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Assessing Gear Needs vs. Wants

The photo in the heading shows me starting out the humble way, with a trash can and two twigs from trees, in the summer of 1966. 2,969 more words


The “Imagine- yourself- in- your- grave” therapy for Chronic insomniacs

You are welcome.

Yes, I know you will be eternally grateful to me for sharing this counter-intuitive, customized, grounded in ‘practical philosophy’, personal success story on defeating insomnia. 1,018 more words

Opinion: Life Experiences And Learning

The solitary mountain

Once a stone looking up to the colossal mountain tearing through the heavens said'” I wish I could be like you, then all the other stones will admire and look up to me”. 163 more words


John McCain's Comparative Threat Index of ISIS and Vlad Putin

Senator McCain has a different point of view about Russian leader Vladimir Putin and ISIS. He feels that Mr. Putin is a greater threat than ISIS and is nervous about back-channel communication with Moscow. 158 more words


The self is endless morphing

I read this great analogy in one of the essays from Nagarjuna:

“When you go to the shore and look out, you see the edge of the world, six miles out. 602 more words


Shakespeare’s Genius Is Nonsense

You’d be forgiven if, settling into the fall 2003 “Literature of the 16th Century” course at University of California, Berkeley,…

Source: Shakespeare’s Genius Is Nonsense… 30 more words