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This week's #MondayMotivation: You're not a weak B*tch

I recognize it’s Thursday and I’ve missed the mark by three full days…but f*ck it.

This week, I want to give myself permission to grieve. 586 more words

Philosophy & Self-Examination

How to Start Prioritizing Your Time

I kicked off this week by writing about procrastination and how to combat it. Then, on Tuesday, I experienced about half a day of that. I skipped my workout, layed around in my pajamas, watched Ricky and Morty, did a sink load of dishes, and chipped away at relentless loads of laundry. 417 more words

Philosophy & Self-Examination

Today's #MondayMotivation: How to Stop Procrastinating


Goooood morning, badass people of the world.

It’s Monday, which means the tragic death of your relaxing, probably pumpkin-filled and Netflix watching weekend. So, it’s time for another dose of motivation to get you through this week…or at least this morning. 660 more words

Philosophy & Self-Examination

You're Going to Get Rejected

I want to tell you the world is wonderful and you’ll always be celebrated for the exceptional, unique butterfly your mother thinks you are. I’m not really a liar though, so I’m going to tell you that’s bullshit. 400 more words

Philosophy & Self-Examination

#MondayMotivation: Balance

Hey, beautiful creatures out there!

Last week kicked ass – and sort of didn’t. I was able to accomplish a ton, while alternatively suffering the gory realities of being a lady. 241 more words

Philosophy & Self-Examination