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The poverty of dualism

Image: The statue of Descartes on the yard of the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. Kind of demonstrating the problems of dualism.

With “dualism” I mean substance dualism, which is the opposite of monism, the view that our world is consisting of one substance. 1,599 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Richard Dawkins' Inconsistent Reliance On Pragmatism

A very popular video on YouTube featuring Richard Dawkins is titled ‘Science Works, Bitches.’ It periodically makes the rounds on social media; as it does, Dawkins acolytes–in the video and on social media–applaud him as he ‘smacks down’ a questioner who inquires into the ‘justification’ for the scientific method. 545 more words


Cosmology and Convention (continued)

Note: this is a guest post by David Merritt, following on from his paper on the philosophy of science as applied to aspects of modern cosmology. 1,065 more words

Sci-Fi and Real Science: With a Terrible Fate at PAX East (video)

With a Terrible Fate was honored to present a panel at PAX East 2017, in which we spoke to a crowd of about 500 people about how to better understand the science-fiction storytelling of video games using real science. 90 more words

The problem with "Indigenous science"

Last month I was invited by Frances Widdowson, a faculty in the Department of Economics, Justice and Policy Studies at Mt. Royal University, in Calgary, to participate to… 2,259 more words

Philosophy Of Science