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Visual Narrative Architecture: Figure-to-Ground

Figure to ground is an art theory which many artists and visual designers interpret to mean “high contrast” between the subject (figure) and the background or context (ground). 636 more words

Simon King

Does Editing Cheat, or Cheapen, a Photograph?

I had a message the other day from a recent portrait client. She had been happy with the images I sent at the time, but she now asked, “are you sure these images are edited?” and after a polite back-and-forth I suggested she contact a retoucher. 1,017 more words

Simon King

Avoiding Perfection in My Photography

I recently had a discussion about the idea of “perfection” in our work with Brenden, a videographer. He told me how he made a real effort to have as many perfect elements in his work, either by applying perfectly stable steady-cams, or perfectly sharp lenses, or demanding perfect delivery from actors, or from the edit, or colour grade.He really strives for perfection, and it really shows in his work – I doubt even he would say everything he has worked on has a perfect result, but I think in setting a perfectly high standard for himself even getting close to that goal ought to produce consistently good results. 583 more words

Simon King

My Own Harshest Critic

Criticism these days is cheap and easy, and not just for photographs. The access to unlimited work that is arguably better than mine on the internet puts me in the same position as many other artists, in that we often find our work being judged, commented on – both positively and negatively – but to a far greater degree than if our work were simply hanging in a gallery. 313 more words

Simon King

Why Not Black and White?

The vast majority of my photographs are taken, edited, printed, and intended to be viewed, in full colour. I have worked hard since starting photography to refine a colour palette that I can apply to many images to make sure the style is similar across my work. 561 more words


Pushing Digital ISO

Whenever I am instructing others in photography I always emphasise that there are only three things you can really technically control as to what your camera will physically do when taking a photography. 1,427 more words

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General Thoughts: Wednesday, 25th October 2017

I haven’t been out photographing since Monday, so I don’t have any new photographs to publish here. Instead I’ve been focusing on writing some external articles that I hope to have published on the… 535 more words

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