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Grey matters

We may feel that we can get to know a thing better by explaining it in terms of something else, indeed science depends upon this philosophy, but there is also a sense in which it doesn’t make sense – and the best example is ourselves. 408 more words


Not all philosophy is bunk ...

“You cannot step in the same river twice.”
Heraclitus of Ephesus, also known as the Weeping Philosopher and Heraclitus the Obscure, has left us only a few philosophical sentences. 968 more words


Paved with Good Intentions

Picture a stretch of a busy highway. The speed limit is a moderate 65 miles an hour, which most commuters follow comfortably. Occasionally a maniac driver speeds through doing 80 or more, and may or may not be caught. 445 more words

Mark Leibman

Rulers of the world

The United Nations don’t exist. The only place the nations of the world come together is in our minds. Think about it: destroying their headquarters in New York wouldn’t make us stop believing in the existence of the UN. 1,241 more words


Why Me ???

Why Me is the question of someone who views life as things happening TO them versus them doing something.  Before I get cyber-stoned for this statement, I UNDERSTAND that terrible things do happen TO people– whether it’s an illness, a death, or any other countless, crappy things for which we do not have control in the tangible sense. 930 more words


Plato's Cave

From Quora  Question: ‘Can we step out of Plato’s Cave?’

X  As I remember, Plato spoke of the few that escaped into the bright light of day, becoming (at least temporarily?) blinded. 202 more words


Honest History 5 and 'Risen'

I have published the fifth volume of my blog essays in the ‘Honest History’ collection.


Also I recommend ‘Risen’ as a 2016 movie worth watching.