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CauseHealth goes to Evidence Live

Evidence Live is an annual conference, jointly hosted by the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford and The BMJ. This year, CauseHealth was represented in two of the sessions, by Elena Rocca and Rani Lill Anjum. 394 more words


C for Conclusion

From time to time, I give a lecture about most common mistakes in data visualization. In this lection, I say that not adding a graph’s conclusion as a title is an opportunity wasted… 632 more words


Is There More Weirdness About?

My first blog post on weirdness in the natural world focused on quantum physics (What Is All The Weirdness About?). This post will focus on the weirdness I see in the biological world. 3,659 more words


Double-entry bookkeeping and Galileo: abstraction vs idealization

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post on how abstract is not the opposite of empirical. In that post, I distinguished between the colloquial meaning of abstract and the ‘true’ meaning used by computer scientists. 2,282 more words


Biological landscapes, surfaces, and morphospaces: what are they good for?

Metaphors are rampant in both everyday language and in science, and while they are inevitable, readers of this blog also know by now that I’m rather skeptical of their widespread use, both in professional publications and, especially, when addressing the general public. 1,817 more words

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QBIOX: Distinguishing mathematical from verbal models in biology

There is a network at Oxford know as QBIOX that aims to connect researchers in the quantitative biosciences. They try to foster collaborations across the university and organize symposia where people from various departments can share their quantitative approaches to biology. 1,929 more words