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Austrian Election & How to Gain the Women's Votes

I am certainly not the only one who was mildly sceptical towards the legitimacy of the results of the Austrian election. The details can be interesting to elaborate further on should there be a possibility of a re-election. 406 more words

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My Recommended Podcasts

Below are some podcasts I recommend for optimal wisdom gains. I listen to episodes of the following during my walks or if I am walking to the gym. 547 more words

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Love sinks

D. Fitzgerald ©.

Everyone hears of a better way, a better life, and a better world; however, that world has become a dream.  Reality is corrupted by violence, painted in gore and hidden by lies.   599 more words


Why is the left worshipping Che Guevara, a White Supremacist?

Above is one of the most iconic pictures in the world, and the man himself, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara is a legend. A legend that has served as a guiding light for the left over the last few decades. 660 more words

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Panama Letters, George Soros at it again. Barcelona Trip. Epic Video & Drama in the Alt-Right

The big news of the past weeks is the Panama Papers; a huge leak compromising a large number of politicians over the world. Instead of moralising over the wrongs of withholding money from the taxation system it is more interesting to analyse who benefits from this. 709 more words

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Free Trade, Libertarianism, David Ricardo, Protectionism. The Glorious Pill Stance

When discussing National Capitalism it is also important to elaborate on what stance should be adapted in terms of foreign trade. For the classic Liberal, who adheres to the teachings of Adam Smith and David Ricardo, Protectionism is a hindrance to prosperity. 502 more words

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Lessons from the Easter Rising 1916. Soldiers of Odin in Sweden. Beach Patrols

“We seem to have lost.  We have not lost.  To refuse to fight would have been to lose.  We have kept faith with the past, and handed down a tradition to the future.” 1,021 more words

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