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Why science has only theories?

Sometimes I hear people saying, often with a disparaging tone, that ‘science has only theories’. I used to wonder why do they think that’s a bad thing. 1,488 more words


The multiverse is not science

RTB’s Jeff Zweerink explains why we should exercise caution when considering whether the multiverse is science. While there is a legitimate place for the multiverse in scientific discussion, we must always keep in mind that at the fundamental level the multiverse is… 33 more words


The June Issue of Administrative Science Quarterly is Now Online!

The June issue of Administrative Science Quarterly is now available and can be read online for free for the next 30 days. This issue offers a range of engaging articles on organizational studies as well as insightful book reviews. 175 more words


The missing link

These days any high school student is likely to open a textbook and find STM images of atoms and molecules. He or she might then be perplexed by hearing the debate surrounding the reality or otherwise of atoms that has taken place over the years. 880 more words

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Social Constructivism and the Philosophy of Science

Social constructivists maintain that we invent the properties of the world rather than discover them. Is reality constructed by our own activity? Or, more provocatively, are scientific facts constructed? 102 more words