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Awareness, the key to keeping yourself Safe

*This is a re-edited version of a previous article, however it is important to understand that the first stage of Krav Maga/self defense no matter the style is Awareness. 654 more words

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Why I Fight: Signal in the Noise

One of my supervisors said to me the other day, “You seem like such a nice, calm person.  Why do you want to fight people?” 411 more words

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When you turn Lambs into Lions

Watching Harjeet and Roger throwing punches at each other while both evading Josh’s stick attack, I was truly amazed how far these reserved gentlemen have come from the day they first stepped into our dojo. 825 more words

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Soldier, Fighter and Fitness Guy

Recently I had a conversation with Dimitrios Andritsos from KMG Beligium. We were discussing the type of KM instructors out there in this community and the differences between them. 633 more words

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