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La Fin de Quoi?

Last time, I addressed some of the problems posed by the radial acceleration relation for galaxy formation theory in the LCDM cosmogony. Predictably, some have been quick to assert there is no problem at all. 1,238 more words

Dark Matter

The Principle of Final Causality

Final cause is vital to discussions of causation. This post is on the different distinctions made about final causality from an Aristotelian-Scholastic’s point of view. 627 more words


On methodological terrorism

Elevator pitch

A psychologist and journal editor has written that outspoken statistical critics on blogs and social media are “methodological terrorists”. Some people are upset by this. 4,858 more words


Chemical effects from strained molecules

The major evidence supporting the fact that cyclopropane permits electron delocalization was that like ethylene, it stabilizes adjacent positive charge, and it stabilizes the excited states of many molecules when the cyclopropane ring is adjacent to the unsaturation. 1,172 more words

Induction by Any Other Name: A Response to Blaug’s Assessment of Friedman

I would argue that Blaug is right to be skeptical of Friedman. However, I would argue that he lets Popper off a bit too easy. 3,008 more words

Against biological Platonism

Despite the title of this blog, I have made it clear that I reject any form of Platonism, from the original idea of “Forms” to the mathematical variety. 2,055 more words

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Islam and Science in Conflict: Describing Reality

What do we make of all the verses and ahadith that seem to imply that the earth is flat or that the earth does not revolve around the sun? 1,193 more words