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She asked, “How does it feel to finally graduate and start working?”

I answered, “I don’t know”.

I’ve been on a fast ride on a rollercoaster and I can’t seem to be able to get down off of it.

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Ping Pong Universe

     The theory of the Big Bang is that our universe started from one point and exploded out. The simple matter then became more complex and formed into planets and everything we know today.  596 more words


Can atheists help themselves to objective moral values on atheism?

Here’s Dr. William Lane Craig explaining why you can’t:

He presents 3 reasons why in the video, all of which are also discussed in his Defenders class… 1,357 more words


Points on Michael Shermer's Arguments for (Refuting) God

In Michael Shermer‘s, How We Believe: The Search for God in an Age of Science, he investigates ten arguments for the existence of “God,” and questions their positions. 424 more words



Wise insects crawling up to my heart,

Engraving a romantic’s tender words

My inner-northern-lights awaken upon their recital; expressed attraction.


By Ori Aander

The Oubliette 

A physicist was punished for various intrigues and thrown down the interminable shaft of a modern day oubliette. An oubliette was originally a type of medieval dungeon, dug into the lowest depths below a castle and only accessed by a one-way entrance—a hatch through the ceiling above without a ladder or stairs leading back up to it. 197 more words