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The Scientific Method in Everyday Life

Before I get to the math and physics, I suppose I should start out by attempting to explain the basic method behind the madness that has worked pretty darn well for the last few centuries. 957 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Siri without data is blind

Theory without data is blind. Data without theory is lame.

I often write blog posts while riding a bicycle through the Marin Headlands. I’m able to to this because 1) the trails require little mental attention, and 2) the Apple iPhone and EarPods with remote and mic. 717 more words

Philosophy Of Science

The Quran is Not a Science Textbook, But...

Misconception 2: “The Quran is not a science textbook.”

This is true, of course. The Quran is certainly not a science textbook. But, when some Muslims make this claim, they implicitly mean something else. 1,193 more words

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Is Darwinism Intuitive?

On Darwinism and Intuitiveness

What makes Darwinism, i.e., natural selection, so compelling to so many otherwise educated people is that it seems very intuitive. But intuitions can be misleading, especially when dealing with scenarios and phenomena that are far outside the norm of our day to day experiences. 449 more words


Data without theory is lame

Just over eight years ago Chris Anderson of Wired announced with typical Silicon Valley humility that big data had made the scientific method obsolete. Seemingly innocent of any training in science, Anderson explained that correlation is enough; we can stop looking for models. 586 more words

Philosophy Of Science

The Nature of Atheistic Doubt

The Nature of Atheistic Doubt

Why did Allah create humans in such a way as to be liable to doubt? This is something that atheists ask in an aggressive way: If God is real, why did He make Himself hidden? 399 more words


Do Science and the Quran Ever Conflict?

Misconception 1: “Science and the Quran never conflict.”

Some Muslims claim that the Quran is 100% “scientifically accurate.” Again, it is easy to understand why Muslims would say this. 558 more words