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Eclipse of Truth

Edit (23.9.2017): I am politically unaligned. Also, I’m at least going to try to avoid having more political content be on the blog.

This “essay” is an attempt at explaining why the present political landscape is what it is.  2,566 more words

Philosophy & Politics

Checks and balances. Are we losing our way?

It is hard to write about a subject when your ideas on that subject are not fully formed. These ideas are based on the situation the world finds itself in politically. 675 more words

God Save Us From Ourselves

I was listening to a renowned scholar talking about the aim of marriage, and couldn’t stop myself from trying to find out if everyone or majority of folks share his same views on the purpose of marriage, so: 390 more words


Germany Reborn by Hermann Göring

I have read Germany Reborn by Hermann Göring and thought to compose a few thoughts regarding it. First and foremost the book is not very long and will thus not present any great obstacle for anyone who is not an avid reader. 402 more words

Philosophy & Politics

Which life & soul would you save?!

Dennis Prager says 2/3 of American’s when asked this question their answer is quite horrifying!

The question is as following:

If your dog and a person you don’t know are drowning whom would you save?! 107 more words


Why I am Nationalist

A few words on why I am a Nationalist is in order. Nationalism is a highly misunderstood concept, often confused with Chauvinism, which is an aggressive and arrogant view of other nations. 441 more words


Experts, The Nero's of Yesterday & Today

Nero is the Emperor whom is accused of being behind the burn of Rome. The world that we live in today is from the invention and making of experts who are/were the masterminds of every policy that is/was taken by a head of state and top official here and there, and boy,  what did we inherit?! 327 more words