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'The Cowards Way' by The Nester

She writes ‘fiction’ in silence, focused – hate – resentment.

He writes with music – if only – obsessed – with another.

So she – attacks her – and he – attacks her too. 66 more words


The Paradox at the Core of Being

The great mystery in which we have all been invited to take part is the same mystery that existed from the very beginning. It, in itself, is not… 162 more words

Soren Kierkegaard

The Violence of Forgetting

“The great force of history is that we carry it within us, are unconsciously controlled by it in many ways, and history is literally present in all that we do.” – James Baldwin… 1,692 more words


Aesthetic Experience of Beautiful and Ugly Persons: Free Article

One of my philosophical paper is about an old problem whether there are beauty and ugliness in the world or not. I argue that beautiful and ugly persons… 93 more words



Life is unfair, the environment is often against us, and there’s a lot of evidence that—best case scenario—we have limited free will.  However, regardless of the adversity, I don’t see any better option than to apply myself and do the best I can to hit my targets.   13 more words


The Praxeology of Community

The problems arising from the diminished institutional and psychological importance of the family in our society also extend into wider areas of social and economic behavior.

891 more words

GK Chesterton on the use of religion vs. modern substitutes

Here’s a tweet I liked. GK Chesterton points out that religion has served man well, and has been a jack of all trades in a way. 80 more words