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Phipps, Lionel Lush. Died 28th Sep 1915

Lionel Lush Phipps’ birth was registered in the second quarter of 1896, and he was baptised on 16 May 1896 at Hardingstone in Northamptonshire.

His father, Albert Edward Phipps was a solicitor, and his mother was variously recorded as Marie Quita; Mari Zuita (on Lionel’s baptism record); both Margarita and Mariquita (on her marriage transcriptions); and Mariquita (on Lionel’s CWGC record)!   1,432 more words


Garden Goodness

One of my favorite things to do in Pittsburgh is spend a quiet morning in Phipps Conservatory, an amazing botanical garden/greenhouse/escape from an urban landscape. It’s especially amazing in the winter, since it’s pretty warm and snuggly inside, and the lively plants really cure the winter blues! 176 more words


Mellon Park

When I lived in Pittsburgh back in the day, I never hung out at Mellon Park. Frick Park and Schenley Park were are parks of choice. 80 more words

Scenic Views

Rudbeckia Hirta

This is the time of year when we see one of nature’s most beautiful displays in the northeastern United States. Rudbeckia Hirta, commonly known as Brown Eyed Susan are in full bloom. 48 more words

Scenic Views

Tree Mouth

I finally stopped to take a picture of the tree growing out of the head in Mellon Park. We had been driving past it for some time as we tooled down Fifth Avenue. 35 more words

Scenic Views

Hibiscus--A Perfect Bloom

There are few blooms that can compete with the Hibiscus for size and beauty. This almost perfect flower was photographed at the Phipps outside garden in Mellon Park in east Pittsburgh. 53 more words

Scenic Views