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Know ME before assuming

This is for everyone who chose to paint me black or see just one part of me. For everyone who walks by me and judges me. 1,897 more words

Personal Story

The Indemnity 

The man explained that an indemnity or ritual of reconciliation would require coins of silver, an immersion and a libation in foreign parts. There was risk involved, and he was not sure she would appreciate it or really want it in the end. 281 more words

Work to Live or Live to Work?

“ Work is what people have to do in order to be able to buy Iphones and party”

This sentence was uttered by one of my middle-school students during a class discussion about what work means to them.

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Intellectual Development

Recommended Movie: My Dinner With Andre

For anyone in the mood to eavesdrop on a philosophical conversation, the full movie is on YouTube::



We live in a modern age. An age where we life a fast life. Everyone is in a hurry to do something. It could be the haste to get education, haste to get married and settle down, haste to earn loads of money, haste to retire, haste to cross the road, anything… 438 more words


What is worse than suffering?

Meaningless suffering.

When you can’t explain it, when you can’t justify it, when you can’t tell a story about it. When it’s seemingly pointless, worthless, meaningless. 141 more words