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Nothing is as is seems- Time

In this article I will try to look into relation between perception of time and activity done.

For most part, we feel like time has flown away without realising that it was passing by. 810 more words



The day started with little laze,

wondering if it’s the same roof under

which I started giggling.

I was lost in something gazing at the trees… 94 more words


two pence (24/March/19)

I found two pence on the pavement today,
by looking down things are looking up…

© 2019 robert greig


First Impressions

They know you. That’s what they think! Those brutal eyes know nothing else, except to make judgements, false judgements. They scan you first, they observe you next and then they assume based on their ‘beautiful’ past. 99 more words


The Second That Spoke To Eternity

Waves on their way to solid rock

The sun streams against a chill wind

The moment always passes and never ends

As the waves die but never suspend… 50 more words


Transmigration of Souls

This is a short extract from The Piper 3. I am just putting it out there as it has spent too much time in darkness. 571 more words