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What is science and why do health professionals need to know?

by Rani Lill Anjum

On Monday 23rd November, Stephen Mumford and Roger Kerry gave a two-part lecture at the Council for Allied Health Professions Research London Hub – … 281 more words


Do you find science ambiguous? Try reviews.

The problem with original research studies is that you can easily find two studies on the same topic that contradict each other.  Here’s an example I found after 5 minutes of googling: Sitting is associated with… 1,083 more words

Philosophy Of Science

String theory and the Popperazzi

In a couple of weeks I will be participating to a workshop in Munich, Germany, on the current status of string theory, the multiverse, and other cutting edge ideas in fundamental physics. 350 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Should science be relied upon absolutely as it is inherently objective in its claim to truth?

Famous philosopher Bertrand Russel once remarked,

 “What science cannot discover man cannot know”

This echoes an oft-held perspective that “hard science” should be relied upon absolutely as it is inherently objective in its claims to truth.

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The trouble with 'What is X?' questions

I’ve just solved a problem which has bothered me for two years, and in my excitement want to share the solution with the world.

The problem, in short, is: ‘What is X?’ questions (‘What is law?’, ‘What is religion?’, ‘What is mind?) are in English necessarily ambiguous in at least one sense. 727 more words

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