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love or posession

It’s interesting how someone will say that they truly love someone very much, and although the other part might love them back, but not in a relationship-type way, the 2 can never be true friends. 167 more words

~Personal Quotes~NJM~Keeping it Real~

~The beauty of acceptance is not found among others, it’s found within yourself~NJM~

Bipolar Disorder

The weakest link

If you can’t make a difference in the life of the people around you

Then I’m sorry to say but the weakest link might be you


If you're cold stand in the corner, because it's 90 degrees

Oh don’t worry.  Go ahead and cross the street.  I’m not going to rev my engine in angry anticipation because you’re not moving your feet fast enough. 364 more words


Everyone has a little faith

Whenever I watch a religious person debate a non-religious person, I end up frustrated at both of them. The reason is because while they both  289 more words

How your values show in difficult times

Couple of days ago a friend of mine told me this funny yet interesting story of a beggar who had gone mentally deranged due to some unknown reasons in his past. 364 more words