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The Meta-Law Dilemma

Below is the Spanish version of my presentation at COLFIC (2º Congreso Latinoamericano de Filosofía Científica). It considers an aspect of the philosophical work in cosmology proposed by Roberto Mangabeira Unger and Lee Smolin. 3,433 more words

Current Writing

Matteo Colombo

Matteo Colombo is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Center for Logic, Ethics and Philosophy of Science at Tilburg University and Humboldt Research Fellow in the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Charité University Clinic Berlin. 146 more words


Preprints and a problem with academic publishing

This is the 250th post on the Theory, Evolutionary, and Games Group Blog. And although my posting pace has slowed in recent months, I see this as a milestone along the continuing road of open science. 1,326 more words


One, Two, Infinity

Physicists and mathematicians count one, two, infinity.

We start with the simplest case, as a proof of principle. We take a stripped down toy model or simple calculation and show that our idea works. 490 more words

Theoretical Physics

Editorial: The methodology of contemporary macroeconomics

The Editorial Board of Economics and Business Review intended to devote this special issue to the emerging field of the philosophy of economics. This subdiscipline of our profession is rather in its youth, however, showing the signs of maturity. 1,621 more words


Science is a Collective Human Endeavor - And That's Beautiful

A philosopher of science once told me, “Science is like a big, ornate building. Unless you’re an Einstein or a Newton, all you can do is etch away at a little flourish on the building’s facade – and then you die.” 530 more words