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Man Realizes He is Spinning on Earth, Flies off Earth

42 year old Jason Billman knew that the earth was rotating at high speeds since he was in middle-school. But it wasn’t until August 28th, 2015 that he really started to think about it. 279 more words


Clocks, time and life.

Today was different from every other day, in over 60 years of my life.

Huh? Yup. Every day we live can be the same routine, but never the same. 317 more words



I’m watching that diner scene in “Heat,” where two sworn enemies show each other more respect and love than the army of allies that backs either of them.   99 more words


Such a Thing

I know not where my day takes me,
and with that unease I quietly plead,
but I will not beg or bend a leg,
no matter where it may lead. 185 more words


Notes on "Crito" by Plato

“Crito” by Plato

Socrates is in prison waking to be executed from his trial in “Apology”. Crito shows up ready to spring Socrates after bribing the guard. 1,514 more words

Ancient Greece

That's All That Really Matters

“There’s something hanging from under your car!” I said to the woman next to me.  She rolled down her window, and stuck her head out. 182 more words


Guardian angel, anyone? What I sometimes think about when I'm having crappy days.

So you know how we all have crap days? After having tons and tons of those at regular intervals, and letting them get me down each and every time, I got around to thinking about the values I was taught as a child. 528 more words