraic Representation of Space-Time as Esoteric?

If the philosophical analysis of the singular feature of space-time is able to shed some new light on the possible nature of space-time, one should not lose sight of the fact that, although connected to fundamental issues in cosmology, like the ‘initial’ state of our universe, space-time singularities involve unphysical behaviour (like, for instance, the very geodesic incompleteness implied by the singularity theorems or some possible infinite value for physical quantities) and constitute therefore a physical problem that should be overcome. 766 more words


Book club: Philosophy of Nature, ch. 6

Time to bring to an end my ongoing series on Paul Feyerabend’s posthumously published Philosophy of Nature. (Here you will find part I; … 1,166 more words

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The value of certitude

Certitude is the most important value in our society considering the entire building of the scientific thinking. Even in Law the proof of a crime must be scientifically determined as science gives much more certitude fir applying the law, considering even the principle in dubio pro reo. 1,099 more words


Jeffrey Koperski on Two Bad Ways and Two Good Ways to Attack ID (Part 1): Two Bad Ways

In the next two (potentially three) articles I’ll be taking an in-depth look at an excellent paper written by Jeffrey Koperski, a philosopher of science at Saginaw Valley State University. 1,743 more words

William Dembski

Happy Birthday, Nicolaus Copernicus!

Let us remember and salute the visionary Nicolaus Copernicus on the occasion of his birthday.

Born on February 19th, 1473, Copernicus gave our modern world the heliocentric theory of the solar system. 300 more words

Happy Birthday!

Essay: What is the Grue Problem?

By Ng Ling Xuan

Logical empiricists worked towards a “formal theory of confirmation”. This “formal theory” is an extension and application of deductive logic. In this essay, I will first explicate the workings and merits of deductive logic. 978 more words

Die Leere (Part 1)

While passing through odd states around sleep (not actually trying to sleep, but seeing if I can derail the natural process in different ways) I occasionally arrive at clear—seemingly perfect understandings of various pop political views. 547 more words