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Chick in the nest.

Making a strategy of living in a single place for the rest of our life is kind of dull. Moreover, staying with your parents from childhood to adolescent to adulthood supports the idea very well. 161 more words


Action or Thought?



Is philosophy action or thought?  We often think differently then we act—therefore action and thought are often in conflict.  If philosophy is thought then we have to disregard actions and assume that philosophy has no importance in the real world.  12 more words



The first day is the hardest,
You do your best,
To not give into drinking,
That all you need is one

This time its different, 158 more words


Is Original Sin Bullshit?

When I was an atheist, I considered the doctrine of original sin to be utter bullshit, constructed only to keep people under the thumb of the church. 864 more words


Be the Best

One bright sunday morning,after my morning walk on an impulse decided to have a cup of tea at a roadside tea stall just for a change. 715 more words

How lonely are we really?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we sit down, far away from the world and its people, lost in the thoughts of how truly connected are we to the society. 452 more words

Alone Time


Now, more than ever, you must be an island. The wind and waves are foul. The warmth is a false blanket for shivering in the rain. 332 more words

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