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Biased Perception

What if I told you that the world around you and the knowledge you have of it is not consistent with the world I know, or the world as it really is? 386 more words


Against Althusser: Marx and the "epistemological break"

It has become common in recent years to talk in terms of a “young Marx” and a “mature Marx.” The “mature Marx” is supposed to have radically broken with his Hegelian and humanistic youth to adopt a position similar to what we would now recognize as analytical Marxism- Cohen and his co-thinkers being the logical heirs to Althusser’s… 556 more words


The Mission of Immanuel Kant via an entertaining animated film (8 min)

Open Culture is really very interesting (for example, this post lists the 20 CDs that Steve Jobs choose for the prototype iPod). This post by Josh Jones… 281 more words


Do We, Are We, Created?

Well, someone asked a question, and it resonated with some things I’d read around quantum physics. So here are a few concepts I put together. And I feel I should apologise ahead for how obscure it reads the second time ’round: 263 more words


The Portal of Discomfort

In the discomfort that sometimes marks this being human thing, I’ve noticed a tendency in myself to want to escape those moments when I feel the dull thud of sadness, loneliness, or emptiness dropping in. 306 more words

Kuro Yuutsuu (Black Melancholy)

Pour out my light on a crisp morning
Too cold to stare at my own bloodshot eyes
Chills come like there’s a window open somewhere… 165 more words


In the ripple of postmodernity

Any reasonable person would agree that the significance of the decline of philosophy or any announcement that philosophy is dead is referring to the fact that for quite a long time philosophy as a profession has failed to play the role of directional leadership as it is supposed to be. 2,895 more words