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(Philosophy Poem) Rain Drops Again: Evil Or Friend

Rain Drops Again: Evil Or Friend

(Written in May of 2017)

Here in Eastern Kentucky it has been a bit wet

I see on the t.v. 138 more words


526: Stay in touch

How are you?

You’ve rarely written of late and I’m beginning to wonder if you are on you’re checklist also.

Are you well?

I like it when you stop by, your presence is important and greatly enjoyed.


Which Cat Do You Want to Be?

The correct answer to this question is always ‘I don’t want to be a cat. I want to be a dog.’ But for the purposes of this discussion one of the dogs is dead and the other dog is as dumb as a box of turnips locked to a bike rack, so we’re sticking with the cat. 417 more words

The truth is shocking

What sort of shock to the system

Will it take to wake you up,

To make you take notice

How we are messing this world up, 154 more words


Knowledge cannot inherited or bequeathed

Upward Mobility in a Career

The knowledge society is the first human society where upward mobility is potentially unlimited. Knowledge differs from all other means of production in that it cannot be inherited or bequeathed. 534 more words


The Pharisee and the attenuated Nihilist

Once, there lived two men. One, a conservative Indian moralist who loved his culture, had jingoistic views, and hated liberals who, in his opinion, spent their lives in lounge bars, smoking cigarettes and drinking, and did nothing better than having sex and were never committed to any cause, reason or a vantage point that gives a man enlightenment and a sense of self-worth. 1,053 more words


A Hard Lesson, I Know From Experience, But Definitely Worth Learning

The more broken a person, the less likely he or she is to know or admit they are. This work reveals many consequences of one’s brokenness, the lack of knowledge about the impact brokenness manifests, and the often exaggerated egos developed to cope with the negative self-view shapes families, communities, workplaces, nations, and globally far more than humanity wants to acknowledge, yet once acknowledged has the power to change for the good. 26 more words