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“…before we get to the idea of a disenchantment …we first have to address the insistence of enchantment.

Enchantment, in this context, is the view that what is teleologically sound indeed reflects an actuality of human special motion.

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The 10,000 Year Project

Before long I plan on adding a “Best of Zen Books” list to this blog. You’ll likely find many of the usual suspects in that list, and perhaps a few surprises, too. 507 more words


Some Surprising Biological Differences between Men and Women 

Some Surprising Differences between Men and Women 

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It is not uncommon to hear people say “it’s a man’s job,” when referring to specific tasks. 1,016 more words


How Important is questioning ?

The pursuit of intelligent beings is developed by the ability of questioning . Only human beings have this ability making us understand , formulate our surrounding . 159 more words


The Different Ways To Moksha

Throughout the course of history, man has always strived to attain some kind of perfection. He desired to live beyond the reach of ordinary stress and pain. 1,844 more words

Indian Philosophy

Quote of the Day

You are trying to understand madness with logic. This is not unlike searching for darkness with a torch.

—Mad Hatter


Grinworthy Quotes 14

In discussing the possibility of adopting category theory as a (the) foundations for mathematics, Jean-Pierre Marquis has this to say in his Stanford Encyclopedia article (2015): 29 more words