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Scientific Imperialism:  What is a “fact”?

I was listening to a BBC report on “The March for Science.”  And I was wondering what message they were trying to convey.  It apparently had a tie in with “earth day” and global warming.  753 more words

The Unexamined Life

“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates (470-399 BCE)

As with most of our knowledge about Socrates’ this quote came through the medium of Plato in one of his dialogues, … 685 more words


Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo

When once was nothing
Was something?
Where once was nothing
Was nowhere?
Know everything
Believe in what you know
And nothing else?
Believe everything… 20 more words


Of Self-Hate

It’s a strange, paradoxical concept really. All the evidence points against it. You might even call it a clever ploy to get attention, for we all know by now what constitutes as the most attractive quality in the world – vulnerability. 621 more words


oh my

she knows why
wind floats by

birds go fly
questions do pry

clouds so high
end now nigh

boys don’t cry

Mirror Dream

In the Southeast is the Mirror Dream. It is the imagination of dreaming. The Mirror Dream is the level of dreaming where extra-ordinary events occur: flying, walking through walls, telepathy, invisibility, etc. 97 more words


"Society Must Protect the Robbed and Punish The Robber": MLK Jr's Letter From a Birmingham Jail

   In my previous blog, I referred to St. Martin regarding our recent corruption. And so I though it good to pull this paper out of my materials once used in my Intro to American Government class, taught for ten years at Oakland Community College. 429 more words