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Living the lie

Nobody lives without flaws

Nobody lives without failing

Nobody lives without being wrong

The truth is to keep living on and on

As if it is and adventure… 38 more words


5 Reasons I Pack Up and Travel

Travel was the primary reason I started writing in 2010. I longed to note down my thoughts and impressions, to create a melting pot of photographs and words that, together, would help me go back in time to the places I had been, conjuring their smells, their smiles, their secrets. 825 more words


Ears that won't hear

It’s hard to speak to those

Who choose not to hear

Who hide behind

Intractable opinions

Based around fear

Those who hold views

That are flawed… 111 more words


Unthinking Lefty's

Here’s a minor extract of a debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders when a lady owning a hairdressing business asked how was she going to afford Obamacare if here payroll number reaches 50 people? 470 more words


Psalms Of David-King

I am your Glory Christ Jesus. Not because I completed any course or fulfilled any vows. My sacrifices have never been offered, neither did they leave my thoughts, yet you have lifted me up where I have failed.

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This is a Hard Teaching: Catholic Social Doctrine vs. the Austrian School

Following our Lord Jesus’s Eucharistic discourse in the Gospel of John, many disciples said, “This is a hard saying; who can listen to it?”[1] 6,571 more words



He wanted to find her
so brought her to him in his mind.
An apparition
with all hopes and dreams of fulfilment.

She’s all he’s ever needed, 19 more words