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Author Interview With Charlotte Hoaks

1. When did you start putting pen to paper?
I’ve read voraciously since my early teens and from then on loved the idea of writing. High school journalism class and creative writing classes in college stimulated that desire to write. 1,578 more words

Unedited Quill Spills

Daily Quotation #45

Time management is a luxury that one should master as a habit.


The highway of life comes to an end. When your on the ramp at the light waiting for it to change, reflect on how far you came, what you avoided and what you couldn’t.

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The Kantian event and the Greek challenge

For Kant, the event is not in itself a ‘realization’ of a possibility, but is first and foremost a creation of a (hitherto) unheard‐of possibility. Yet a possibility that (already as possibility or virtuality) changes the given configuration of reality (even without being realized). 88 more words


The Saddest Things in Life

I came across this status on Facebook a few days ago, it concluded that the saddest things that could ever happen to a girl is having small boobs, being single, born ugly and having a barrelled waist. 689 more words


 “Poets are the sense, philosophers the intelligence of humanity.”
~Samuel Beckett