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My evening Philosophy reading, 25 March, 2015

My Philosophy reading this evening: ‘Scientific Essentialism’, and ‘The Philosophy of Nature,’ by Brian Ellis. Here is a brief excerpt:
“There are two very different theories about how the laws of nature relate to the world. 191 more words


My evening Philosophy reading, 24 March, 2015

My Philosophy reading for this evening: Grover Maxwell’s Philosophy of Science.  Here is a little snippet of his ‘structural realist’ view:
“He advocated ‘structural realism,’ which holds that a world exists outside our consciousness and that we can know its structural but not its intrinsic properties” (p.xv). 79 more words


What is a Law of Nature?

We’ve all heard references to ‘laws of nature’, but have you ever wondered what is really meant by that? Let us think about this a bit more deeply. 927 more words


Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins on real uses for science fiction in physics and biology: "Does the soul go to heaven?"

Het Denkgelag
A Passion for Science and Reason
Antwerp, January 26 2015

Excerpts from their conversation below:

Krauss: That’s why I often use science fiction in teaching physics… it’s such a… storehouse of things that are wrong… and, uh, it’s great because you grow up thinking these things, and then you remember it. 876 more words

3D Helix Torus - Universe Origami and Sacred Gemoetry

Place holder…many articles to finish today

points to lines to planes to twisting helix to coils to donuts to apple votex

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