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Controlling Emotions

It’s always been easy to not take complete ownership of how I react to situations. And you know what makes it easy? That I can relegate it to astrology. 466 more words

Your hurt, hurts.

You’re not even dead yet,
And the sorrow of a Duduk flute plays the genocide.
The mutilation your life caused,
A love of a father so misplaced. 131 more words


On the Rise of Information and the Decline of Thought

Because of the internet, we are bombarded daily by information. In some cases, this worldwide dissemination of freely and easily accessible information is a huge boon – for example, in developing countries. 739 more words


Father to Teen: “There is no quality time spent on social media.”

I was head down working on something, in my own universe of electrons firing pixels of light to my dilated eyes. I heard something faint and looked up to my right. 610 more words


Are we alone?

In honor of National Space Day on May 6th, I want to entertain the question: Are we alone in this universe?

Recently, I’ve been reading… 571 more words


Thinking Being 2

Thinking Being: Heidegger and the Metaphysics of the State: II:

2.  Poetry cheats a little.  It pretends to be the event, a duplication of the event in words – hear the words, experience the event.  2,141 more words