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Liberals and "Human Rights"

One of my many problems with liberals is that modern-day liberals have become firmly attached to the idea of “identity politics” — that the gays, blacks, women, natives, spiritualists, etc. 269 more words

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Announcing Tripwire Pamphlet #8: The Processes, a factographical proem, by Peter Bouscheljong, translated by David Vichnar, Louis Armand & Tim König. A dialectical poetics of radical history that asks what kind of resistance and poetry is possible under conditions of capitalist repression, if we do not simply want to return to everyday life? 73 more words

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Richard Gilman-Opalsky | from 'Specters of Revolt'

A Graveyard for Orthodoxies

Now it is seen that socialism in the sense of State-directed planned economy means state-capitalism, and that socialism in the sense of workers’ emancipation is only possible as a new orientation.

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Jennifer Saul on the Republican National Convention and why it's even more dangerous than 4 years ago

This August, our centre member Jennifer Saul published a piece in The Conversation, talking about “racial fig leaves”, the Republican National Convention, and why it’s even more dangerous now than it was four years ago. 228 more words

Racial Justice

Alain Badiou | 'We Have to Break Bourgeois Right'

In June 2017, Alain Badiou was invited by the ‘Conséquences’ seminar to give a lecture with the title ‘What does a politics outside the state involve?’ The written text was subsequently published by Fayard. 3,829 more words

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Response to Magnus Ranstorp on "Right-Wing Extremism"

Cowardly 'men' like @MagnusRanstorp turn a blind eye to the attacks on Swedish youth in favour of presenting a fantasy narrative of scary "right-wing extremists" threatening the democracy.

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