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Liberals wildly overestimate discrim; these data do not support that, but Zach has posted other data that do. If you don't follow him, you should. Also, this manifests in many ways.

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Economics Of Media And Culture

More on the psychology replication crisis

A nice short reminder of some of the most striking failed replications in psychology. https://t.co/rAwmvCJlV0 pic.twitter.com/kTkotZ4bu7

— Rolf Degen (@DegenRolf) May 17, 2018


Correspondence, Simplified

In Metaphysics, Aristotle described that “To say that that which is, is not, and that which is not, is, is a falsehood; therefore, to say that which is, is, and that which is not, is not, is true”. 416 more words


Einstein, Millikan, and the humanness of humans

It is fascinating and inspiring to study the history of science.  It is also remarkable how it is simply impossible for humans to not always be primarily driven by their humanness.   724 more words

Philosophy Of Science


30 years ago, I was working in a medical research lab near NIH and Navy Medical in Bethesda, MD. I was a lab technition. My job over the summer of 1986 was to grow bacteriophages to inject plasmid DNA into bacteria to reproduce and harvest to be used in gene splicing studies. 1,318 more words

Philosophy Of Science

What kind of biology is synthetic biology?

Massimiliano Simons (University of Leuven) reflects on his time chasing birds and biologists in the hilly wilds of Bristol and asks: what biology should be teach our kids? 1,204 more words

Synthetic Biology

Assumptions, Schmassumptions; Did my intervention work or not?!

I organised a mini-seminar in Cambridge (ad below), relating to compatibility of theories and models of change. Please find my slides below, or download them here.

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