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How does tackling or fighting global issues fit in with stoicism for you?

I am interested in hearing your view on it. For instance, trying to make a change in your countries political policies or trying to make a positive change in environmental issues. 36 more words

Marcus Aurelius

How to stop desiring women ?

I've been trying hard to be an stoic.

After a very bad life, 6 months ago, i started taking control of it with stoicism. I've always been particulary weak in front women and love, i get attached to them pretty fast, they trouble my mind. 111 more words

Marcus Aurelius

Change in Direction

Don’t see failure as a full-stop.

See it as just a change in direction.

At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself all night.

Yep, I met another astounding failure in my decades-long Anxiety Wars yesterday. 26 more words


Who Is Jack? Quest For Identity?

Once a master made a big pile of random items. An umbrella, a shoe, a coat, a pencil and many items.

Then he turned to his students and declared. 277 more words


The Change We Wish to See in the World

Pictured above: my future wife, Marjorie.

Yesterday I went to the dentist for a deep cleaning because I have periodontitis. Which means my gums are rotting and I am losing bone in my teeth. 1,599 more words


A cup is a human invention

Made for us to drink

All that makes us merry

And not sin

Keep away the poison

Consumer what lights

All along the shadows

Their is power in the might