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Fiction and Its Discontents

We established last episode that fiction does seem to have a moral function, along with most other discourses. But what should that moral function be? 5,351 more words


Love Is

Not an algorithm with a determinate end

Nor binary as common thought would have it

Rather it can be likened more to Einstein’s… 104 more words

How the mind and soul hear/understand together...

The mind can understand something together with that soul. When this is not happening, a person is only part of something appreciated when whole.

There is an entire area of communication that the soul understands from and another area that is what the mind provides. 37 more words


A Day For Reflection

So I’m taking today off of work, for a dual purpose. Today is a day of reflection, celebration, and mourning all rolled into one. Two major events happened on this day, 98 years apart. 680 more words




The single note to a symphony.

A fracture to the form.

One outcome amid a range of possibilities.


How the variation chases the theme, 54 more words


Review- Brown, “In the Ruins of Neoliberalism”

Wendy Brown, “In the Ruins of Neoliberalism: the Rise of Antidemocratic Politics in the West” (2019) – One of the major theorists around these days takes a whack at defining These Times and the rise of the far right. 685 more words


Nothing lasts long

When the hurricane and the hot sun,

The flower beds they wilt and burn;

Drying up trees lively lush green,

Destroying nature’s tranquility serene;

A destined wind takes the petals away, 81 more words