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Life and Training Philosophy. Weakness and Porn. My Training at the Moment

I have shared this video before but it needs to be shared again. You can activate English subtitles to understand the lyrics. The lyrics in combination with the video creates a powerful message. 810 more words

Sunday Summary

Liberals Are Simple-Minded - Reason.com

It is almost a truism among psychological researchers that conservatives are simple-minded and dogmatic. Liberals, meanwhile, are supposed to be more complex and open-minded thinkers. But a new paper is calling those conclusions into question. 248 more words

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To All My Dear Friends:

Politics in social media can be polarizing. It can be so divisive. As such, I hope we can all agree to disagree and to never let our differences of opinion or political leanings affect whatever we have. 293 more words

Political Insanity

Destined for War: Can China and the United States Escape Thucydides’s Trap? - The Atlantic

War, however, is not inevitable. Four of the 16 cases in our review did not end in bloodshed. Those successes, as well as the failures, offer pertinent lessons for today’s world leaders. 58 more words


Papa's Philosophy in Politics

For The President & For All The Lawmakers (Present & Future):

Below are some excerpts from the speech delivered @ US Congress by one of my most favorite philosopher-leaders, Pope Francis. 430 more words

Philosophy & Politics

The 'Physics' of God Explained

We assign the word, (the vibration) “learning” to refer to that which we have come to accept as “true.” What we learn, meaning that which has been recorded ~ … 2,120 more words