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Genotype-phenotype mapping and the genes as blueprint metaphor

One of my occasional series here at Footnotes to Plato is devoted to accessible (or so I hope) versions of some of my technical papers. The idea is to provide a taste of academic scholarship in philosophy of science, but in a form that can be read by more than a few dozen colleagues who specialize in the same exact area. 2,815 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Becoming Bayesian

Talking with colleagues, it has become apparent that every day more and more find the Bayesian approach to statistics quite appealing. (Gosh, did I just use three words starting with “app” in a single sentence?) The philosophy behind it seems entirely reasonable: … 343 more words


The Benefits of Newborn Circumcision: Deciding Whether or Not to Circumcise Your Infant After Birth

The universal rate of circumcision is about 30%, with the highest levels of over 80% in the United States and some European and Asian cultures reporting the lowest. 489 more words


Human Consciousness: Where Science and Philosophy Meet

“There is no such thing as philosophy-free science; there is only science whose philosophical baggage is taken on board without examination” – Daniel Dennett

The problems of consciousness are the problems of man. 1,622 more words


The true story of a fake paper

Time and again I tell my students about how science works. This is a twofold task, since in order to cover all the aspects of modern science we need to detail both the fuctions and the malfunctions of science. 618 more words