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The Importance of Public Honours as a Tool for the State

Your society’s heroes, idols, stars, and other recognized persons can serve as keystone figures upon which your society’s identity rests, and the titles that your society bestows upon honoured persons build up models for behaviour.   1,620 more words


Sketch of a Neuron

Today, I purchased a small sketchbook and some nice quality pens from the USC bookstore, and then this happened.

(Click to make it bigger)

It’s a neuron. 149 more words



I am a melody

Moved by electricity

Creating your feelings

Shaping words into stories

I am an image

Mirrored from outside of you

Creating perceptions… 25 more words


The Break - Utopia, Part I

In the early 21st century in several states around the globe there was a thought, an ideal – a concept even, about a new reality for humanity. 600 more words


It's Only A Game

I packed my suitcase
I’m out of here
This isn’t fun anymore
And anyway
It seems like a game to you
I think I’m right about that… 49 more words


Symbols of Perspective

Perspective is everything, and we are taught to interpret symbols in images as well as words. When you see a blue box with an “F”, we associate it with Facebook. 546 more words


Pick Your Poison

There are many different political and economic positions which various people take. Some emphasise the need to give private companies more power and freedom (such as libertarianism) while others advocate greater government control, possibly with the claim that that is better for the majority (like socialism). 459 more words