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Physics needs philosophy

Tim Maudlin explains why physics needs philosophy: “What philosophy offers to science, then, is not mystical ideas but meticulous method. Philosophical skepticism focuses attention on the conceptual weak points in theories and in arguments.  10 more words

P2: What Can I Know?

ATTP on Lomberg’s Australian Funding

Blogger …and then there’s physics (ATTP) joins in the hullabaloo about Bjorn Lomberg’s Consensus Centre is getting A$4m of funding to set up a branch at the University of Western Australia. 1,498 more words

Climate Change

Philosophy reading: 'The Scientific Image'

24 April, 2015

Last night and today I have dipped into Bas van Fraasen’s book The Scientific Image, a classic philosophy of science text from 1980 where he presents and develops an empiricist alternative (what he calls ‘Constructive Empiricism’) to scientific realism.  788 more words


The problem of induction

I am very interested in the questions “What questions can we answer?” and “How do we go about answering these questions?”

Recently I thought I had simmered it down to just one question: “What would happen if I did this?” The method: “Try it and see.” 163 more words


Jacques Pienaar's guide to making physics (Pt.1)

(Not to be confused with using Principals as tools, which is what happens if your school Principal is a tool because he never taught you the difference between a Principal and a principle. 1,764 more words


How has the Cargo Cult Spread Throughout the Social Sciences?

In 1974, during a graduation ceremony (Caltech’s 1974 commencement address) held in the California Institute of Technology, Richard Feynman, a physics genius and Nobel prize winner, gave an exquisite speech entitled “Cargo Cult Science. 2,351 more words