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Neoplatonic Metaphysics

There is only One Source
One Essence
Yours and Mine
There is no difference
No fixed entity
It is simultaneously both
Being and Thought

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Internal knowledge

The knowledge you seek,
That can be found,
What is not known,
That is profound?

Knowledge learned,
Inherent thought,
Instinctive means,
Cannot be taught.

The insight that we lack, 89 more words


The case for (and against) nuance

Where can we see abundant nuance in our society?

In an increasingly atomized society becoming further plagued by identity politics, nuance regarding one’s own identity appears to be unending. 679 more words


Stoic Week 2017 - Friday

Friday was about community and our different roles in life.

Practice: The Circles of Hierocles

In this practice you use visualisation to cultivate compassion and caring, starting from yourself, then expanding it to people close to you, then to acquaintances, colleagues at work, neighbours, etc and so fort, eventually covering all the humans. 298 more words


Sita : Warrior Of Mithila

The worst enemy a man can ever have is the one who was once his best friend

Book : Sita : Warrior of Mithila

Author : 

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Will robots take our jobs? They won't.

What does it mean to survive? To survive means to consume multiple services for the mitigation of one’s survival needs, in exchange of a specialized service one performs, and isn’t at all expansive in that matter. 793 more words