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Decision making is a cakewalk

Whenever in doubt, toss a coin. Even if you don’t stick to the rules of this game, you will find out the voices of your heart.


Friends (not the show)

I get terrified for my friends. Many of them are artists in some shape. The thing about doing something crazy, like being an artist, is that life is very scary. 222 more words

"Beauty is glass in molding and in the midst of breaking"


If a wall clock breaks
What tolls you to go
If suns were shrouded and nights grayed
How could you tell you awoke

Is there such a thing as timely and unprovoked… 66 more words


Checking Our Instinctive Judgments with Reason, Emotion, and Language

Upon experiencing events in our lives, we are inclined to make instinctive judgments in order to determine our initial feelings toward something. This is essentially our first impression of the experience. 1,302 more words

The Life of Faith

“The Life of Faith… very hard in our culture. It’s not because our culture doesn’t believe in God, it’s because our culture doesn’t believe in Death….we have quite a lot of people in this country… and in the West in general, who believe in God, but they don’t believe in death really, and as a result, don’t really get the point…

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Are physiotherapists the new philosophers? CauseHealth 2016

I can’t remember why I raced to book a ticket to the CauseHealth Conference in Nottingham in May.  It might have been because it only cost £35 (lunch included!), it might have been because lots of keen-minded people I follow on twitter were excited about it (sports physio Adam Meakins, Neil Maltby, Chews Health…), it might be because the word philosophy excites my brain, but whatever the reasons I found myself walking into an old wood-panelled courtroom, (usually a museum) in Nottingham’s Lace Market, not having a clue what it was going to be about.  1,885 more words

How to Have Fellowship With God by Dr. J. Vernon McGee


How can sinners possibly have fellowship with a holy God? Man has tried three ways – two of which are wrong and one that leads to wonderful, sweet fellowship with God the Father. 56 more words